How to make reel with multiple photos (Facebook & Instagram)

Can you make reels out of pictures? Yes, you can, today in this tutorial we are going to learn different methods to put multiple pictures on a reel video and make reel with multiple photos.

Creating a reel with photos can be a great way to tell a story or showcase your work. Whether you’re creating a reel to share on social media, share with friends and family, or use in a professional portfolio, learning how to create one is an essential skill. In this article, we will go over the basics of how to make a reel with photos, from selecting the right photos to adding music and editing transitions.

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make reel with multiple photos

Creating a reel video can be taught to those who struggle to use video mode. If you are a photographer and are in search of tutorials on how to make Instagram reels with photographs this tutorial is for you. In this tutorial, we will learn how to use the app to make Instagram reels using photos.

Methods to make reels with multiple photos

There are several methods and apps available on internet that can help you in making a reel with multiple videos and photos. We are taking both Instagram app and third-party apps i.e. Canva and will make a video for Instagram with pictures.

Method 1: Make Reels on Instagram with Photos in the Native App (not recommended)

Method 2 : How to add multiple photos to Instagram reel (not recommended)

Method 3: Make Instagram Reels on Canva (Recommended)

1. How to Make a Reel With Photos using Instagram app

Instagram app allows you to create reel using photo within the app and you don’t need to download and install any third-party app. If you are the one who doesn’t want to install any other app or you want to create a simple reel, here are the step that you can follow.

Step 1 : Firstly open the Instagram app and log in to your account using login credentials.

Step 2 : Now swipe the right side to open create post section and select Reel.

Step 3 : Now tap on the Gallery button place on the bottom left side to open your phone gallery.

Make a Reel With Photos

Step 4 : The select image that you want to use to make reel on Instagram and wait for the processing to end.

Make a Reel With Photos using Instagram app

Step 5 : You can tap on the music button to add music. You can select music from the list and hit next.

Create a Reel With Multiple Photos

Now select the filter if you want to use it and then press next and post it.

Can you make reels out of pictures

Note – 1 image will be of duration of 5 sec, so if you want to make a reel of more than 5 sec then add same image for multiple times.

In this way, you can create a reel with photos. The only disadvantage of this methods is

2. How to Create a Reel With Multiple Photos

Now that you had learn how to create Instagram reel with photo but if you want to add multiple photos, here is the tutorial to show you how to make Instagram reels with multiple photos.

Steps to create a reel with multiple photos using Instagram App

Step 1 : Open Instagram app in your smartphone (android or iPhone)

Step 2 : Now login to your account and on the homepage, swipe left to open create video option.

Step 3 : Now again switch to the select the reels option. Here you will see lots of options like filter, music, zoom, and reels video duration. 

Step 4 : Now select the reels duration from 15, 30, 60 or 90 sec.

Step 5 : Then tap on the gallery section or you can swipe up to open the gallery.

Step 6 : Select photos by long pressing on one and then tapping on others to select multiple photos and press next button.

how to make reels on instagram with multiple photos iphone

Step 7 : Here Instagram will analyze and suggest to some audio (music) you can tap on the search to search for the audio that you want to add and tap on it to select.

Step 8 : Now your Instagram reel video with multiple photos is created, you can tap on edit button to edit the duration of individual photos in the instagram reel

In this way, you can Create a Reel With Multiple Photos in instagram app. This is a greate and hassle free method on how to make an instagram reel slideshow. 

How To Make Reels On Instagram With Multiple Photos using Canva

As you know that Instagram app allows you to make reels on Instagram from the gallery and you can choose one or multiple photos. But the only problem in making reel video in the Instagram app is there are very limited options. You don’t have more options to make your reels video more attractive. To make Instagram Reels with photos and music that looks professional, you need to use third-party apps such as canva. Here are the steps that you can follow to make a reel with multiple photos.

How to make a reel with multiples photos in canva

Canva is an online graphic design platform that makes the process easier than ever. In this article, we will take you through the steps of how to make a reel with multiple photos in Canva quickly and easily.

Step to make reels on Instagram from the gallery

Step 1 : First open the Canva website and signup on the website. If you have already signup, then you can login to your account.

Step 2 : Now on the homepage, you need to click on create a design button and in the search bar, type Instagram reels and select it.

how to make reels on instagram with multiple photos on android

Step 3 : Here you will see a blank design page, Canva offers a wide range of templates for Instagram reels. You can use the search option to explore the reels template and select one that suits your video.

How to make Reels on Instagram from gallery

Step 4 : Now click on the upload button present on the left side and upload all the photos that you want to add in the reel video.

Step 5 : In the timeline, you can see only one page of the selected template. Right-click on the page and select the duplicate page and add pages for the each photo that you want to use.

Step 6 : You can use the animation option to animate photos of the reels, edit the duration of the individual pages and to add songs, click on the Audio option and select the music that you want to add to your reel video.

Step 7 : After completion of the reel, click on the share button located at the top right corner and then on download.

In this way, you can create professional-looking reel videos using multiple images in canvas. Canva offers lots of animation and elements to choose, you need to use your creativity and can make videos in canva.

FAQ (make reel with multiple photos)

1. How to make a reel on Instagram with photos?

Making a reel on instagram with photos is easy, you need to open create reel option in the instagram app and select photo. Now add music and post it.

2. How do I make a reel on Instagram?

To make Instagram reels, open the app and tap on Reels option and then press “Camera” icon in the top left corner. From there, you can choose photos or videos from your camera roll to upload and edit with music, text, and other effects. When you’re happy with your creation, tap “Share” to post it to your profile.

3. How do you make reels with pictures and music on Instagram?

Instagram allows you to create reel using photo. You can tap on gallery option to select photos and music library to add music to insta reels.

4. How to add multiple pictures to a reel

In the Instagram app, open create reel option and tap on gallery button. Here you need to select multiple photos that you want to add to the reel videos and add them.

5. Can I add more than 10 pictures to a reel?

Yes, you can add 10 or even more pictures to a reel for Instagram or facebook.


This is the tutorial on how to make a reel with photos and you can also make create a reel with multiple photos. if you have any problem in following the tutorial, then feel free to use the comment section. We had used Canva in our article, there are other apps and websites available that you can use so if you use any others and found them useful then do suggest us in the comment section.

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