Send Blank Message In Whatsapp – Invisible Character for WA

Won’t be cool if you can send blank message in WhatsApp to you contacts? Yes, you won’t fail to amaze them and make them think how you had done. Todays article is all about empty message on whatsapp.

Whatsapp becomes very popular among the peoples and Whatsapp it is updating its features so fast that not everyone is aware of all Whatsapp feature. So to updating you and to share different WhatsApp features solution exist is working hard. Today we are here with new WhatsApp tricks for android and iPhone i.e how to send empty message to WhatsApp contacts.

Send Blank Message In Whatsapp

Yes, you heard it right..!! Solution Exist has posted a tutorial on how to set empty status on WhatsApp iphone and with respect to that readers are asked to post a method to send blank WhatsApp message so Solution Exist in this tutorial will show you how to send blank message in WhatsApp using blank WhatsApp status symbol.

You might have tried to send empty message by using space but as you do so WhatsApp send button will not be active to send WhatsApp messages. There are 2 methods to send blank message in android iphone and both are described in this post so without wasting more time checkout all tutorials on WhatsApp blank message on android and iPhone.

Methods to send blank message in WhatsApp android & iPhone

Two methods are there to serve the purpost of empty message trick and here are those

Send blank message in WhatsApp without app

Use third-party app

# Method 1 – How to Empty message in WhatsApp without any app – Blank character in WhatsApp

I had read many tricks to send blank or empty message to whatsapp contacts but those are either using by any app or they are on send blank message on WhatsApp with blank characters, the problem with those is you need to use Pc/Computer to have blank character and I think just to have fun by sending blank text message we don’t need to follow that long tutorial. That’s why Solution Exist comes up with the easiest method to send empty whatsapp message to iPhone and Android phones.

Step 1 -: First you need to copy the Solution exist WhatsApp blank character given below, You can use screenshots for better understanding.

Solution Exist Special Whatsapp Blank Character – blank text copy

Select the white space (character) between the brackets [Don’t select the brackets]

>>>‏‏‎‏‏‎ <<<

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whatsapp blank character

Step 2 -: Now after copying that WhatsApp blank character/ invisible character open your WhatsApp and open your WhatsApp contact to whom you what to send empty message.

Step 3 -:  Now paste that blank character in WhatsApp chat and click on send. (See the below image for Reference)

Send Blank Message In Whatsapp

Step 4 -:  Done…!! You had successfully send empty text to your contact.

send empty message in whatsapp

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In this way, you can use invisible space text character or a blank text copy paste method to serve the purpose. In case you don’t want to use this method, you can use method 2.

# Method 2 – Send invisible text in Whatsapp In Android using Blank Message (For Whatsapp) App

Step 1 : Download and Install Noword App in your smartphone. Click on the below button to open Noword app.

Step 2 : Now Open Blank messages App in your android phone.

Step 3 : Tap on “Send” and by that, you will get the option to choose from messengers installed on your phone.

Invisible character whatsapp

Step 4 : Now Select “Whatsapp” and choose the contact or group to whom you want to send an empty message.

We have one more app that can help you to send blank message in whatsapp chat. So in case if the above app is not working, you can use the below method.

Invisible character for WhatsApp using Empty – no word for WA

There are others apps avaiable on google playstore which can help you to

Step 1 : Download and install an app whose link in posted below

Step 2 : Now open Empty no word for WA in your Android phone.

empty character for whatsapp

Step 3 : Click on Send button, WA will be open to select WhatsApp contact.

Step 4 : Select the WhatsApp user to whom you want to send blank text.

Step 5 : Now click on send button and in this way, you can send blank text to WhatsApp contact.

In this way, you can use these apps to send invisible text to your contacts and make them curious with this message trick.

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Video tutorial on Whatsapp Blank Message trick for android & iPhone Users

FAQ (Send blank message in Whatsapp)

1. How to send empty message on WhatsApp iPhone?

To send WhatsApp empty message, you need to use Invisible Character posted by solution exist. Paste that code and hit send button.

2. What does an empty message mean on iPhone?

Empty message is a blank message that a user can send to other as a prank or a trick to show.

2. How to send nothing on WhatsApp?

Send nothing is sending a blank message in whatsapp chat. One can use diffenent method such as use thirdparty apps or blank character unicode.

Wrapping Up

This was an easy method/tutorial on how to use invisible text to send blank WhatsApp message to your WhatsApp contact android phone. With the help of this blank character copy paste/ invisible text character method you will be able to send blank message in whatsapp to contacts. You can read tutorial on Two Whatsapp Account in One Android Phone and can follow our exclusive tutorial on WhatsApp On PC. If you faced any problem using these methods then feel free to use the comment section. Solution Exist will help you with the process.

solutionexist telegram

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