How To Play YouTube Videos In Background and Screen off [No-Root]

Who doesn’t use YouTube in today’s time but not everyone watches videos on YouTube? If you are a person who listens to music on YouTube then this article on Play YouTube Videos In Background will enhance your listening experience.

YouTube apps is developed so much over the years that is provides the best video experience. The official YouTube app also allows downloading Youtube ideos in mobile. While listening to music on YouTube the only drawback I feel is music stops as you minimize the YouTube app or YouTube vised doesn’t play as you lock the android screen.

Even if you have downloaded YouTube videos in your phone then also you can play after minimizing the YouTube app. After a couple of hours of searching over the internet, I can say that yes it is possible to play YouTube in the background on android and iOS. Don’t Forget to check Method to watch region-locked YouTube videos

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How To Play YouTube Videos In Background and Screen off [No-Root] 2

So Today Solution Exist is posting a tutorial on how to play YouTube videos in background, this feature will be really useful if you listen to songs on YouTube. So without wasting more this let’s get right into it..!!

Paid method – YouTube Premium  – Use YouTube premium for free

Youtube had launched YouTube red which was a paid subscription which is now known as YouTube premium for both Android and iOS devices. YouTube Premium is a paid streaming subscription service YouTube Premium also comes with ad-free access to YouTube Music. This YouTube Premium is like a replacement of Google Play Music. This YouTube Premium gives you the option to turn off the screen in that app. As the name suggests its premium will cost you money..!!  YouTube Premium will cost you $12 a month, or $18 for a family subscription of up to six members.

Yes, 12$ per month is quite expensive. at this or lesser price you can enjoy Netflix also. If you are the person who is OK with the price you can definitely go for it. To check YouTube Premium in detail check out the YouTube official page. For those who are not willing to pay this much price for this feature, the this read the article fully and you will get an answer for YouTube premium for free / solution exit will tell you an alternative way on How to run YouTube videos in background and by turning off the screen. 

Run YouTube videos using free application in Android using Firefox or chrome browser

  1. Firstly download Firefox or Google chrome in an Android phone from Google Playstore (Skip this step if have installed in your mobile device)
  2. Now open an internet browser i.e. Firefox or Chrome and go on and search your the video that you want to play in the background.
  3. Now click on the three dot placed as the top right corner and tap on Request desktop. (Now the web page will be refresh and will open like it open for desktop users.
  4. As the video starts playing, minimize the browser. As you minimize the browser, music/video will be paused. Pull the notification bar and click on play button and you are good to go. You can also turn off the screen to play and the browser will allow play YouTube videos with screen off.

This was the simplest way to play YouTube videos with screen Off with Google Chrome or Firefox. If you are a iphone user then we have trick for you also. Keep reading the steps.

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How to Play YouTube Videos In Background in iphone and ipad

  1. You need to install Google Chrome browser from App Store – Google Chrome.
  2. Open YouTube website and search for the song/video that you want to play in background
  3. Now click on three dot placed as top right corner and tap on Request desktop and web page will refresh.
  4. Now play the the video and minimize the browser pressing Home Button.
  5. Swipe up on the home screen to open Control Center and reveal the music player.
  6. In the Control Center’s music playback control, you will see the YouTube video paused. Simply tap play and continue listening to your video as if you were watching it on your device.

How to play YouTube videos in background in android Device

#1 Awesome Pop-up Video | How to play YouTube videos with the screen off

Step 1 : Firstly download and install  Awesome Pop-up Video from android playstore in your android device

Step 2 : After installation completes, open the app. You will see a list of recommended videos. Click on search button and search your favorite music and hit Go

Step 3 : Tap on the video that you want to play in the background and the video will play in the background. Once loaded, you will see a pop-up appears loading the Youtube video.

Now you can minimize the apps and access other apps by this pop-up of video will remain in screen also the video will continue to play.

#2 Run YouTube videos in android phone is using NewPipe – Recommended

  1. To install NewPipe you need to install F-droid app in your android phone. Download F-Droid.
  2. Now click on search as search for NewPipe and install it
  3. After installing F-droid on the android phone open it. Wait for a couple of seconds until apps are fetched.
  4. Now click on the search button and search for NewPipe and Install it.
  5. After installing both the apps will ask for permission, allow permission.
  6. Now Run NewPipe app and it will load as normal video playing app. Search music 

Video tutorial on How to use apps to Play YouTube Videos In Background and Screen off [No-Root]

FAQ (How to play YouTube with screen off)

1. Can you play the YouTube app in background?

Yes, you can play youtube videos with the screen off but the youtube original app doesn’t allow you to do so. They charge premium charges for playing youtube with the screen off. But using solution exist trick, you can do it for free.

2. How can I play YouTube while using other apps?

To play YouTube video while using other app, you need to use picture in picture mode. Using this feature, your youtube video will play in a small window when you minimize your app. Here are the steps to use picture in picture mode.
1. Go to your Android settings and tap on apps.
2. Now search for youtube apps and top on it.
3. Now under Advanced option, tap on Picture-in-picture and enable it.
In this way, we can enable Youtube Picture in Picture Mode in android phone.

3. How to play youtube with screen off iphone

As an Android, there is no free trick for iPhone users to play YouTube videos in the background iPhone. To do so, you need to buy YouTube Premium in which you can get a background play option in the YouTube app.

Wrapping Up

This was the tutorial on How to play YouTube videos in background using these listed apps to play youtube videos in background and especially listen to music on YouTube in the background. I personally had tested both Awesome Pop-up video app and NewPipe.

Both the apps are good but if you ask us we will recommend you to use NewPipe and I also use Newpipe to listen music on YouTube. if you face any problem is following the steps or get stuck in any of the steps then you are free to use the comment section. Also if you have some other apps that you are using to play YouTube videos in the background then let us know through comments. Join our Facebook Group Android And Windows Errors Solution and Follow or Facebook Page Solution Exist to be updated with Solution Exist awesome articles.

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