How to put iPhone on silent mode Mute & Vibrate

iPhone silent mode

Iphone silent mode – Among different modes, most people like to put their phone mode in silent. If you are attending a meeting whether is a social meeting or a business meeting and your phone rings, it creates a disturbance. Not only you will get disturbed by the phone’s ring but also distract others and …

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Backwards 3 – write text backwards | Reverse 3


In this tutorial, we are going to learn what is Backwards 3 or reverse 3 sign and their use to write some awesome text i.e to create heart in text. We had also provided copy paste character for direct copy-paste purpose. Symbols and character use on social media is increasing and it is purely based …

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Vodafone mini store near me | How To Find Nearest Vodafone Store At Your Location

Vodafone mini store near me

Vodafone mini store near me – Vodafone recently renames itself as VI on the merger with idea is again coming back in the market. Although the telecom market is currently being dominated by VI i.e. Vodafone idea their rival Reliance jio is not so far. Jio is giving a tough competition especially by launching Reliance …

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How to share Facebook video on WhatsApp without link

Share Facebook Video on WhatsApp

Rumors are all over the internet that Facebook is working on integrating Facebook and WhatsApp. Some technology blogs also stated that Facebook is working on collaborating Facebook messenger with WhatsApp. Today in this post, we are going to learn various methods to share Facebook videos on Whatsapp without link. In this socialized world we all …

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