Root any Android Phone Without Computer – Detailed Solution

if you are in search of detailed tutorial on how to root android phone without computer then your search is over. We are here with rooting apps for android without pc.

Root Android Without PC
Root any Android Phone Without Computer - Detailed Solution 1

If you are using Android mobile then you might be aware of rooting android phone and tablets. Solution Exist in today’s tutorial comes with  Root Android phone without Computer. If you don’t know then also don’t worry we in this tutorial will explore every segment of ROOTING and will tell you safest way to root android.

Rooting Android smart phone is a just simple process You have to understand this Rooting process. If you want to root android phone and you don’t have access to a computer or you are not comfortable to with a tutorial to root android phone using PC then this tutorial will help you to root android phone without a computer which is apps to root Android phone.

If You are new to Android device then it is not Recommended to Root your android phone. Here is the best and simple process to root android phone without computer and Get access or unlock all various thing to do in Your smart phone by Rooting process.You can do several thing after Rotting which is mentioned below in Full Guide.

Before proceeds root process You need to read the advantages and disadvantages of rooting Device. There are many Advantages and many Disadvantages to Root android mobile and those are listed below. So Read these Advantages and disadvantages First and after proceed to Root method If You accept all things.

What is android phone rooting

Android mobile has lots of features that are helpful but are locked. These features allow users to use the android phone at it maximum potential. The reason these features are locker is, if the features do not perform perfectly, it can damage the phone permanently. Hence one has to enable root privilege or in other words, admin access by rooting an android phone. One can consider android phone rooting as jailbreaking the Apple iOS system

Like everything Rooting android tablet or rooting Android mobile also both advantages and disadvantages. So before you jump to the step to root android device safely read the advantages and disadvantages of rooted android phone.

is that you can customize and make you phone work as you want and your phone will able to bypass any hardware restriction. Rooting your phone will make many apps start working.

is Roots Voids Your Android device Warranty.

Advantages of Rooting android phone:

  • You can update you phone by using custom roms which can give you various feature that Stock ROM (original manufacturing company) ROM is failing to provide.
  • You can increase RAM and internal memory.
  • You can be able to use various applications and can make your phone stable and smooth.
  • You can overclock your mobile and hence increase the speed of your mobile.
  • The biggest advantage of rooting is you can install Custom ROMs and can use Cyanogen or AOSP ROM etc. which can increase Your Android version and will definitely increase Your device performance or more.Get more and Good features by Changing ROM.
  • Improve battery life by using Greenify and hence you can use various Tweeks.
  • You can uninstall various Pre-installed apps from your mobile which are the unwanted apps installed by the manufacturing company and hence can free up internal memory.
  • You can also take Back-Up of your Rom using Rom Manager.

Disadvantages of rooting android phone:

  • The first disadvantage of rooting is its Voids Your Android device Warranty. In other words, any harm caused to your mobile Mobile care will not solve that problem.
  • Any casualty in Rooting or Installing Custom ROM can brick you phone.
  • Banking apps will not work in rooted phone like BHIM, Google Pay, Axis Bank apps etc
  • The biggest disadvantage is as you root your phone your phone will automatically discontinue for OTA and FOTA updates given by the original manufacturing company.

Exclusive Solution Exist post use Dual Whatsapp in android phone without rooting android device to have multiple WhatsApp on android phone.

Is it bad to root your phone? Well.. that depends on you. If you are Ok with the disadvantages of rooted android phones and involved points than

Prerequisites Before Root Your Android Device

Before you root your mobile here are some prerequisites that you are requested to follow for the successful rooting process.

  1. First of All take backup of your Apps.
  2. Take backup of you SD card to a safe place.
  3. Charge your phone. Battery should be more than 70%
  4. If you had successfully read all the above steps then You can start now Root Your Android phone with Full mentioned Root without PC Guide.

Methods to root android phone

  1. Using PC
  2. Without Using PC

Well in this tutorial we are providing you the method to root your phone without PC. In some other post we will explore the method to root your phone using PC.

For rooting your phone without PC you have to install some special apps that will allow you to root your phone. Rooting without PC is as easy as sending file using Bluetooth. All you need to do is follow the instructions completely.

Apps to Root Android Phone Without Computer or PC

  1. FramaRoot.
  2. Vroot.
  3. Z4Root.
  4. CF auto Root.
  5. Tower Root.
  6. Kingo Root.

Apps To Root Android phone without Computer

#1 FramaRoot

FramaRoot is best app to Root Your Android phone by easy method. We have to Install the FramaRoot app and You will Get the 3 button in the app to Root. You have to simply click on any Root button that You want to Root Your device.

After clicking Your mobile will Get Rooted in some minutes. If don’t get Rooting then choose the different methods given below to Root. This is my favorite app to root Android phones without computer.

I Rooted my own 2 Smartphones with this FramaRoot app. This is mostly used for Samsung mobile.

#2 Vroot

Vroot is a Good app to Root Your Android device in simple steps.If You root with this app and Then During the Rooting process. You will get Your Mobile switched off and when It will auto ON You will Get Your Rooted mobile phone with superuser. This is a Good app so it’s listed in number two.Its Good to Root for Chinese mobile phones like Karbonn Brand mobiles.Also You can Root using Vroot app on PC if You did not Get Root Your device or check more methods give below to Root.

#3 Z4Root

Z4root is also a Good app to root some mobile phone in simple method. Best thing of This app is You can root almost All Android phones simply because it has support all UI of smartphones To root. If You are using a Chinese spectrum model mobile phone then it will Be a good app for You to Root Your mobile. This app has two Rooting methods.

One of them is temporary Root which can Root Your phone temporarily until You don’t Restart Your phone, After restarting Root will be Gone. The second method is Permanently Root. In permanent root, You will Get Root Your phone permanently until You didn’t install the stock ROM.

#4 CF Auto Root

This app is also Good app to root.It can Root all Samsung devices so its made for Samsung phones specially to root.You have to need root Your mobile phone with this app then You should PC or Laptop. You can find this app download link from Below. It’s a Good app for Samsung brand mobile.So if You have Samsung then Root with this app.

#5 Towel Root

Towel Root is another Rooting app to Root almost all phones. This app is specially made for 4.4.2 Kitkat users. This app will also work on Samsung android mobile phones. It’s a free app You have don’t even pay. You can root Your android without PC or laptop using this app. Download link is given below after mention so Download and Root with the Towel Root app in simple steps.

#6 Kingo Root (Recommended)

This app is also a Good app to root Android phones without pc or laptop. Some users Don’t have pc or laptop can use the Kingo Root app to Get full Root access in Their mobile. You have to Download this app and just click to root button. After completing the Root process You can check Root via any root checker app that Root is fully access properly or not.So Download and use this Kingo root app to Root easily Your phone.To root using this You need to working internet connection or WiFi because this app download some updates and scripts during process.This app is very small around 1.1 MB.So Must You have to try it.

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Note:- Any casualty in the rooting process can brick you phone and we are not responsible for any damage.

FAQ (Root Android Phone Without Computer)

1. How to root phone without computer?

There are some best rooting apps that allow you to root android without PC. You need to install the app and follow simple instructions.

2. How to root android tablet?

rooting android tablet is pretty similar to android phones. You need to install root app in the tablet and follow the instructions.

3. What are the best app to root android 13?

The best app to root Android phones are listed below.
1. CF Auto Root
2. KingoRoot
3. iROOT app
4. Root Master
5. Z4Root App
These apps can help you to root Android phone without PC.

Wrapping Up

These were the app that can be used to root android phone without computer. I personally use the Kingo App to root Android device and I also recommended to you all. If you are confused about which app you should use then comment on your mobile model and install the android version and we will tell you the App name.  Join our Facebook Group Android And Windows Errors Solution and Follow or Facebook Page Solution Exist to be updated with Solution Exist awesome articles.

We are Solutionexist, If you had any problem while rooting your phone and if your phone is brick then also don’t worry we will surely provide you the solution to unbrick your phone.

SolutionExist wishes you happy rooting…!!!

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