Download Multiple YouTube Videos Using Firefox Add-On

Download Multiple YouTube Videos Using Firefox Add-On
Download Multiple YouTube Videos Using Firefox Add-On
I just came across a wonderful Firefox plugin called BYTubeD which allows us to download bulk videos from YouTube site with a single click. BYTubeD is a Firefox add-on that used to download Bulk and all/selected YouTube videos on any page which has some links to YouTube videos, by clicking the BYTubeD menu item in the Tools menu or in the context menu. This add-on was created by M S Ram and has a variety of features such as downloading an entire users video playlist and backing up your videos.BYTubeD automatically convert videos from FLV to MP4, since FLV is the default video format and rarely requires other media players such as VLC Player. It can be also be integrated with other Firefox extension such as DownThemAll.
Update – Now the extension is discontinued

How To Download Multiple YouTube Videos Using Firefox Add-On

In this method, we are going to use Mozilla firefox internet browser to download multiple youtube videos at once. As you already know that youtube doesn’t provide any download button to download youtube videos. We had to do it using addon or extension or by using any software. Previously we had discussed how to download youtube videos using VLC player. This is also a good method as we all use VLC player to watch videos on computers and laptops so we can use that to serve the purpose. But today, we are going to download youtube videos

  1. Firstly open Mozilla Firefox web browser in you computer. You can download Mozilla firefox updated version and install it.
  2. To install extension visit official ByTubeD Add-on Site from your Firefox browser.
  3. Select the video which you want to watch, then select all required videos in bulk.Using BYTubeD
  4. Once all the videos are selected you can easily download all the video by clicking on Start button.Bulk Download Using BYTubeD
  5. Choose your video format as per your requirements like FLV, MP4 or HQ.
  6. You can also download videos from other websites, but the video should be from YouTube.

In this way, we can download multiple youtube videos for free using firefox add ons or bulk download YouTube videos using firefox.

Wrapping Up

Hope you like the tutorial on Download Multiple YouTube Videos Using Firefox Add-On BYTubeD and using youtube downloader addon for firefox. compare both the methods i.e. how to download youtube videos without any software and this method and do let us know which method do you prefer to use to download. In meantime, you can also learn to use the youtube playlist downloader guide which will also saves time in downloading youtube videos. If you want some additional help for windows or you are facing trouble in windows 10 then join our Facebook page solution exist and our Facebook Group Android And Windows Errors Solution

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