7 Fix Twitter Something went wrong Try reloading Error

Are you facing an error in loading Twitter? There can be multiple issues that result in this issue. This tutorial on how to fix Fix Twitter Something went wrong Try reloading” Error will help you to fix it.

While using this website, there are multiple issues that we can face such as Twitter keeps refreshing and can’t open Twitter account. and users are all aware of those. Among those one such error that users encounter is Something went wrong. Try reloading the Error while using the website. This issue is self-explanatory that this issue is related to a connectivity problem between the device and the server.

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Twitter Something Went Wrong Try Reloading Error

Today in this post, we are going to learn what are the possible solutions to fix this issue in detail. so without wasting more time, let’s proceed with the tutorial

How to Fix Twitter Something went wrong Try reloading” Error

There are a number of reasons why you face this issue and hence the solutions are also different. We had posted all the possible fixes below, so start following the steps.

1. Check your internet connectivity

This is the basic solution one should try before moving to any complex troubleshooting method checking internet connectivity. As the name suggests, this error is related to a connectivity issue. A stable and strong internet connection is crucial for accessing social media platforms like Twitter as they contain lots of video and photos content. Unstable or slow internet speeds can lead to various errors while trying to load content, making it essential to troubleshoot network issues first.

You can try switching to wifi or mobile data to check if the problem is with the mode of internet connectivity. You can even try loading YouTube as it requires a high-speed internet connection. Also, try an internet speed test to make sure you are connected to a stable internet. If this is not a problem, then proceed with the following solution.

2. Restart your internet browser or use another software

Now that you have confirmed that the problem is not your internet connectivity; another solution that we can try is restarting the internet browser. Sometimes, this error can be caused by temporary issues with the browser or conflicting plugins. By restarting your browser, you clear out any temporary glitches and give it a fresh start.

Alternatively, using another software to access Twitter can help identify whether the issue lies within your current browser or a broader problem on Twitter’s end. Different browsers or even mobile apps interact with websites in various ways, so switching to an alternative software could make you sure if this problem is limited to a specific software or not.

4. Check if Twitter Is Down

Sometimes, it is not always your fault and it can be from Twitter’s end as well. We have seen big social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have also faced this downtime issue many times. If you find yourself unable to access, this can be because the platform is facing downtime. In this case, you need to verify whether Twitter is down for everyone or just you. This can easily be done by checking other social media platforms or using a website like DownDetector and Is It Down Right Now ? to see if others are reporting similar issues. Here are the steps that you need to follow

Step 1 : Open Google Chrome and search for is it down right now and click on the first link.

Step 2 : After opening the website, paste the website URL and click on or just me button.

For easy, you can click on the below button to check is twitter down?

Why does my Twitter keep saying something went wrong

If the website shows that Twitter is down, there is nothing you can do except wait for a couple of minutes to hours.

5. Clear the browser’s cache and cookies

Another common problem that users face in webpages not loading is old browsers cache. This is very common, and we have seen various problems getting fixed by clearing cookies, such as  This Story is unavailable Instagram error

So try clearing the browser’s cache and browsing data and check if this problem is fixed or not.

6. Disable Chrome Extensions

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox offer extensions, or add-ons that provide additional functionality to users to enhance their surfing experience. Sometimes, these installed add-ons and extensions are incompatible with the website and can result in different errors.

A similar issue we faced on YouTube was the back button not working, which was due to a conflict between the ads blocker and YouTube.

Why is Twitter showing retry

So disable all the extensions at first, restart your browser and check if can’t open Twitter account issue is fixed or not.

7. Update Google Chrome on Your Computer

Internet users, it is very important to have your internet browser to be updated.. Keeping your browser updated not only ensures you have access to the latest features and security patches but can also help resolve various website loading issues.

The website keeps on dropping support to the older version of the browser and this is mostly to deal with compatibility and security issues. So, check if your browser is updated and if not, update and check if your problem is solved.

FAQ (Twitter’s ‘Something Went Wrong’ Error)

1. Why is Twitter saying something went wrong?

The reason behind this issue is the connectivity problem. This issue occurs when the device or system is not able to communicate with the website server.

2. Why is Twitter search not working?

This occurs when the website server is down or there is any technical glitch. In this case, you need to wait for some time.

3. How to fix something went wrong, Try reloading?

To fix this issue, you should try to check the internet connectivity, clear cache and cookies and check if twitter server is down or not.

Wrapping Up

Hope this tutorial on how to Fix Twitter Something went wrong. Try reloading” Error had helped you. If you have any other doubts or facing any errors in following the tutorial, let us know in the comment section.

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