How to write a perfect meta description using a summarizing tool?

Do you know that good meta description important? This tutorial on how to write a perfect meta description will help you to with your meta description tag queries.

Content marketers and bloggers use different on-page SEO techniques to sell their products/services or increase their website’s ranking.

One of the techniques is writing meta descriptions of your content. Writing meta descriptions is nothing but art to jot down the gist of your whole text.

How to write a perfect meta description

 Do you struggle to write a perfect meta description that increases the number of clicks on your website? A text summarizer can help you in this matter.

A meta description is essential to have a boost in your CTR rate. There are lots of information available on the internet and that is too quality information. If you are a freelancer and want to pitch the client, meta description tags are important for your WordPress site.

Hold on to this article if you want to know how? Prior to getting into the tutorial on How to write a perfect meta description using a summarizing tool? let us understand what is meta description.

What is a meta description?

A meta description is a 155 characters summary of your content that tells the users what the article is about when they search for it. It can also be used to increase clicks on your webpage and rank your website in Google.

A meta description can be written as:

 A meta description is written inside HTML meta-tag. It is an HTML tag that identifies the page description, charset, keywords, or author.

In HTML, it is written as:

Meta Description Examples

<meta name= “description” content= “Tesla is accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy with electric cars, solar and integrated renewable energy solutions for homes and businesses.”>

Why are meta descriptions important?

Meta descriptions act as marketing copy that gives the end-user the first impression of your product or service.

Consider a box of digital cameras without any name or specification. Will you know it is the right camera you are looking for?

Never! You need to unbox it to know what’s inside.

The same is the case with meta descriptions. They are written to let the readers know what the webpage tells about?

Content marketers design meta descriptions to attract the reader to their web pages. They are sometimes designed to bring a call to action and increase the number of clicks.

Moreover, meta descriptions increase CTRs, click-through rates of a webpage. CTRs are very important, as Google considers them a ranking factor for websites. Therefore, it helps to increase page ranking in google.

Pages without meta descriptions have 5.8% fewer clicks than the pages with them.

So, if you are using accurate meta descriptions, you may end up on the first page early.

How to write a perfect meta description of your webpage?

Writing meta descriptions is a good practice of On-page SEO. On-page SEO is all about tuning your content to the optimum level to become visible to the internet surfers. The main goal behind this practice is to tap on the potential users that search for a query.

Google appreciates you writing a meta description, but if you don’t write, google automatically takes up some lines from your text as meta description.

Here the problem is that you never know what lines google takes. Thus to avoid it, you should write a well-intended meta description.

It should contain all the keywords needed to retain the search results.

There are few key considerations to write a perfect meta description:

Write in an optimum length:

As far as the format is concerned, it should be 155-160 characters at most. The reason behind this is, an optimum length can make your content descriptive, i.e., it should convey meanings. Moreover, users, as well as search engines, will identify what you are saying.

how long should a meta description be

Incorporate keywords:

The meta description should contain necessary keywords, but they should not be stuffed in it.

Your meta description should be flawless and natural. It should not be monotonous or robotic. As your readers will notice, try to write it in an active voice as if you are talking to them.

Write a marketing copy:

To make it actionable, add some call-to-action words that entice the reader to click it. Fancy words like “best”, “perfect”, “get it now”, and “only for you” can do the magic. Try to use these, but in a limited manner.

A summary of your content:

This point is important to note because people forget to connect their meta descriptions to their text. Sometimes, while writing a clickable snippet, they evade the real meanings of the text.

Your meta description should resonate with your content thoroughly.

How can a summarizing tool cater to all the mentioned needs?

The practices mentioned above are the best ways to create a perfect meta description. The sole reason behind that is most people are unable to write a summary of a text. Writing long text is relatively easy but creating a snippet is a hard nut to crack.

As Pascal once said, “I have made this longer than usual because I have not had time to make it shorter.”

Even for the French Philosopher, writing short is a tricky thing.

To cope with this problem, you can use a text summarizer to write meta descriptions.

Generally, these summarizing tools create a meaningful summary of your text.

They may also convert tour text into bullet points or give important lines along with their rank.

How to use a Text Summarizer to create meta descriptions?

Using a text summarizer is quite an easy task.

  1. First, add your draft into the summarizer inbox.
  2. Select the added features such as summary length, best line, bullet points.
  3. Last, click the summary button to the meta description.
how to write a good meta description

FAQ (good meta description)

How to write a good meta description?

There are lots of tools available on internet as well as plugins for wordpress site that helps you to write a good meta description. Here are some of the tips that you can follow to write a good meta description.
1. Write unique description
2. Use your focus keyword in the description
3. Don’t do keyword stuffing

What is the importance of Meta description length?

The perfect length of meta description is 160 words max. Itis important as google in its search results only shows 160 characters. Hence text of more than 160 words will not be shown in the search result.

how long should a meta description be

The meta description should be 160 characters long.

What if no meta description has been specified?

If in a WordPress site or in a webpage, no meta tags have been specified, search engines will display copy from the page instead.


This is the tutorial on how to write a perfect meta description for your WordPress site. A perfect meta description is neither a far-fetched idea nor complex. Thanks to the summarizing tools available on the internet like, you can create a perfect meta description. It would help if you had a meta description of your text because it generates more traffic and ranks your web page to top SERPs.

The prevailing system of content creation demands you to adopt the best  On-page Seo practices. Needless to say, meta tags are crucial in your ranking.

Moreover, you may even need to focus on your readers because the more they visit your website, the more it becomes visible and ranks on Google.

Furthermore, it entices the searchers to click on your webpage, as it contains actionable words that induce a call to action. Hence you need a summarizer to create a perfect meta description.

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