Simple Hacks to Import PST File in Outlook

in this tutorial, we are going to learn what are pst files, how to open pst file in Outlook and open pst file in Outlook easily.

Having to import a PST file into Outlook would be an easy task if one just knows what needs to be done and how it should be done. Nevertheless, the question of “how to import PST file in Outlook?” arises when you are a novice user who hasn’t spent a sufficient amount of time on this. But don’t worry, this article will help you out in getting all your PST files imported into Outlook in a few simple steps.

Import PST File in Outlook

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Tutorial: Import PST to Outlook

Though it may appear to be tech wizardry, migrating PST files to Outlook is actually an easy task when you follow a few simple steps. Read on to learn more.

There are 3 ways to complete this task.

  1. Import PST File to Outlook as Data File.
  2. Import PST file into Outlook using Import Assistant.
  3. Using Outlook PST Repair by Remo (Recommended).

Depending on your need you can choose what method you are going to follow.

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Import PST File in Outlook as Data File

When you attach a PST file to Outlook as a data file, it allows you to access the data as a separate record in your profile. This way, your existing mail and calendar entries, as well as previous mail and calendar entries are not mixed up.

However, if you wish to integrate both sets of data, it is also possible.

Follow the steps to import PST files directly to Outlook.

Step 1 : Click on File on the navigation bar and click on Open & Export and choose Open Outlook Data File.

How to import PST file in Outlook Windows 10

Step 2 : A new window opens from which you can select the PST file to import.

How do I import PST files into Outlook

Step 1 : The Outlook data file will now be displayed on the left side of the overview page (below the previous folder structures).

Why can't I import PST files

Note: You can right-click the data file to move or copy it to another profile if you need

Import PST file into Outlook using Import Assistant

This method would be much more convenient if you are looking to import all or only a certain data of a PST file.

Step 1 : Click on the File menu on the navigation panel and select Open and Export, and click on Import/ Export.

How to import PST file in Outlook Windows 10

Step 1 : On the next section screen select Import from another program or file and confirm by clicking Next.

Import PST to Outlook

Step 1 : Select Outlook data file(.pst) and confirm this with Next.

outlook add pst file

Step 1 : You can click on browse to sect the pst file you would like to import, specify whether you want to replace duplicated with the imported PST file, and click on Next.

view pst file in outlook

Step 1 : Click on the Outlook data file and after that you can select certain parts of a directory or subfolders of the PST file and click on Finish to complete the PST file import

opening an outlook data file

Problems That Can Occur while Importing a PST File into Outlook

There are situations where this above method feels limited and tiresome process to follow and it does have its limitations, some of which are

  • File size limitations: The maximum PST file size is 50 GB. If you are using Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, or Outlook for Microsoft 365 and your PST file exceeds this limit, you run the risk of potential data corruption and increased file errors.
  • Folder structuring issues: If your PST file has a complex or deeply nested folder structure, Outlook may import it inaccurately, resulting in a loss of hierarchy or misplacement.
  • System issues: If you have been using a system that has experienced virus attacks or hardware failures on your PST file, Outlook cannot read the imported PST file.

And limitations like incompatibility of PST files between older and newer versions of Outlook or when you have updated your system OS that can delete all your PST files

All these issues can be cut down while importing a PST file into Outlook can be cut down by Outlook PST Repair by Remo.

Remo Outlook Backup And Migrate is an incredible tool that can perform importing PST files and other Outlook migration and data backup like contacts, calendars, emails, etc very safely and easily with few clicks
That’s going to save you a lot of time.

Install Remo Outlook Backup And Migrate and have the backup of Outlook that provides unlimited backup and 25GB of additional Cloud Backup with password protection to your Outlook data.

Import PST into Outlook file using Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate

Step 1: Select the backup PST file you want to import into Outlook and click on Restore.

open pst file in outlook

Step 2: You can select the items that you would like to restore and Click on Next.

how to add a pst file to outlook

Step 3: The tool will restore Outlook. After it’s done, you can click View Report with the list of Outlook data items.

opening outlook pst files

After this, you can open Outlook and see all the imported mail, calendars, contacts, and customizations that you have made previously.

We very much recommend this tool if you are concerned about Outlook data safety and easy migration to newer versions.

FAQ (open pst file in Outlook)

1. How to open a PST file in Outlook?

To open PST file in outlook, you need to import is using import option and then selecting select Import from another program or file.

2. What is pst file outlook?

PST files are Personal Storage Table store items such as calendar events, contacts, and email messages.

3. How to add pst file to outlook?

To add pst files in outlook, you can Import PST File to Outlook as Data File or Import PST file into Outlook using Import Assistant.

Wrapping Up

Outlook has a lot to offer as an email client, but it can be intimidating when it comes to tasks like migration and updates. However, all that worry can be eliminated with Outlook PST Repair by Remo. It provides a complete solution to all your Outlook backup and migration, allowing you to continue your work without any nagging thoughts.

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