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Better Battery Life – Mobile phone and mobile phones battery is always a topic of discussion. Using mobile phones is now common and people are spending most of their time on mobile phones sometime they continue to use them till the mobile phone is discharged / phone battery dies.

Battery drain problem arises as your smartphone gets older and because of that people start searching for how to preserve phone battery lifespan and how to save battery life.

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Today, we are here with an important post on how to save battery life. All of you are using mobile phones. Lots of development can be seen in mobile technology that we are constantly getting addicted to mobile phones. This is an Android Era. Android now becomes a common platform in mobile technology. The problem with mobile phones and mostly with Android is that it supports many apps and hence it reduces the battery life. Android users are mostly suffering from low battery problems.

This battery draining problem of Android users. Battery problem is almost in every mobile. You are also facing the same problem while traveling or at almost every time. Therefore here are some battery saving tips and without any App.

Low battery is a problem which is not only by mobile phones or the battery size. We the users are also on the same side for low battery.

The way we use mobile and less knowledge of optimizing the battery is also the responsible reason for this problem. Below are the tips Exclusively by that you must follow to have a better battery life

Exclusive Tips for Better Battery Life | How to preserve phone battery lifespan

  1. Charge your phone from 15% to 100%. Do not charge your phone till your battery does not become 15% or less.
  2. Do not overcharge your phone.
  3. Use Network Mode wisely. Use 2G network during standby.
  4. Do not interrupt your phone while charging. You can skip using the phone while charging and use it after it fully charges.
  5. Use the charger that came with the phone only and avoid using another phone charger. In case your charger is not working then use the charger having capacity matching your original mobile chargers i.e. 5v or 3v.
  6. Don’t make your phone’s battery dead i.e. 0% or make your phone power shut down.
  7. You can switch to Airplane mode at No network coverage place.
  8. Don’t use auto brightness in a smartphone
  9. Regularly note apps usage and try to identify Battery Eating App and try to optimize it.


  • Don’t overcharge your phone because it can damage your battery. Most of the mobile phone comes with automatic power cut off the system but still don’t take chance.
  • Do not interrupt your phone while charging allows your phone to complete the full battery cycle. Stopping the complete battery cycle can also result in low battery backup and Battery Malfunction.
  • Don’t make your phone battery dead because making a complete drain can result in low efficiency of the battery.
    Have complete knowledge of Apps ram usage and try to optimize.
  • Don’t use other phones charger because it can damage your phone battery because charging is a process totally based on the Voltage of the charger. If we use a high voltage charger then it will charge the phone in less time but it will give less backup and regular use of a high voltage charge will make your battery to be damage.
  • Use your phone wisely and don’t use Data/Internet access when the charging port in not available or during traveling.
  • Switch Network mode wisely i.e 2G/3G. Don’t use the 3G network during standby. 3G network consumes more battery than 2G.

What’s my battery life | Check battery health iphone

IPhone users can check battery health as in iOS 11.3 and later, new feature is added that shows battery health. Not only that, your phone will recommend you if your iPhone battery needs to be replaced or not.

Check your iPhone battery life

  1. Unlock your iPhone and go to settings
  2. Now scroll and tap on the battery
  3. Now tap on Battery Health where you can see the battery health percentage.

If you are an iPhone user then you must check Maximising Battery Life and Lifespan by Apple in which you will get tips to maximize battery lifespan in all Apple products

How to double battery app

There are apps available over google play that claims to double battery life in android and iPhone. Then the question may arise is installing these double battery apps will be helpful to get good battery life? The simple answer is no. These are basically battery saver apps that do nothing but the simple task which you can also do without using this app. So better to stay away from these battery saving apps.

Wrapping Up

These are some simple tips to get better battery life in an Android phone. These tweaks can be helpful for longer battery backups and will increase mobile phone battery life. Follow these tips and you will be able to see the surprising results and will solve the low battery issue. Keep visiting will soon publish an article on Batter Saving Application which can show a surprising result. These tips are not ended yet. If you have any other tips then please post in the Comments. It will be Helpful for All.

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