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Write for us – We Solution Exist, happy to let you know that we do offer guest posts on our Tech blog. We can see a huge number of tech enthusiasts over the internet who want to share their knowledge but are struggling with the perfect platform that can give reach to their writeup and article. If you are one of those and thinks your words actually can contribute in the tech community then Solution exists is for you. We offer guest post on our blog to the author who can wrtie quality post on the category that well allow. If you think this is a great opportunity for link building and you are passionate in writing blog post then keep following the article.

Why You Should Write For Us?

Guest posint is old but still the best option to get reach in the internet space and get authority to the blog/website. Getting authority to the blog will helps to rank website and ultimately results in revenue. Writing is not only to get poplartiy, it also improves communicaiton skills So technically, it is not write for us, instead it is write with us.

What we publish

  • Plagarism Free:
    Content that you want to post on solution exists needs to be plagiarism-free / copyscape and we don’t accept even 1 % plag in the article.
  • Content Length:
    Content is king and king should be honored. It is required that the article Should be 600 to 1200+words. Fully SEO optimized with no gramatical mistakes and most importantly well written and well structured. Well
  • Unique Content:
    Why to copy others when you can add you own words and taste. Article Must be creative and unique content that hasn’t been published somewhere else.
  • Hyperlink: Please do not add more than one link of your website (Apart from resource links). We allow 1 permanent do-follow link unless it is not self-promotion or link to paid service. – If you want you can check advertise with us then read for advertisement.
  • Images: Should include 1 feature image with 1200*628 resolution and relevant photos to the article. All images should be in JPG or PNG format and zip all image files in one single folder named ARIMAGE with number
  • Article Submit: Submit your article in Microsoft Word doc. and add hyperlinks on the anchor text.
  • Keywords: Mention keyword at top for ease
  • Label: Guest post submited here will not be labeled as sponsor post.

Note – Solutionexist we reserve the rights to edit article and will delete if found same copied article on other website. We don’t pay to the author but in return of the quality article we provde permanent do-follow backlink.

The topics we cover: Tech News, Tips, How To, etc.

  • Technology
  • How-to tutorials
  • Windows tutorial
  • Android tutorials
  • Web Apps/Software’s
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing
  • App Development
  • Internet
  • Gaming

What we don’t accept

  • No gambling, dating, or vape content
  • No personal promotion or affiliate links

Do you think your article respecte these guidelines? IF you are still here then here is how to submit guest post tutorial.

How to submit Guest post

If you are still here then congratulation, here is the way to submit guest posts to solutions exist. To submit a guest post, pitch your post title to us at first in mail [email protected] and submit as we approve the title. You can even use contact us page if didn’t get reply to the mail within 2 days.

We take, 2 days to review the article and we will inform you as your article goes live.

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FAQs Related to Guest Post on Technology Blog

How can I contribute to your blog?

Good content and following the guide line on article we approve can increase your change to have opportunity to contribute to your blog.

What are the content guidelines?

 SEO optimized, well structured artilce tageting keywords are must.

Why you should submit guest post?

Writing for us is actually write with us. You will gain a lot of popularity, brand awareness, and high authority to your blog with will help you to ranks better in google research.

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