How To Show a error message and shutdown friends computer

Are you in search of a computer shutdown prank to prank your friend? This post includes a notepad computer shutdown code which you can use to create an error message and shut down your friend’s computer.

If you want to Scare your friends by inserting a notepad virus then you are at the right place. Solution Exist is posting a method to create a error message and shutdown your friend computer. All you need to to create a simple .bat file with the codes shown on this post of Solution Exist and give it to your friend. You would also like to read some notepad tricks by solution Exist. Now stop waiting and start reading the steps given below.

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How To Show a error message and shutdown friends computer 1

Steps to Show a error message and shut down friends computer

1. Open Notepad and Type the following code :

@echo off

msg * I don't like you

shutdown -c "Error! You are too stupid!" -s

2. You can change the message by replacing the text by your message. Save it as abc.bat.

3. After saving just double click on the file to execute the file. You can also send the file to your friends and ask them to open it.

4. Done..!! This will show an error message and Shutdown you friends computer

Note:- We are not responsible for any harm caused by you on a computer or PC. You are responsible for what you do. this is just for education purposes.

1. Example of Computer Shutdown Prank

You can prank just by creating a simple bat file that will show a error message and shutdown the computer and in this way you can do a computer shutdown prank.

How do I make a shutdown message?

To make a shutdown message, you need to copy prank code posted here and you need to paste that code in notepad and create bat file.

How do you shutdown a script in Notepad?

Creating a shutdown script in notepad is very easy, all you need to do is copy and paste the provided in notepad and create .bat file.

Wrapping Up

This is just a simple Notepad trick to prank your friend. This will show a error message and shutdown friends computer.  You can check more notepad tricks like Create Simple Antivirus With Notepad. Keep visiting Solution Exist for more stuff and solution related to computers and android phones.

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