How to run safety check in Google chrome

Chrome is the most popular internet browser among users and this is the reason it is always in the radar of the hacker. In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to run safety check in Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is working hard to make its browser secure from cyber attacks and vulnerabilities, but not every software is fully secure. It needs to be improved every day and patch any vulnerability with the updates.

We had posted various tutorials on Google Chrome and safety such as Fix ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED error Google chrome which had helped various user to fix issues.

run safety check in Google chrome

Threats like password breaches on the website, malware installation, bad extensions and adware are very common if you are using chrome. Hence to be secure, it is better to have a good antivirus that too updated to be installed in your desktop and run safety check in google chrome at a regular intervals.

If you want to keep your data safe then this post will help you to be secure while surfing the internet and help you to run safety check in google chrome. Before we get into the tutorial, let’s have a quick introduction to safe browsing.

What is safe browsing in Chrome?

Safe browsing is a feature of Google chrome that helps chrome users to be aware of the malicious website and make them aware or stops them to visit harmful URLs, phishing websites and websites that steal data and install malware.

Now, as we have learned what is safe browsing in Chrome, let us move forward with the topic.

How to run safety check in Google Chrome

Step 1 : Firstly open Google Chrome and click on three dots to open the options menu.

Step 2 : Now click on the settings option.

Step 3 : Now type safety check on the search bar or click on the privacy and security option.

google chrome safety check

Step 4 : Here you will find a safety check option i.e. Chrome can help keep you safe from data breaches, bad extensions, and more. Click on Check Now.

safety run in chrome

Step 5 : After the completion of scanning, you will get a report like the below snapshot.

How does Google chrome check for harmful software

Step 6 : Reading the report, you can take steps accordingly to secure your google chrome.

Turn on Safe Browsing

To make your internet browsing more secure and protect your data, a feature by name safe browsing is provided. Enabling safe browsing in chrome can add a layer of safety from malicious websites that install malware, adware, and risky Chrome extensions. Here are steps to enable safe browsing in Chrome.

Enable safe browsing in Chrome for desktop

Step 1 : Firstly Open Google Chrome on your desktop.

Step 2 : Now click on three dots and go to Settings.

Step 3 : Click on the privacy and security option from the option available on the right side. One can also open chrome://settings/safety check to open settings

Step 4 : Now Go to security option. Here you will find various safe browsing options such as ‘Enhanced’, ‘Standard’, or ‘No Protection’ option.

Step 5 : If you want to be more secure, then choose Enhanced option which I recommend you to choose.

In this way, we can turn on the safe browsing option in Google chrome. If want to secure your Android phone’s chrome browser you can enable safe browsing in chrome for android as well.

How to enable safe browsing in Chrome android phone

Yes, not only for desktop users, safe browsing is also available for android phone user. Here we posted a detailed tutorial on how to enable it in chrome for android.

Step 1 : Firstly open the Chrome app on android phone.

Step 2 : Now tap on Three-dot and then tap on the setting.

Step 3 : You will find security and privacy, tap on it.

Step 4 : Now tap on safe browsing and you will find the ‘Enhanced’, ‘Standard’, or ‘No Protection’ option. Now tap and select the option as per your convenience. However, we recommend you choose the Enhanced option.

Safe Browsing Chrome Android

In this way, you can enable safe browsing in Chrome for android phones.

FAQ (Google Chrome safety check)

1. Is Google Safe Browsing good?

Yes, safe browsing in google chrome is good. It will help you identify unsafe websites where a risk of data steal is there and protect the users.

2. How do I run safety check on Google Chrome?

To run a safety check in Google Chrome, you need to open setting> privacy and security> and click on Safety check. In this way, you can run a chrome safety run.

3. How does Google Chrome check for harmful software?

Google chrome has an option by name safety check in chrome which will help you to check for harmful software and programs installed in your system and their effect on chrome.

4. How long does Google safety check take?

This is totally depend on your browsers data i.e amount of extensions and other. However, it won’t take more than couple of minutes.

Wrapping Up

This was the tutorial on how to run safety check in chrome. If you have any problem while using chrome or any other related to windows or android then feel free to use comment section, we will help you to fix it. Till then, do follow us on Facebook for faster reply to your queries.

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