How To Remove the virus Which Makes do not show hidden folder

How To Remove the virus Which Makes do not show hidden folder

Hello solution exist readers, You might had experienced that Show hidden file option is not working in folder option. The reason behind this problem is

Follow the steps

  1. Go To Start > run
  2. Enter “regedit
  3. In The Registry editor Follow The Steps
    hkey_local_machine > software > microsoft windows>currentversion > explorer> advanced > folder > hidden > showall
  4. Now go to right side registry list CheckedValue double click  to edit
    In the right hand pane, see there is Checked Value whose Type is REG_DWORD. Double click on it and check if the default value set is 1. Because virus changes the value to 0 or 2.
  5. change value data 1 close registry editor

It may happen that your key has been deleted or exists but with a different type. If the key has a different type, delete it and create a new key. Right click in an empty space in the right hand side pane, go to New-> Select DWORD(32 bit) and name it Checked Value. Double click on the newly created key and set the value to 1.

Now check your problem is solved and Show hidded fils option will start working.

Wrapping Up

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