Whatsapp will Launch Video Calling

Whatsapp is now become very popular withing the peoples. A bigger update in the whatsapp history is the voice calling feature. After the take over of whatsapp by Facebook it was believe that Whatsapp Video Calling feature can be seen withing few months but no official announcement was done. But as it is take over by Facebook video calling feature can surely come as Facebook messenger is also having that.

WhatsApp seems set to be taking on Skype in a bigger way in coming weeks with the planned roll out of a video calling feature.German blog Macerkopf.de has leaked screenshots of the WhatsApp video calling feature from private beta versions of the iPhone version of the app. Screenshots of the video calling feature show that users will be able to turn off the mic as well as flip the camera. The layout of video calls shows two windows, one each for the caller and the person who has received the call.

 ScreenShots of Whatsapp Video Calling feature


The report also says that the color green will become more dominant in WhatsApp for iOS’ scheme. This will make the iPhone version of WhatsApp more consistent with the Android version.WhatsApp will also get tabs for chats now, so users will not have to exit chats each time they switch between multiple conversations.
With this move, Facebook will have two messaging services offering similar features: Messenger and WhatsApp.

I believe that this can be a new year present to all the whatsapp users by whatsapp. Whatsapp is working on the other feature also but this can be a major update.

Source:- Times Of India

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