Fix Why is the back button not working on YouTube?

We all use various video streaming websites and among those YouTube is one of them. There are multiple issues that we face while using it. This tutorial in on Fix Why is the back button not working on YouTube?

With the increase in internet speed, people are shifting learning or reading content habits to watching video content. We talked intensively about the different problem and their solution such as Fix YouTube Sound Works But No Video is Showing and many more.

Fix Why is the back button not working on YouTube

Don’t panic while listening to songs or watching videos on YouTube and you notice you click the back button and not redirecting back to the previous page. I faced this issue recently and after following different blogs and videos, successfully fixed the issue in this tutorial, I share all the possible solution.

So, without wasting more time, lets jump into the tutorial and learn how to solved this issue.

Fix Why is the back button not working on YouTube?

There is not a single solution or a set of instructions that we can follow and fix this issue. You need to figure it out which problem is causing this issue. So start following all the issues one by one. 

1. Restart your internet browser

Sometimes the problem is not that big but it is so unexpected we get panic and start searching for a solution. The basic troubleshooting that we can try is to refresh the webpage, open the website on a new tab, and then restart the browser. Technical glitches on the website or the browser is very common and can be the reason behind the back button on YouTube issues.

So the first step is to close and reopen the browsing software that you are using and check if the problem is there or not. You can even wait for 10-15 min and try again and check. if you are still facing the issue, you can move to the solution posted below. 

2. Use the Clear browser cache option in the browser

Browsers store cache files which benefits users as it reduces the loading time of the website and makes it easier for the browser by reducing repeated loading of the files. These cache and cookies stores should be cleared regularly as old files can cause issues.

Another solution is, that you can back up your browsing data and use the clear data option of the browser. This will clear all the old stored cache files and load the website with fresh files. After this, restart your browser and check if your problem is fixed or not. If the issue persists, continue reading the article for next solution.

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3. Disable extensions

To enhance and add more functionality, we use lots of additional plugins in the browser and YouTube users mostly use ad blockers while surfing YouTube. They constantly upgrade and update backend codes to tackle these plugging which causes harm to their revenue. These changes sometimes cause some glitches to the website and disturb the user experience which aims to the users to deactivate the plugins

In this case, you can disable the extensions like VPN or the plugins related to YouTube. To be on safer side, disable all the Chrome plugins and check if your problem is fixed or not. If yes, then you should try enabling one by one to find out the culprit one and If not, then please proceed with the below solutions.

YouTube back button not working

4. Reset browser settings

Another problem that a user can encounter on YouTube can be a misconfiguration in the browser setting. To remember alteration in the setting option and fix the issue is a pretty tedious job in case you have messed up with the setting like chrome flags. To fix this with ease, all browsers like Edge, chrome, or Mozilla Firefox allow users to reset browser settings to default. 

After resetting to the default, also ensure that you are not using an outdated browser so do check for an update as it can also cause this issue. You can check if the problem back button is not working properly is fixed or not as it can also If not, then you can proceed to the final solution.

To reset chrome setting, here are the steps that you need to follow.

Step 1 : First open Chrome and click on the three-dot button.

Step 2 : From the menu, click on the setting option.

Step 3 : Now from the left side menu, click on the Reset settings option.

Does YouTube have a back button

Step 4 : The setting menu will be open on the right side, click on the restore settings to their original defaults.

How to fix YouTube back button

5. Change the browser

If none of the above solutions worked for you, there can be some misconfiguration with the browser setting or temporarily it is incompatible with the software. To check if this issue is with the particular software, you can switch to other software like Edge, Brave Browser, chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and many more.

Install and load the YouTube website on other browsers and check if this issue is with the software or if you are getting this error on others as well.

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox

FAQ (YouTube back button not working)

1. How to go back to the previous video in YouTube?

On a computer or PC, you can use the back button to get to the previous page and it will play the previous video. On the YouTube app, you can tap on the screen and then tap on previous video button.

2. Does YouTube have a back button?

Yes, just like any other website, we have on YouTube as well and we can use that button to get to the previous page.

3. How do I find previously watched videos?

YouTube saves your watching history and you can get it by navigating to the history button from the options.

Wrapping Up

Hope this tutorial on how to fix the back button not working on YouTube has fixed your issue and you are able to browse the website easily. If you have any other problem let us know in the comment section and let me know which of the above solutions worked for you. 

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