How to Fix Chrome RESULT_CODE_HUNG Error in Windows

In this tutorial, we are going to learn what is Chrome CODE_HUNG Error in Windows, why do we face this error and how to fix Google chrome RESULT_CODE_HUNG Error in simple steps.

Previously we had posted various solutions on how to fix Chrome errors and among those, some of the Chrome errors are related to connectivity i.e. err_connection_closed error in chrome and Aw Snap” on Google Chrome so in case you are in search of how to fix chrome network issue, you can follow those post as well.


Now coming to this post, In this tutorial, we are going to learn what is code hung errors, why we face this error, and How to Fix Chrome RESULT_CODE_HUNG Error in Windows. Before we get into the tutorial and solution to fix Chrome error, let’s have a quick answer to why do we face Chrome RESULT_CODE_HUNG Error in Windows.

What is Google Chrome result_code_hung error?

The Google Chrome Result Code Hung Error occurs due to network issues and in some cases when the browser becomes unresponsive and stops working properly. There can be several causes for this error, such as connectivity issues due to the use of VPN, conflicts with extensions or add-ons, or outdated browsers.

Now that we have learned what are the cases of RESULT_CODE_HUNG Error, Lets proceed with the solution to fix this chrome error.

Methods to fix Google Chrome RESULT_CODE_HUNG Error

There are multiple solutions that you need to try to fix the chrome error and all those are listed here so start following the article one by one.

1. Reload the webpage

chrome_error hung code error

Sometimes when browsing the internet, we come across a frustrating error message that says Result Code Hung in Chrome. This issue can stop our online work and surfing. Thankfully, there is a simple solution to this problem – reloading the webpage. This seems to be a simple solution but it worked in most cases. When we encounter the Result Code Hung error in chrome, the first instinct may be to restart chrome or restart your rounter.

But before restarting your internet connection, simply try refreshing the page as it can often resolve this issue without any further trouble. Reloading the webpage allows Chrome to restart its processes and clear any temporary glitches that might be causing the error. If your problem is not fixed, you can try using any other internet browser or try to load any other website. If none works for you, continue reading the other solutions

2. Open the website in incognito mode

In Chrome, incognito mode is helpful in troubleshooting chrome errors. Another solution to try when encountering Chrome result code hung error in Windows is opening the website in incognito mode. Incognito mode in Google chrome, allows you to browse the web without leaving any traces on your computer. This can be helpful when dealing with website-specific issues such as compatibility problems or conflicting extensions.

By opening a website in incognito mode, you essentially start a new browsing session with no cached data or cookies stored from previous visits. This can help identify whether the issue is related to your browser settings or if it’s specific to your user profile.

Additionally, using incognito mode can also temporarily disable certain extensions that might be causing conflicts with websites. Since extensions are disabled by default in this mode, it allows you to determine if one of them is responsible for the hang error and fix it accordingly.

so try to load website in incognito mode in chrome and check if your problem is fixed or not.

3. Update Google Chrome to the latest version

If you are not using Google Chrome for a longer time then there are chance that this RESULT_CODE_HUNG Error is due to an outdated software version. Updates are frequently released by google for chrome to add stability and improvements. Sometimes, these update releases are security patches and in case of the release of crucial updates, chrome drops the support to an older version which forces the users to update the Chrome to prevent the users using old version from getting hacked.

error code is Result_code_hung

In that case, you might face errors like RESULT_CODE_HUNG Error while accessing websites. To check if this error is due to using old version of chrome, update chrome to the latest version and check by loading the website if your problem is fixed or not.

4. Clear data and cache of chrome

Clearing the data and cache of Chrome is a crucial step when troubleshooting the RESULT CODE HUNG error in Windows. Often, an accumulation of cached files and corrupted data can impact the performance of the browser and also causes browser website conflict.


Clearing the browsing data ensures that any potentially problematic cookies or website data is removed from your system. This eliminates any conflicts that may have arisen from outdated or corrupt files. Do clear out the cache and check if the Google Chrome problem error code hung error is fixed or not. If not, then continue following the article.

5. Disable VPN and proxy

Code hung error in chrome is network related issue and to fix it, one potential solution is to disable any VPN or proxy connections. VPNs and proxies can provide online security and help bypass network restrictions, but sometimes interfere with the website and server connection or data transfer, resulting in errors like RESULT CODE HUNG.

By disabling these connections temporarily, you can determine if they are causing the issue. Disabling the VPN or proxy allows you to connect directly to the internet without any intermediaries. This uncomplicated path may resolve the RESULT CODE HUNG error. To fix this, by disabling these VPN connections temporarily, you can determine if they are causing the issue. If yes, you can contact the VPN software contact team and describe the problem.

6. Turn Off Chrome’s Browser Extensions

Chrome extensions or Firefox addons are useful and enhance the browsing experience as they provide additional functionality. Sometimes these extensions and addons are not compatible with the browser software updates and the website can cause connectivity issues with the browser. Conflict between extensions and addons are also observed in some cases.

error code result_code_hung edge

In this situation, there is the possibility that you encounter RESULT_CODE_HUNG Error in Chrome. To fix this, try disabling all the installed Chrome extensions and try to reload the website and check if the website is loading perfectly or not. If yes, then you need to try enabling installed extensions one by one and find the one creating conflict.

7. Use Google DNS

Another effective solution for fixing the RESULT CODE HUNG error in Windows, particularly on Google Chrome, is to use Google DNS. DNS stands for Domain Name System and is responsible for translating domain names into IP addresses that computers can understand. By default, your computer uses the DNS servers provided by your internet service provider (ISP). However, these servers can sometimes be slow or unreliable.

Switching to Google DNS, you are replacing your ISP’s DNS servers with Google’s highly efficient and reliable ones. This can lead to significant improvements in connectivity. Here are the steps to use Google DNS in Chrome

Step 1 : Open Google chrome and click the three vertical dots to open Menu.

Step 2 : Click on “Settings.” and from the left side panel, click on “Privacy and Security,”

Step 3 : After that, click on the security option to open an additional menu, under Privacy and security.

Step 4 : Now under the Advanced option, click on Use secure DNS. By default, With your current service provider option will be activated, click on with option and select Google (Public DNS) from the list.

How do I fix Result_code_hung in Chrome

Step 5 : Save changes, then close and restart Google Chrome.

Now try to load the website and check if your problem is fixed or not. If the error is due to DNS problem, you will be able to surf the internet without any issues.

8. Reset Chrome settings

If none of the above solutions works in Google chrome to fix error hung code and you are able to load the website properly in another browser, the last solution to fix this is to reset the browser’s settings. This can be an essential step in resolving various issues, as it allows you to undo any changes or configurations that might have caused problems. Resetting Chrome resets everything back to its default state, effectively removing any problematic settings or extensions.

By resetting Chrome, you create a fresh start for your browser, allowing it to run smoothly without any errors or glitches. Furthermore, it eliminates unnecessary extensions or modifications that may have been causing conflicts with other software on your computer.

Try to load the website after resetting Chrome setting and check if your problem is fixed or not. There are very less changes that you are still getting error after following all the solutons.


1. How to fix Result_code_hung in Chrome?

Chrome hung code error is related to a network issue, so try reloading the page. In case if it doesn’t work, try switching wifi network or use any other internet browser.

2. How do I fix errors on Google Chrome?

To fix Google chrome errors, you need to identify the problem and then try clearing the cache, switch wifi network, disable installed chrome extensions and at last, reset chrome settings.

Wrapping Up

This tutorial on How to Fix Chrome RESULT_CODE_HUNG Error in Windows has fixed your problem. If you are facing difficulties in following the solution or stuck at any step, do use the comment section and ask us. If any other solution that you know had fixed your result code hung error then share with us as well. Till then, stay connected with us on Facebook Solution Exist and Instagram page – Solution Exist.

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