How to turn off reels on Facebook

Reels are getting popular on the internet and all the credit goes to TikTok. Not everyone is a fan of reels feature on Facebook. So if you are not, then this tutorial on how to turn off reels on Facebook will helpful.

TikTok was the first app that introduce the concept of short videos and after acknowledging the growth of the app, competitors such as Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube introduce the feature in their app by the name Youtube shorts.

This is not the first time, that these apps had introduce features which is gaining popularity. Before that, we had seen the Instagram stories feature which was originally a feature of Snapchat. Even the stories feature was introduced in WhatsApp under the name of the status.

How to turn off reels on Facebook

Previously, we had created a tutorial on how to download instagram reels online from Exist downloader website. One can use that tool to even download Facebook reels and Facebook videos.

If you are the person who considers Facebook reels are terrible and want to remove reels from Facebook app then this tutorial is for you.

Prior to getting into the detailed steps on how to get rid of reels on Facebook, let us learn about the obvious question what is reels on Facebook

What is Reels on Facebook

Reels is a term that is used for short videos posted on Instagram. As Instagram and Facebook is owned buy a same company i.e. Meta, short videos posted on Facebook are called Reels.

If you are for the direct solution then let me tell you it is not. Unfortunately, there is no direct option to disable Reels from Facebook or a facebook reels settings which will stop showing you reels on fb but, there are some other methods which can help you. Now, as we had learned what are reels on Facebook, let us begin with the tutorial on how to stop reels on Facebook.

Steps on How to turn off reels on Facebook

There are multiple method that can be use to disable reels on Facebook, we are going to learn all those methods for computer and android phone. So without wasting more time, lets gets started with the tutorial.

1. Use Hide option | Facebook hide reels

If you use Facebook for the android app on your android phone, you had noticed that as you scroll, you see an option of Facebook reels. If you wish to disable reels option on Facebook, this option might not help permanently, but it will reduce to suggest you. Here are the steps to do so.

1. Firstly open Facebook app on your android phone.

2. Now scroll until you see the Reels and video section.

3. You will find three horizontal dots on the right side.

4. Tap on the three dot and then tap on Hide (see fewer posts like this.)

disable reels on Facebook

Note – This option will help you to see Facebook reels fewer time but it will not permanently hide reels option. Facebook is promoting reels to increase users retention time.

We have other options available as well which will help you. So continue with the post.

2. Use Facebook in Browser | how to block reels

Facebook works on the Facebook app to add and integrate more features the reason why Facebook promotes its app to increase the retention time of the users. If you don’t like facebook’s recent addition of reels then you can use Facebook’s mobile version to surf Facebook without facebook reels. So without wasting more time, let’s start with the tutorial.

1. Firstly open Google Chrome or any other web browser in your phone

2. Now type and Facebook mobile site i.e. will be open.

3. Now login to your account using login credentials and you are done

In this way, you can use Facebook without fb reels.

3. Old Facebook app

Another method that can be a lifesaver for the user who hates Facebook reels is to use the Facebook app version before the integration of reels in the android app. here are the steps that one can follow.

1. Firstly open the Google play store and tap on the profile image to open menu

2. Now tap on Settings and then on Network Preferences.

3. Here you will find Auto-Update Apps, tap on it and then Tap Don’t Auto-update Apps.

4. In this way, you can disable auto updates of apps.

5. Now download and install old Facebook app and install it.

Now login to your Facebook account and can enjoy Facebook without getting reels suggestions.

4. How to disable autoplay videos for Facebook?

Another solution to fix the reels problem in Facebook is to disable autoplay of reel in Facebook. Here are the steps that you need to follow to disable autoplay videos for Facebook app.

1. Firstly open the Facebook app and click on the profile button.

2. Now tap on the settings & privacy option and then on setting button.

3. Now tap on profile settings and scroll down and tap on Media and contacts.

4. Here you will see number of options to toggle, tap on Autoplay and then select Never autoplay videos.

What is Reels on Facebook
How to disable autoplay videos for Facebook

In this way, you can disable autoplay in Facebook app.

Apart from Facebook reels, if you are a person who wants to enjoy cutter-free Facebook then you should continue to read. We will help you to Hide Facebook Stories & Rooms on desktop.

5. Hide Facebook Stories & Rooms

There is a couple of chrome and Mozilla extension which will help you to remove Facebook stories and rooms. Follow the steps

1. Firstly open the browser in your computer, either chrome or Mozilla firefox.

2. Now click on the below link to download and install the extension

3. After installing, enable the Hide Facebook Stories & Rooms extension and open Facebook.

You will notice that the Facebook stories bar and room are removed. In this way, you can enjoy Facebook without unwanted options.

6. Use third party apps

There are other apps available on google play store which allow you to use Facebook and those are third-party apps. The best part of these apps are these reduce clutter and help you to enjoy Facebook

Here are some of the apps to browse on Facebook

FAQ (How to turn off reels on Facebook)

Here are some frequently asked questions related to how to block Facebook reels on computers and mobiles.

1. How to disable reels on Facebook

There is no direct option available that will disable reels on Facebook, but there are a couple of methods that one can try to disable this feature. here are the methods that will be helpful for you.
1. Use the hide option to reduce recommendation.
2. Use mobile version of Facebook.
3. Use thrid party apps to access your account.
4. Stop AutoPay option.
5. Use chrome and mozilla extension to block fb reels.

2. I don’t want to see reels on Facebook

Yes, it is possible to disable reels option on facebook app. To do so, scroll and find the reels option. Now tap on three-dot and then tap on Hide (see few post like this). Now you will not see the reels on facebook option. There are other methods avaliable as well which will help you to stop seeing reels on Facebook.

3. How do I turn off rooms on Facebook?

You can either use third party apps which will not show you facebook rooms and in this way, you can turn off room on Facebook and if you want to use Facebook on computer then you can use chrome extensions which will help you to disable rooms on Facebook.

4. How do I hide the story bar on Facebook?

If you don’t want to use story bar or incase you don’t like to see Facebook stories then you can use chrome and Mozilla Firefox extensions which will help you.

5. How to mute reels on instagram

To mute Instagram reels, you need to tap on the Instagram reels and the audio of Instagram reels will be mute. To unmure it, you can again tap on it.

Wrapping Up

This was the detailed tutorial on getting rid of reels on Facebook had helped you to answer your quest i don’t want to see reels on Facebook. If you have any problem in following the steps or methods on turn off reels on Facebook, then feel free to use comment section. We will helps you to deal with it. To support us, you can like and follow us on Facebook i.e. Solution Exist.

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  1. What do you mean “just use FB on Chrome, not in App and you won’t have reels”? I never use App for practical reasons, only web on my PC and I DO have these reels since about 4-5 days.
    So this tutorial is pretty useless.


  2. There are no obvious extensions available for Firefox to block Reels in FB
    Chrome is a waste of time as it is too “Google”

  3. If you need a method that actually works for viewing in browser, there is an extension “Fluff Busting Purity”, it allows you to block reels and pretty much anything you want (adds, friends suggestions, when someone leaves fb and whatnot).

    Sadly, I still haven’t find a way to get rid of this trash in app.


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