How To Locate Product Key For Windows XP

Forgetting something is very common especially when it comes to the hard copy of any details. If you are in this condition and you had lost the Windows xp product key then this post is for you.

Nowadays, its not a problem as the traditionally way of getting physical copies of operating system is replaced with digital copy where the user gets product key in the email box. But in case you forgot the product key, this tutorial is for your.

Here in this article, we will discuss how to Locate the Product Key For Windows XP. So without wasting more time let’s get into the article which consists of two methods to answer your question about how to find my windows XP product key in a computer.

Locate Product Key For Windows XP
How To Locate Product Key For Windows XP 2

Method 1 – Find Windows XP Product Key from the Windows XP CD:

  1. Insert Windows XP cd into a working computer.
  2. Exit the Autorun introduction and Open “My Computer”
  3. Right Click on the Windows XP cd-rom drive and select explore.
  4. Open the USWXP32P_ZX folder.
  5. Open the sysprep folder.
  6. Now search and Open unattend.txt

Your CD’s product key is contained within the unattend.txt file. This is the windows XP product key location from which you can recover the windows XP product key.

Note: On some system disks, USWXP32P_ZX is a hidden folder. If you cannot locate the folder, you may also search for unattend.txt and mark “Search Hidden Files”.

This Method 1 works with some windows XP copies only. If this didn’t work for you then don’t lose hope. We had method 2 available for you which will surely help you to locate the product key for windows xp

Method 2 : Find Windows XP Product Key from Windows Registry

If method 1 is not useful for you then you can try this. If you couldn’t locate your product key from the CD or the installation CD is inaccessible, then this option should be of help! This method can decrypt Windows XP product key which is stored in Windows registry. So without wasting more time lets dive in to the steps.

1. Firstly, download and install Product Key Finder on your computer.

2. Run the product key finder program and  Click on “Start Recovery” button, you will see list of recovery options.

3. Choose the “From current system” option, and set back and relax. This program will begin to find and recover your Windows XP product key in few seconds!

Wrapping Up

Hope you like this article and able to Find Windows xp product key location easily. If you had any difficulty while following this article then feel free to use the comment section, we will help you with your question about how to locate product key for windows XP. In meantime, you can read access Hidden Programs In Windows XP. If you had some other problem then you can ask us on our Facebook page –Android And Windows Errors Solution

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