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Whatsapp keeps on updating but there are some features still remain to be added which are almost like a basic feature like how to hide chat in WhatsApp. Hide WhatsApp conversation is the most common question that remains in the mind of WhatsApp users and WhatsApp is still lacking behind in providing how to lock Whatsapp chat.

There are other android messaging apps available over Google play store that allows you to hide particular contact messages. Among those apps, I had use Hike messaging app. Hike messaging app allows you to create secret locker where you can add the contact and whenever that contact sends you a message, they will not be seen in the app’s main chat screen, instead, it will appear in your secret locker. By this, you can have privacy.

But no need to worry, Yes! WhatsApp has a feature to archive Whatsapp chat but that is not a solid way to hide your private chat. Many of you are in search of hide WhatsApp chat in android.

Hide whatsapp chat without archive
Hide whatsapp chat without archive / Without Any App 5

Well, there is a method to hide WhatsApp chat using archive but that is not I am fond of. Everyone knows this archive WhatsApp message methods and we don’t have that level of security also. Today in this tutorial we are going to see both the method, whatsapp archive chat method, and the secret method also i.e.  hide WhatsApp chat with password. This method is of hiding WhatsApp chat without archive and also hide WhatsApp chat without application. By using this method you can easily hide your WhatsApp personal chat with password or lock whatsapp chats with apassword. Solution Exist had posted various WhatsApp tricks like  How to Set Blank WhatsApp Status So without wasting more time start reading the steps and enjoy hiding whatsapp chats.

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Steps to hide WhatsApp chat without archive

Step 1 – Firstly you need to download GbWhatsapp in your android phone –

This GbWhatsappp will allow you to have two WhatsApp account in your android phone.

Step 2 – After installing Gbwhatsapp on your android smartphone you need to set up your account by verifying your number and had to do all steps that you do after installing Whatsapp. Also Read – WhatsApp Plus Apk Latest Version [Anti Ban]

Step 3 – Now long press on the WhatsApp chat that you need to hide. You will see three dots on the top right corner.

WhatsApp secret chatting

Step 4 – Click on those dots and you will get some options. Click on hide [See the screenshots for reference]. As you click on the Hide option you will get pattern lock screen. Setup password, this you will need to unhide WhatsApp chat and also to see messages from that contact that you will hide.

WhatsApp secret chatting

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Step 5 – After you setup pattern lock your chat will be hidden. Click on the Whatsapp Text placed at top right side. You will see pattern lock. Enter the correct pattern that you had enter while setting up the lock and then you can see the Hidden/ locked WhatsApp chat.

hidden chat app for android

Step 6 – Done..!! In this way, you can easily hide WhatsApp chat without any application / Lock WhatsApp chat with password. This WhatsApp hide chat option is really awesome and I personally use this feature.

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In case you are using Whatsapp then the above method won’t work. So for those, there is another method to hide chat in WhatsApp.

How to hide chat in WhatsApp – How to hide chat in WhatsApp

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone. You can use android as well as iPhone as this trick works in both
  2. Scroll to the WhatsApp chat to whom you want to hide
  3. Now tap and hold that chat for few seconds till, options at top appears
  4. Now click on the Archive button
  5. Done..!! You had successfully hide chat in WhatsApp.

This manual method to archive method is tiresome, what if you want to archive all WhatsApp chats? Here are the steps to archive all WhatsApp messages in one single click.

Archive all chats on Android

Step 1 –Open WhatsApp in your android phone and tap on the Three-dot button.

Step 2 –Now tap on Settings by tapping.

Step 3 –Now tap on Chat and then tap on Chat History

Step 4 –Here you will find the option to Archive all chats, in this way you can archive all chats on android.

Archive all chats on Android

Hide WhatsApp chat in iPhone | archive Whatsapp chat on iPhone.

We there is one method which works in iPhone as well and allows iPhone users to hide WhatsApp chats in iPhone,

  1. Open Your WhatsApp app in iPhone
  2. In the Main Chat screen, slide a finger over the chat that you want to hide.
  3. Now tap the Archive icon.

In this way, you can hide WhatsApp chat in iPhone. This method is not that reliable and you need to pay special attention to the note written below.

Note – Archive chat feature:

1. Archiving WhatsApp chat does not delete the chat and chat will still be available on the phone and can be accessed at any stage.

2. Archive chats will not be included in backup in local or google drive. You need to unarchive chat inorder to take WhatsApp chat backup.

Can we hide a chat in WhatsApp?

Officially, there is no option to hide a chat in whatsapp, but there are some methods avaliable which can help you to serve this purpose easily.

Whatsapp message hider app

Official, whatsapp doesn’t allow feature to hide chat or to have whatsapp secret chat, but you can use Gbwhatsapp which allows you to do this.

What happens if you archive a chat on WhatsApp?

Whatsapp allows you to archive chat on whastapp which basically means that thoese whatsapp conversation will be hide from the main menu. You can unarchrive them lateron and wheneven you needed.

How to hide messages on iphone

Like android, iphone version of whatsapp also doesn’t have option to hide whatsapp message on iphone. iPhone user can archrive whatsapp chat. Long press on the chat you want to hide, then click on archive.

How can I hide someone on WhatsApp without blocking them?

To hide someone, you can either archive the chat or you can delete the contact number so that you won’t see that contact on whatsapp.

Wrapping Up

This is the simplest way to hide Whatsapp chat without archive and also hide WhatsApp chat without any application. I totally recommend this to you as I personally use this feature to hide my personal chats on Whatsapp. In the meantime, you can read How to use Two Whatsapp Account in One Android Phone [Dual Whatsapp]. If you face any problems during the procedure feel free to comment below. Solution Exist will be happy to help you.  Join our Facebook Group Android And Windows Errors Solution and Follow or Facebook Page Solution Exist to be updated with Solution Exist awesome articles.

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  1. Hi I had question Mr.Ronak..In what’s app.I want to catch the person who I trust a lot, is cheating in me..But I can’t catch them.Still contining their chat in what’s app..Even That person is blocked in WhatsApp contact list..,not using archive chat also,,only using one phone number & one what’s app account…but still they are doing hidden chat..pls kindly help me

    • There are two scenarios that can be possible.
      1. They are using gbwhatsapp with hide chat feature.
      2. They are using some other number to chat on whatsapp.

      If you have the access then do check whether the person is using modded version of whatsapp or not and other thing is that whether that person is using clone app for android and using another whatsapp or not.

  2. What app would one be using such that they can block on the WhatsApp app yet chat and hid the chat for same numbers? Is it another app? Also the part saying blocked is in small font in a black strip? Also how can I find if there is another app to hide the particular chats and how to unhide them? As I know my partner is chatting but when I see that number it is blank.


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