Facebook Shortcut Keys | Facebook Chat Emoji Shortcuts

Facebook Shortcut Keys – Who doesn’t use Facebook, if you want to be a pro in Facebook then this post is for you. Here you will come to know the Facebook shortcut key that will not only make your Facebook usage easy and fast, but also sounds you pro.

Facebook Shortcut Keys | Facebook Chat Emoji Shortcuts

We had posted various tutorial on Facebook such as How To Get A Lot Of Friends On Facebook Fast so if you are interested in making new friends, do follow the steps. In this post you will also learn Facebook Chat Emoji Shortcuts which you can use it in Facebook messenger chats. So without wasting more time, let us jump into the tutorial.

List of Facebook Shortcut Keys 2020

Alt+1 : Return to Home
Alt+2 : To view the Wall tab
Alt+3 : To pull down the Friends Requests list
Alt+4 : To retrieve the Messages list
Alt+5 : To call out the Notification list
Alt+6 : Account setting page
Alt+7 : Account privacy configuration.
Alt+8 : Facebook fans group page
Alt+9 : Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities
Alt+0 : Facebook Help Center
Alt+m : Create new message
Alt+? : Cursor in the Search Box

These are the Facebook Shortcut Keys 2020, now we will see some Facebook messenger chat emoji that you can use in Facebook messenger and become pro in Facebook chat box.

Facebook Chat Emoji Shortcuts

Facebook Messenger ToT Emoji ToT emoji ToT
Facebook Messenger Trans Emoji trans flag emoji :trans:
Facebook Messenger Heart Emoji heart emoji <3
Facebook Messenger Penguin Emoji penguin emoji <(“)
Facebook Messenger Poop Emoji poop emoji :poop:
Facebook Messenger Devil Emoji devil emoji 3:)



Facebook Messenger Like Emoji like emoji (y)




Facebook Messenger Like Emoji dislike emoji (n)



Facebook Messenger Winkkiss Emoji sweating emoji ‘-_-
Facebook Messenger WinkTongue Emoji winktongue emoji ;p





Facebook Messenger Expresionless Emoji expressionless emoji -_-
Facebook Messenger Cry Emoji cry emoji :'(



Facebook Messenger Frown Emoji frown emoji 🙁






Facebook Messenger Squint Emoji squint emoji 😐



Facebook Messenger Tongue Emoji tongue emoji 😛







Facebook Messenger Slightgrin Emoji slightgrin emoji 😀




Facebook Messenger Kiss Emoji kiss emoji :*



Facebook Messenger Angel Emoji angel emoji O:)



Facebook Messenger Flushface Emoji flushface emoji O_O



Facebook Messenger Kiki Emoji kiki emoji ^_^
Facebook Messenger Grumpy Emoji grumpy emoji >:(







Facebook Messenger Glasses Emoji glasses emoji 8)





Facebook Messenger Flushkiss Emoji flushkiss emoji -3-
Facebook Messenger Wink Emoji wink emoji 😉



Facebook Messenger Gasp Emoji gasp emoji :O





Facebook Messenger Persevere Emoji persevere emoji >_<



Facebook Messenger Winkkiss Emoji winkkiss emoji ;*



Facebook Messenger Unsure Emoji unsure emoji :/







Facebook Messenger Slightsmile Emoji slightsmile emoji 🙂






These are the list of Facebook Emoji Keyboard Shortcuts available for Facebook Messenger Chat.

Wrapping Up

These are the list of Facebook Shortcut keys and Facebook Messenger emoji keyboard shortcuts by solutionexist. Do share this post with you friends and also comment down your favorite keyboard shortcuts for v9 of emojis.

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