Glassagram Review 2023 DOES IT WORK?

If are you in search of an Instagram viewer to track your Instagram private account then this tutorial is for you. In this Glassagram review, we are going to learn what a glassagram – an Instagram tracker online is annd does it works.

Not everyone but if you are a person who want to track Instagram profile or spy Instagram profile then this tutorial is for you. In this review, we are going to let into a web tool Glassagram

If you are in search of How can I track an unknown Instagram account? then you should continue reading the Glassagram review which allows you to track Instagram account anonymously.

Before we get into the tutorial on how to use Glassagram to track Instagram accounts, let’s have a quick introduction to what is Glassagram and what are the feature of it.

Glassagram review - track Instagram profile

What is Glassagram?

Glassagram is a web-based online tool that helps you to track instagram account without requiring account on instagram. This tool enables you to view instagram stories, instagram post, likes on posts and many more. Glassagram can be consider as spy tool can be used to view stories anonymously whether the account is private or public and allows you to download as well.

Now that we have a quick introduction to Glassagram, let’s proceed whith the step by step guide on how to use Glassagram to spy Instagram account.

How to use Glassagram to track an Instagram Account

Using Glassagram to monitor private Instagram account is very easy. Glassagram is web-based service which means you don’t need to install any app in your android phone or iPhone. All you need to have is an internet browser. Here is the step-by-step guide to using Glassagram.

Step 1 : First open the Glassagram website and click on Watch Now button.

best Instagram viewer appv

Step 2 : Now select the type of Instagram account that you want to track i.e. private account, open account, and in case you are not sure, select Decide later.

Step 3 : Now on the text bar, enter the username of Instagram account that you need to monitor and click on it to select.

instagram private profile viewer

Step 4 : Click on the confirm button to proceed.

instagram private account viewer without verification

Step 5 : Now you will be redirected to Create your account and login.

Step 6 : Final step is to wait for 7 days. As this is a complex process, glassagram takes time to get all the data of Instagram profile.

Note– Waiting time will not be included in your subscription duration and you can save time.

Now that you have gone through with the Glassagram signup process, let’s have a look to the Glassagra features in detail.

Glassagram App Features

featues of instagram tracker app

We had personally used Glassgarm and then we had reviewed it. There are lots of features that Glassagram provides you, here are those features of Glassagram explained in detail so continue reading the feature list.

1. Instagram Story Viewer & Downloader

If you are an Instagram user, you might be aware that Instagram The first feature of Glassagram is you can view Instagram stories anonymously. As you know, you don’t need to have an Instagram account to use Glassagram and it won’t ask you to add your Instagram username. So you can view Instagram stories anonymously.

To view instagram story, click on the story tab and view Instagram story.

view instagram stories anonymously

2. Video, Reels, & Posts Viewer

Instagram’s most famous and loved feature by the users is instagram reels. Instagram reels allows users to share vidoe content in quick short video format without any expensive content.

Officially, Instagram allows users to save Instagram reels but you can’t post on other platforms and can’t download them into your phone gallery. Glassagram, provides you the feature to view and download Instagram reels and save instagram video in computer and phone.

All you need to do is to click on post section and you will get all the reels and videos uploaded by the Instagram user.

view instagram without account

3. Instagram Followers and Following list

On Instagram, if the Instagram profile is public, one can view the instagram follower list and following list. But in case if the instagram profile is private, you are not allowed to view the Instagram follower list on the official app. Here comes the use of Glassagram. This online instagram tracker tool allows you to view instagram followers of private account and that is also without having instagram account.

Not only Glassagram allows you to have a complete list of Instagram followers, you can even know the following of a private Instagram account.

track an unknown Instagram account
view private instagram account followers

5. Instagram likes

On instagram, all you want is likes on Instagram post and reels. if you want to know the names of person who like Instagram photo or post then you can use Glassagram. This Instagram online tracker tool allows you to view which post was liked by who on an Instagram profile.

Using official Instagram, you can’t view Instagram post likes of private account so this tool will help you to view instagram post likes anonymously.

After completion of the fetching date by Glassagram, you can click on the likes tab and here you will get all the post having likes by the Instagram users along with the username of the account liked the post.

view instagram post likes

6. View Instagram comments

Not only you can get instagram post like, you can even get the comments on instagram post and reels. If you are tracking a private Instagram account, getting instaram comments on post and reels can help to get the username following that profile.

To access all Instagram comments, click on the comments section from the left side options.

Glassagram Pricing & Plans

Glassagram doesn’t have any free plan and hense users need to go with the premium plan. Compare to the features that glassagram offers, pricing is optimum.

If you are from India, Indian pricing are like the below.

1 Month – 4095.99 INR

3 Months – 2457.33 INR

12 Months – 1023.99 INR

glassagram private instagram viewer

If you are not from india, here are the pricing in USD

1 Month – 49.99$ (per month)

3 Months – 29.99$ (per month)

12 Months – 12.49$ (per month)

Instagram account tracker online

We recommend you to go with 3 months plan and check what suits you the best.

Glassagram Refund Policy

Glassagram offer you 14 days refund following the day of your purchase as long as refund reasons do not contradict the Refund Policy conditions outlined on the refund policy page.

You are required to send your refund request to Glassagram at [email protected]. Otherwise, it will not be considered.

Before you purchase, you must read Glassagram Refund Policy on the page.

To get in touch with team, you can use the contact page and can mail to [email protected].

Compatible with Android and iPhone

Glassagram is a web-based tool and there is no app for Android or iPhone platform. This means you only need a web browser to access Glassagram tool and it works seamlessly in android and iPhone platforms.

You can use Google chrome in Android and iPhone and can use safari in iphone to access Glassagram.

FAQ (Glassagram Review )

1. Is Glassagram is safe?

Yes, Glassagram is totally safe as you don’t need to install any app in your or your target Instagram account that you want to monitor.

2. Is Glassagram Free?

Glassagram is not free. It only offers you paid service and it cost you 49.99 euru which is 54$.

3. How much does Glassagram cost?

Glassagram will cost you 54.55 USD for 1-month subscription and it doesn’t have any trial.

4. How can I view private Instagram stories anonymously?

To view private instagram stories anonymously you need premium instagram monitering apps like Glassagram. Glassagram allows you to view private instagram stories anonymously.

5. Can You Track Private Instagram Account With Glassagram?

Yes, you can monitor private instagram account using Glassagram and you can check out intagram post, insta stories, followers, likes on instagram post and many more.

6. Are Instagram Viewer Apps Real?

There are a number of apps available on internet and google play store which claimed as real but not all are.

7. How to view Instagram stories without them knowing?

Glassagram allows you to to watch instagram stories anonymously by its Anonymous Instagram story viewer. You need to enter the usersname of the account and after fetching data completion, you can view it.

Wrapping Up Glassagram Review 2023

Hope this detailed review on Glasssgram had helped you to get all the features of the tool and also coved all your doubts of Glassagram. If you have any problem with the app or in case you have any doubt, feel free to use comment section.

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