How to increase IDM download speed

In this tutorial, we are going to learn what is internet download manager and how to increase IDM download speed

IDM stands for Internet download manager it is software for computers will provide you high downloading speed and that is upto 200 times more download speed. If you are not using an internet download manager (IDM) then its time to install this software. I use IDM to download files.

Although Internet download manager provides fast download speed still there are some tweaks and tricks to increase IDM download speed. These tricks will speedup IDM

Here are had posted 2 effective methods, try the one that means less complicate for you and whichever suits you.

increase IDM download speed
How to increase IDM download speed 4

Methods to increase download speed in IDM

There are different methods that you can use and those methods are

Method 1 : Increase IDM download speed

Step 1 : First download and Install the updated version of Internet Download Manager.

Step 2 : Now open the installer and follow the instructions to install it.

Step 3 : Now open IDM and then click on the Options button. A new dialogue box will open, click on connection type and select High Speed.

Step 4 : After that click on Max. connections number and Change (Default max connection number) From 8 To 16.

increase download speed in idm

Step 5 : Click Ok And You Are Done. Enjoy the lightning speed

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Method 2 – Speed Up IDM By IDM Optimizer Tool

If you are not comfortable with method 1 and want an easy method then this another method is for you. Method 2 is more advanced and easy for all to speed up the internet download manager. You can speed up IDM with IDM Optimizer.

What is IDM Optimizer?

IDM optimizer is a tool that will help you to have amazing download speed in IDM. This software will make some changes in registry files which ultimately optimize IDM to give insanely better download speed.

Steps to Use Download IDM Optimize tool

Step 1 : Firstly you need to download IDM Optimizer and you can do it by clicking on the below button.

Step 2 : After downloading the Optimizer software, open it and follow the instructions from the installer to install it on your computer

Step 3 : Now open the IMD Optimizer tool and click on OptimizeIDM.

increase download speed IDM

Step 4 : Done..!! Just restart IDM and you will notice an increase.

How to fix IDM crash and errors.

After installation of IDM optimizer software in your computer if in case you are facing IDM force stopped or software crash then here is the solution.

Steps to follow if you are facing crashes or errors in IDM

Step 1 : Open idm optimizer tool

Step 2 : Click on the restore default option. (This option will reset the registry setting of IDM.

Step 3 : Now restart your IDM and now it is as it was before)

FAQ (Speed up Internet Download Manager)

1. Why is IDM download speed slow?

Multiple reasons can affect IDM download speed and here are those listed.
1. Not updated to the latest version.
2. Not using better server to download files
3. Low max connection number.
4. IDM not optimized properly

2. How To Speed up Internet Download Manager

You can speed up IDM by using IDM optimizer which will automatically apply settings that will help you to increase download speed in IDM.

Wrapping Up

This is a simple tweak to increase download speed in IDM. All you need to do is just follow these step to Speed up Internet Download Manager. I personally using IDM and I totally recommend it to you. If you have any problem in following the steps do write in the comment section, Solution Exist will help you with that.

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