How To Protect Your Online Privacy While Browsing?

It is often a debatable issue whether privacy in this cutting-edge era exists or not. However, we are going to learn some methods and tricks that one can use to protect your online privacy. Previously we had talked about various topics related to technology and related to browsers. The first step toward to online privacy …

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6 Ways to Recover Data from a Seemingly Dead Computer

Recover Data from Dead Computer

Recover data is a real pain and we ofter face when our hard drives gots corrupt. Today in this post, we are going to learn different ways to recover data from dead computer. Previously we had posted a tutorial on how to recover deleted files from a Computer hard disk but for that, you must …

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Make Your First Revenue Generating App with Android Studio

How to Make Money from an App

Yes, this is an era of apps. Whether you take a service or business, it is mandatory to have an android and ios app. Apps improve your website or business authority, but also play a major role in generating revenue. This article is about How to Make Money from an App? Previously we had posted …

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8 Ways on How to fix err_connection_closed error in chrome


Solution Exist had covered various errors of chrome browser that users face while using it and among those err_connection_closed is one of them. Today in this tutorial, we are going to learn how to fix err_connection_closed error in chrome browser. Unexpectedly closed the connection is a google chrome error which is self-explanatory i.e. your browser …

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Set windows + e to open my computer windows 10

windows e shortcut to open my computer

We are habitual to open my computer or This PC. In the older version of windows, win e shortcut is used to open This PC but in windows 10, windows E opens quick access. Customization can help to make your work fast. Today, we are going to learn file explorer shortcut on i.e. set windows …

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