How To Download Youtube Videos Without any software

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An increase in internet speed had made us more in consuming video content. Yes, video content is more effective than written content so this attracts people to get stick to youtube which is the best video content platform. I think this is enough introduction to why we use more and more youtube to view videos.

While using youtube, you had noticed that not every time we afford to watch videos online. Sometimes we are not in a range of wifi and sometimes its network issue. At that time need of having youtube videos offline arise. If you use youtube on desktop, that you had noticed that youtube doesn’t provide a download button to download videos. So If you are in search of how to download YouTube videos then this article will make your search over,

There are different methods available to download youtube videos i.e.

  • Download youtube videos online using youtube downloaders
  • Download youtube videos using software

If you are using youtube apps to watch youtube videos in mobile than you don’t need to have any tutorial as a download button exist in the youtube app which will help you to save youtube videos offline.

Today, in this tutorial then this is the simplest and easiest way to download YouTube videos in computer without any software. There is no restriction that you can’t use this trick in mobile, you can also use this trick in mobile to download YouTube videos in mobile and you don’t even need any YouTube downloader software. I personally use this method to download videos from YouTube and I highly recommend you to use this method over any YouTube video downloader because some Youtube downloader software installs adware on your computer. In case you want to learn how to remove adware then do check to remove adware from pc. Also don’t forget to check out – Download Facebook videos without any software. Now without wasting more time, let’s jump to the steps.

Steps to Download YouTube videos without any software

  1. Open YouTube from your mobile browser and open the video you want to download.
  2. The URL of your video will look like this “
    Note:- If you want to download video from your computer then you can also use this trick. just replace the ” www. ” with ” ss ” then click on go , after that you can download the youtube video.
  3.  Now edit the URL, replace ” m. ” with ” ss “, after replacing your URL will look like this ” . Click on Go
  4. The new URL will redirect you to the new page where you will see different options to download your file.
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Download youtube videos free

There is plenty of websites that act as an online youtube video downloader website. The list of websites that you can use described below so in case if the above website is down or in case you don’t like then you can use the alternate one.
  2. bitdownloader
  3. KeepViD

You can use the above-listed website very easily as the format in all website are same, just paste the url of video and press enter after pasting.

Wrapping Up

This is the simplest way to download YouTube videos from computers and this method to download Youtube videos without any software will give you high download speed. I personally use this method to download videos. I use this method in my computer and download YouTube videos using IDM. I highly recommend you this method as some website claims one-click method to download videos from YouTube downloader but that software install adware. If your PC or computer is infected by adware and ads are kept on opening then you must read –Remove Adware From PC. If you had any queries or you can’t download youtube videos then feel free to use the comment section.

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