Modern Setup Host at 100% disk usage & CPU Usage

modern setup host high CPU usage

If you have little knowledge of computers and while using the computer you find slow windows performance you check windows task manager and check CPU usage. In most of the case, if your system is performing slow, the Task manager will show high CPU usage and if you find Modern Setup host casing high CPU …

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Malwarebytes won’t open in Windows 10 Solution

Malwarebytes not opening windows 10

Malwarebytes not opening windows 10: Malwarebytes is software you might had heard about and if not then let me tell you this is the best malware protection and malware removal software. Computer getting affected by malwares and spyware is common issues and the reasons are pretty oblivious. If in past, your computer had even been …

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Fix ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED error Google chrome


Google Chrome users encounter various errors and among those, ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED error is one of them. Several google chrome users face errors while accessing web pages There are various reasons for your connection was interrupted error. Solution Exist had covered various google chrome errors such as Google chrome dns_probe_finished_no_internet and your connection is not private chrome …

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Fix Windows error 10 0x8000ffff,0xc80003f3 and 0x80d02002

Windows error 0x8000ffff

Microsoft is continuously working on the Windows 10 operating system and unlike any other software, updates are not always error-free. Update of Windows 10 is bundled with errors most of the time. So if you had updated to windows 10 1903, then you might be facing Windows error 0x8000ffff 0xc80003f3 and 0x80d02002. In this article, …

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Difference between firewall and antivirus | Which you should choose


Firewall and antivirus software are the terms that most of urser are confues about. Today in this tutorial, we are going to discuss difference between firewall and antivirus and which one you should buy. Internet security is now getting popular as internet users are increasing. Online fraud and especially online credit card frauds, online banking …

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