What is a streaming device?

Technology is constantly developing and evolving and with that, lots of devices are getting introduced. You might had encountered a word streaming device. In this post, we are going to learn about what is a streaming device and its use of it.

Interconnectivity of devices is a desirable objective these days for tech researchers. A standalone gadget can perform a limited set of functions on its own, but once it is hooked with another gadget of the same or different kind, those functions expand to a considerable degree and open up new avenues of user experience.

what is a streaming device

For instance, adding internet capability to large screened HDTVs is a roaring trend. There are many ways you can internet-enable your TV set, and one of the most popular options is by adding a streaming device, like Roku to it. What is Roku and how does it work? Read on to find out.


Most of the time, you simply ask your cable company for the provision of the internet, in order to create an interesting collab between the two services. However, with the heaven-touching rates of cable these days, finding a strikingly beneficial deal or package is next to impossible. Nevertheless, Spectrum Internet still comes at an economical price for individuals who do not wish to spend a big fortune on such services. In case Spectrum is not available in your area, you can always search for other providers or start considering viable options, like cutting the cord.  This is where the famous streamer comes in.

A Roku allows you to stream your favorite content directly from the internet on your attached display. Whether it is a movie, a Netflix series, or even a Linkin Park song, you can enjoy it all on your TV. A Roku works on the basis of an operating system (OS) which the users can easily maneuver, and manage the content that’s being streamed.

There are different types of Roku devices available in the market.

Types of Devices

There are three main types of Roku devices known to exist in the tech market.

  1. Box Form: Connects to the internet via the home router (either over Ethernet or Wi-Fi), and connects to the TV directly or through a receiver with an HDMI.
  2. Stick Form: Looks like a USB flash drive. Connects to the TV via the HDMI port. Has built-in Wi-Fi capability which allows easy syncing with the home router.
  3. TV Form: All-in-one display with a built-in Roku OS. Eliminates the hassle of an external device like a box or a stick. Connects to the internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Offered by many brands like TCL, Hitachi, and Insignia, in different screen sizes and HD versions.


Once you hook up the selected Roku device with your TV, you can access various internet-streaming channels. Some of them would come free of cost, others would require a paid subscription. Regardless of the price factor, a Roku generally covers popular online streaming channels like Hulu, iHeart, Amazon Instant, and Vudu, local broadcasting channels like NBC, and niche-specific ones like Euronews, and Twit. tv, etc.


Interestingly, a Roku device lets you access all your smartphone apps on the synced display. Whether these are video apps, like Netflix, Google Play Movies & TV, or BBC iPlayer, ambiance apps like Virtual Beach, or even music, pictures, and document apps, this streamer will project them on your TV. Just make an account on its site and select the apps you want to use. Not only that, but Roku Inc. also offers the Roku Mobile App for Android and iOS users. It allows you to remotely control your Roku devices. You can adjust audio/video settings, scan channels, transfer content, and privately enjoy the show via your smartphone’s earphones, etc.


A Roku device comes with many convenient features that benefit the users.

  • Personalized Roku Channel—comes with its own selection of free movies and TV shows
  • Voice Search—Easy navigation with a voice-enabled remote control or the Roku app
  • 4K Streaming Options—for users with 4k Ultra HD TVs
  • One Sign-in for all Channels—via TV Everywhere (TVE) Single Sign-On (SSO) feature
  • Over-The-Air Content Streaming—for Roku TV owners with antennas

The list goes on.

The point is, that Roku devices are a convenient and affordable means of enjoying internet content on your TV. It expands your options and gives you a nice cinematic feel at home. Besides that, you don’t need to spend more money on a separate cable connection. So, get your Roku device today and start enjoying TV like never before.

FAQ (What is a streaming and how does it work?)

Can i use a Roku without internet connection?

yes, you can use Roku without an internet connection or a wifi connection. Somewhere you might feel that features are limited.

What are the Roku channels without internet?

Without an internet connection, we can watch channels on Roku. Only you can play content stored in the local or external storage devices.

Can I connect my phone to my Roku TV without WiFi?

No, you can’t connect your phone to Roku TV.

Is Roku free in India?

Yes Roku is free in India and you can enjoy free channels using Roku. However, you need to but Roku device from amazon.

Wrapping Up

This was a tutorial on what is a streaming device. these days people prefer smart options over older ones. These days people don’t have to pay heavy monthly bills for a cable TV connection. All people need is a streaming device and a good internet connection to watch all their favorite channels. You only have to pay for the internet and save a good amount of money. So, say no monthly cable TV bills and get yourself a streaming device like Roku to enjoy all TV shows that you want.

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