Fix We Restrict Certain Activity Instagram Error

Are you tired of encountering the We Restrict Certain Activity to Protect Our Community on Instagram error message? In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to fix it in simple steps.

Users are using Instagram to post and upload reels not only for personal accounts but some business owners who are also getting benefits by using this platform. This error is more painful when we get this error in our business account and the platform is not allowing us to post. This can hurt a business’s sales as well.

We Restrict Certain Activity to Protect Our Community

We had posted various tutorials to fix the Instagram issues and Previously, we had talked about various Instagram error solutions such as fix Instagram links not working in app.

Before we get into the solution to fix this issue on Instagram, lets have a quick introduction to why we get this error and the reason behind this error.

What Does “We Restrict Certain Activity” Instagram Error Mean

The error on Instagram typically appears when the platform detects unusual activity, such as liking a number of photos, and reels, following or unfollowing a large number of accounts in a short period, or leaving an excessive amount of comments.

While it aims to prevent spam and abuse, it can also hinder genuine user engagement. Particularly if your account is recently created and you are doing such activity, you are more likely to get this restricted activity error.

Here are some points that can cause this error

  • Frequent changes in bio link, username or about section.
  • Use of automated software and tools.
  • Use of ban words or curse words in the post or comments.
  • Not entering correct details in the About section.
  • Use of excessive hashtags.

Methods to fix “We Restrict Certain Activity to Protect Our Community” Error Occurs.

There are multiple solutions that you need to try to fix this issue and we have listed all of them. So start following the tutorial and start following the solution one by one. Let’s start with the solution.

1. Complete Your Instagram Account Information

If the details filled in the Instagram account is incomplete or incorrect, there are chance that Instagram mark your account as fake and to protect other users on the platform. Completing your Instagram account information is not only vital for enhancing your profile’s credibility but also for expanding your social reach.

By providing comprehensive details such as a bio, website link, contact information, and profile picture, you can significantly boost your chances of connecting with followers.

Here are the steps that you need to follow

Step 1 : Open the Instagram app click on the profile button and then click on the hamburger icon.

What Happens If I Violate Instagram Guidelines

Step 2 : Now tap on setting and Privacy and then on Account Center.

How can I Unrestrict my Instagram account

Step 3 : Now under account setting, tap on personal details and fill in all the details that are pending.

Why Is Instagram Restricting My Activity
We Restrict Certain Activity Instagram Error

Step 4 : Also, use the identity confirmation option to make your account trusted.

After that, wait for some days. If your account got this error due to incomplete information, your problem will be fixed. If not, then proceed with the other solution.

2. Review your activity and stop any Suspicious or Automated Activity

As we had discussed in the Why do we face this issue section, if you send lots of follow requests to the account, like a large number of Instagram posts, reels, and videos or you are commenting on lots of posts these are considered as automated activity. You need to start reviewing your activity on the platform and stop what comes under this.

There are apps and tools available that can automate your Instagram post activity. If the tools in poorly coded, there are chance that they violate the terms and can cause this error.

Apart from that, there is an app that claims to get free Instagram followers, likes, and comments on the post which is against the guidelines. So if you are using these tools then stop

3. Wait for some time

When faced with the we restrict certain activity Instagram error, patience is key. Waiting for some time before attempting any fixes allows the platform’s algorithms to stabilize and can often resolve the issue on its own.

Before getting frusted and start acting, you need to take a break from the platform. Sometimes this is due to technical glitches which can only be solved by the Instagram team and you can’t do much in this situation.

So wait for some day and don’t log in to your account and check after that.

4. Disable VPN

Instagram doesn’t encourage users to use VPNs as it can some VPNs software are fake and can compromise account privacy. Lots of Instagram Users rely on VPNs to maintain their privacy and access geo-restricted content, but these same VPNs could trigger security measures on Instagram, leading to different errors.

By disabling your VPN, you are essentially allowing Instagram to detect your true location and IP address to the platform. So try this solution and wait. This can surely fix your issues.

5. Remove Access to Third-Party Apps

Another possible cause of this issue can be the use of third-party apps that may be violating Instagram’s terms of service. These third-party apps could be conducting unauthorized actions that violate Instagram policies, causing the platform to restrict your account. To fix this problem, one effective step is to remove any third-party apps connected to your Instagram account.

Removing these third-party apps can not only help resolve the we restriction of certain activity errors but also enhance the security and integrity of your Instagram account.

By doing so, you can ensure that no unauthorized or suspicious activities are occurring on your behalf without your knowledge.

6. Reinstall the Instagram app

If you are still facing problems after following all the above steps then you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the app in your account. This process will delete cache files of the app and allow the app to recreate files in your phone.

So uninstall the app, you can even try to login into your computer and check if the same error exists or not. After uninstallation, install a fresh and updated version from a trusted source such as Google Play Store.

7. Contact the Instagram support team.

If none of the above options worked for you, then you should try to contact the Instagram support team and explain your issues. Here are the steps that you need to follow to report this problem to the support team.

FAQs on “We Restrict Certain Activity to Protect Our Community” Error

1. Why Is Instagram Restricting My Activity?

There can be multiple reasons and the most common is commenting in large amounts, following a large number of accounts in a single day, and using banned hashtags and words.

2. What Happens If I Violate Instagram Guidelines?

Instagram is now getting strict with the content and guidelines to make the platform safe for the community. In case of violation, your posting activity can be put on halt and in some serious violation, your account can be deleted as well.

Wrapping Up

This was the tutorial on how to fix We Restrict Certain Activity to Protect Our Community error on Instagram. As per our observation, the prominent cause of this error is using automated tools and unusual activity of the Instagram account such as liking a huge number of posts and comment spam. If you have any other solution that works for you then feel free to use the comment section and share it with us and our readers.

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