Fix images not loading on Pinterest

If you are getting black images on the Pinterest app and wondering why Pinterest is not working, then this tutorial is for you. This tutorial on how to fix images not loading on Pinterest will fix why it is not loading in computers and Android phone.

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through Pinterest and encountering blank space instead of search results in the Pinterest app?

Fix Images Not Loading On Pinterest

Previously, we discussed how to clear search history in the Pinterest app and website. Now, before we get into the tutorial on how to fix images not loading on Pinterest, let’s have a quick introduction to why we face Pinterest not loading images and why the Pinterest app is not working.

Why do we face Images not loading on Pinterest?

Facing images not loading on Pinterest is not common yet there are some users face this issue in the app and in website. There could be various reasons for this problem; the most basic is slow or unstable internet. Slow internet can’t to transfer data quickly and can lead to images failing to load properly.

Another factor could be a technical glitch or the app’s old cache and files creating issue for the app to communicate with the servers.

Now that we have learned the reasons why Pinterest images do not load in the app and in Chrome, let’s proceed with the methods to fix this issue.

Methods to fix Images not loading on Pinterest app

If you are using the Android app or the iPhone app on your smartphone and are facing the Pinterest app not working, here are the solutions you need to try to solve this error.

1. Check internet connectivity

Pinterest app not working

When you are facing a problem i.e. images are not loading on Pinterest, one of the first and a basic things to check is internet connectivity. It may seem obvious, but a poor internet connection or a temporary network issue could be behind the images not loading on Pinterest or the app not working in most cases. You can check if other websites are loading fine or not to verify if your internet is working fine or not.

Sometimes, resetting the network by turning on and off the smartphone’s aeroplane mode or switching from mobile data to Wi-Fi can resolve any network-related issues.

If you have proper stable and high-speed internet and still facing the same problem, continue reading the solution to fix Pinterest app not working on the Android issue.

2. Disable VPN or Proxy server

Some people who are concerned about online privacy use VPN apps on mobile, and that is good. VPN apps are great but sometimes interfere with the proper functioning of certain websites, including platforms like Pinterest.

Disabling a VPN or proxy server can fix the problem if the change in location while using a VPN causes issues with images not loading on Pinterest.

is pinterest down

While using a VPN or proxy server in an Android app or a Windows app, internet traffic is routed through different servers located in another region. This can lead to slower connection speeds and disruptions in loading content. By temporarily disabling these tools, you allow your smartphone to connect directly to the Pinterest servers.

So turn off the VPN or proxy if you are using it and check if your problem is rectified.

3. Update the Pinterest app to the latest version

Developers keep on working on the app to add additional functionality, improve app stability, and improve security. Sometimes, after a major update or by patching vulnerability, developers drop the support of old apps to force users to get the app updated.

In this case, the app can’t communicate with the servers, which causes the Pinterest app to not work on iPhone or Android. Updating the app to the latest version can be one of the simplest solutions to fix images not loading on the platform.

After updating the app to the latest version from a trusted source, check by logging into your account if your problem is fixed. If not, don’t worry; we have other solutions for your post.

4. Clear Pinterest App cache and data

Android apps create and store cache files to load app files quickly and provide users with a seamless experience. If you’re experiencing issues with images not loading on Pinterest, clearing the app cache and data can fix the problem. Over time, however, cache files can become outdated or corrupted, causing issues like the app not opening, the app crashing, and images not loading properly.

So clear out the Pinterest app cache and check if your problem is fixed or not. In not, also try clearing app data and then verify whether your problem of images not loading is solved or not.

5. Check if Pinterest is down?

As we saw above, the possible reason why images do not load on the app is that the app is not able to communicate with the server, and hence, data on the app is not loading. This can be possible if the servers are down and the app is not able to fetch the data. To check if the servers are down or not, you can use online tools such as downforeveryoneorjustme or check Pinterest Status.

These tools allows you to check if the problem of the Pinterest app not working is due to your problem or its the website servers are down. Here are the steps to check if the Pinterest servers are down or not.

Step 1 : Firstly open any internet browser like Chrome or Firefox on your mobile.

Step 2 : Now open downforeveryoneorjustme website and enter the website link in the text area and click on Or Just Me? Button.

Step 3 : After processing, you will get the result whether the website is down or not.

pinterest app not loading images

Step 4 : If the website is down, there is nothing you can do except wait and in case if the website is up, you can follow the following steps.

6. Reinstall Pinterest App

If you’re experiencing issues with images not loading on Pinterest, reinstalling the app may be the solution you need. In the above steps, we learned how to clear the Pinterest app’s cache and data in step 4.

Reinstalling the app can help resolve any bugs or glitches causing the problem. It also ensures that you have the latest version of the app installed, which may include updates and improvements.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app from a trusted source, such as the Google Play store, and check whether your problem is fixed.

How to fix Pinterest not working on Chrome

You don’t need to worry if you are not using the Pinterest app for Android or iPhone and are using the website on Chrome or any other web browser. We have a solution to fix Pinterest not loading on your computer.

1. Check internet connectivity

This is the basic check we need to perform as the common reason why you are getting images not loading on Pinterest is slow internet. If the website cannot communicate and fetch data from the servers, you can get black space instead of images. You can open the YouTube website to check if your internet is working of not properly as YouTube is a data data-consuming website and streaming videos need high-speed internet.

You can even use Google’s free tool, Internet Speed Check, to verify whether your internet connection is working properly. If you have stable internet or Wi-Fi, you can try the other solutions.

2. Update Chrome to the latest version

Google Chrome frequently releases new updates that optimize performance and enhance security features. So, if you’re facing issues with images not loading on Pinterest, troubleshooting you can start with is updating Chrome to its latest version. Old and outdated Chrome versions can have compatibility issues and cause errors in loading websites.

So, update your Chrome to the latest version and check if you are still facing the problem. If you are still facing the error, you can try the solutions below.

3. Disable Chrome extensions or plugin

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox allow you to install extensions that add functional elements to the browser, hence improving the browsing experience. If you’re experiencing images not loading on Pinterest, one possible solution is to disable Chrome extensions or plugins. Multiple extensions installed and running simultaneously can interfere with each other and cause errors in loading websites.

Some extensions enhance your browsing experience by providing additional functionality or features; having too many can slow down your browser’s performance and potentially cause conflicts that disrupt image loading on websites like Pinterest.

Firstly you can disable all the installed Chrome extensions and check if this problem is due to Chrome extensions or not. If after disabling all the extensions, Pinterest is working fine then you can disable extensions one by one and check which one was creating issue.

4. Clear website caches and cookies

Clearing website caches and cookies can be a simple yet effective solution to fix images not loading on Pinterest. When you visit a website, your browser stores certain data such as images, scripts, and CSS files in its cache. This enables faster loading times when you revisit the site. However, over time, these cached files can become corrupted or outdated, leading to issues like website crash and images failing to load properly.

fix Pinterest app not working on the Android issue

By clearing both caches and cookies regularly, you ensure that you’re accessing the latest version of a website’s files and eliminate any potential conflicts that may cause errors in loading images. so delete the cache of website try to load the website, and check if your problem is fixed or not.

5. Disable VPN or Proxies

When you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or a proxy server, your internet traffic is routed through alternate servers before reaching its destination. While these software useful for maintaining security and privacy, they can sometimes interfere with the proper loading of websites and result in delays or disruptions in data transmission.

This may prevent images from loading properly on platforms. Temporarily disabling your VPN or proxy allows your device to establish a direct connection with the website, potentially resolving the issue and restoring image functionality.

After turning off VPN software, check if images on Pinterest are getting loaded properly.

6. Check if Pinterest is down

Pinterest is a popular platform, and like any other platform, it sometimes faces server issues. If the amount of traffic increases, there is a chance that due to technical glitches, servers will be unable to handle the load. All the files are stored on the server, and if Pinterest is down, the website won’t be able to load the data, resulting in Pinterest images not loading,

Checking if Pinterest is down can be done easily using online tools such as IsItDownRightNow. These platforms provide real-time information about the status of various websites, including whether they are experiencing any issues or outages. if the website faces outages, you can do nothing other than wait until the website servers are up.

Tools to check if Pinterest is down?

FAQ (Fix images not loading on Pinterest)

1. Why my Pinterest is not showing images?

There can be multiple reasons why Pinterest does not show images, and the most common is slow internet. If your internet is not stable, you may encounter blank space instead of images on Pinterest.

2. Why is my Pinterest app not working?

Slow internet, old and corrupt cache or outdated apps can be the reason why the Pinterest app is not working. So check if you have a working and stable internet connection and try the app to clear the cache.

3. How to fix the Pinterest board unavailable?

If you have multiple accounts then check if you are logged in using the correct account. In case you still facing Pinterest board unavailable, contact to support team.

4. Why does Pinterest not work on my laptop?

In Chrome, if you are using Pinterest and facing the problem, you can try using in incognito mode, check proper internet connectivity, and disable extensions to check your problem.

Wrapping up

Hope this tutorial on how to fix images not loading on Pinterest app has fixed your problem of Pinterest is not showing images. If you have any other problem, then feel free to use the comment section, and in case you have any other solution to fix the Pinterest images not loading error, then do share it with us and others in the comment section.

Till then, do follow us on Facebook and stay connected with us and the updates from us.

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