How To Download Instagram Profile Picture in Full Resolution

Instagram is the biggest photo-sharing site and mostly all celebrities use it. Solution Exist in this tutorial will teach you How To Download Instagram Profile Picture in Android phone.

If you are an Instagram user then you must be knowing that in Instagram you can view profile picture in full resolution. Is you are interested in viewing profile picture in full resolution then there is not option to do so

Download Instagram Profile Picture in Full Resolution

So Solution Exist in this tutorial will provide you the solution to download Instagram profile pic/ save Instagram profile photos. You would also like to read how to download Instagram photos on android. We had covered varioud instagram tricks tutorial on our blog. We had posted a tutorial on How to mass delete Instagram post, so if you want to delete multiple post and want to do is fast then you can read the tutorial.

Instagram Profile Picture Download methods

In this post, we are gonna discuss 2 methods for Instagram profile picture download for free and in Hd and both this method you can use it in an android phone. If you don’t have an android phone or in case you want to use this trick on the computer then method 2 is for you. Methods 2 is for all platforms i.e. computer, iOS device, and android phone.

Method 1 – Includes you to download an android app and method

Method 2 – Instagram Profile Picture Downloader

Method 1- Steps to Download Instagram Profile Picture

In this method, we need to download and install an app into android phone. Then we need we need to copy-paste or write the username of the instagram profile of which we want to download dp.

Step 1 : Firstly download InstaPP Android app / Profile Picture Download for Instagram from google play store

Insta dp download

Step 2 : Open InstaPP on your phone and write the username of which you need to download the profile picture. If you don’t know the username of the Instagram account then open the Instagram app on your android phone. Then search for the person and open the profile and after clicking on three-dots, tap on Copy Profile URL. This URL contains an Instagram username.

Step 3 : As you enter the username click on go and processing will start. In Below screenshot, we had taken Instagram username as Metrotricks

Download Instagram Profile Picture

Step 4 : You can see the full resolution Instagram profile picture

download instagram profile pic by url

Step 5 : Click on Download this image to download profile picture

In this way, you can easily download Instagram profile picture / save Instagram profile photo in your android phone. Now if you are using a computer or iphone then we have method 2 for you as method 1 includes android app to download. So follow the steps written below.

If you are looking to download instagram reels then you should check insta reels downloader tool by Solution Exist.

Method 2 – Download Instagram profile pic online

This is another method to download Instagram profile pic online. If you want a method you don’t need to download any app on your android phone. This online method will allow you to download Instagram profile pic HD online with just an Instagram username. So without wasting more time, read the steps and use Instagram DP downloader

Steps to use Instagram profile downloader

Step 1 : Firstly open Google Chrome browser in your android phone, computer or iPhone. You can use any browser in iphone or computer.

Step 2 : Then open instagram profile downloader website.

Step 3 : Now enter the Instagram username in the field of which you want to save instagram profile photo and press enter.

instagram profile downloader
How To Download Instagram Profile Picture in Full Resolution 5

Step 4 : The website will load all the images posted by Instagram account including Insta Dp and posts.

If you are using mobile then long press on the image and tap on download image. If you are using a computer then right-click on the image and click on save image as.

In this way, you can easily download instagram profile pic online HD in android phone. You can also use this trick on the computer and iOs devices also.

FAQ (Instagram profile pic viewer)

1. How to download instagram private profile viewer without survey?

Some website are there on internet which ask you to complete online survey to download profile picture. The methods posted in this article are completely free and you can download instagram private profile pic without survey.

2. Where the downloaded pic will be saved?

The downloaded full resolution profile picture will be saved in your phone gallery and you can access those from your gallery app. You can even use file manager app and navigate to downloads folder.

3. How to download instagram private account profile view dp?

The steps described in this article are valid for private instagram account also. You can even download private instagram profile photo using this tutorial.

Video Tutorial to learn how to save Instagram profile picture on android

Wrapping Up

This is a simple trick to Download Instagram Profile Picture. I personally use this app to download Instagram Profile Picture in full resolution. The feature is not been officially launched by Instagram but I think we can see this feature in the near future. You can follow Solution Exist on Instagram to get updated with the latest posts from solutions and also can interact with us.

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