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Do you know the concept of virtual RAM? If not then this post on how to use virtual memory is very helpful to increase computer performance. In this tutorial, we are going to learn techniques on how to use Pendrive as RAM.

RAM plays an important role when it comes to computer performance. If your computer is having low RAM then it’s obvious that it is slow. If you are struggling with the problem of computers running slow then we are providing you the solution to fix slow running windows 10, 8, & 7. Solution Exist is introducing you to the concept of Virtual memory. This means that you can increase RAM by using pendrive as virtual Ram.

So to increase RAM you don’t need to purchase costly RAM from the market. You can use your Pendrive to increase RAM and can boost your computer speed. You can also read our tutorial on Boost/Increase USB transfer Rate/Speed. Yes, you heard it right, You can use USB/ Pendrive as Ram in Windows 7, 8, 10. and for that also you don’t need any additional software.

use PenDrive As Ram

This process of increasing ram in laptop using USB or increasing ram in the computer using USB will increase Paging memory and some other functioning and hence your overall performance become good and some applications also easily start running without any not responding issue. So without wasting more time jump to the steps to optimize windows performance using virtual memory.

Virtual RAM – Use Pendrive As Ram In Windows 10, 8, & 7.

  1.  First Go To Control Panel from my computer or startup
  2. Then click on System And Security and then System.
  3.  Now click on “Advance System Settings” at left side
  4.  Click on Settings and then go to Advanced Tab and then Settings > Advanced
  5. Now, you can see Virtual Memory, just click on Change
  6. Here you have to uncheck “Automatically manage paging file size”
  7. Now, click on your pen drive, and set the custom size.
  8.  Ex. In 4 GB pen drive, 700 is the initial size and 3000 is the maximum size

Note:- Use 10 Mb less from the total available space of your Pendrive. For example in 4Gb pendive, the current space available is 3700 Mb then it is recommended to use 3690 minimum approx or even less as you can to make your device safe and for better performance.

Recommended Points

  • You must use safely eject your Pendrive. Direct removal may leads to device damage.
  • In Virtual Memory method, If you want to convert back your Pendrive into Normal. Then again open Virtual Settings and remove custom memory value and choose Default settings by checking “Automatically Manage Paging Size”.

Use pendrive a RAM in your PC – RAM Booster trick

In the above method, we had used the concept of virtual memory. Now in the latest windows built, another option i.e. ReadyBoost is available which works seamlessly in Windows 10 and allows you to increase computer performance. Here are the steps on how to use ReadyBoost on Windows 10 to use Pendrive as RAM memory.

  1. Insert the Usb drive that you want to use as ram and format it. Note – Make sure the you take backup of your data.
  2. Now open This PC and locate your removable device you just inserted and right click on it & select Properties.
  3. New window will open up. in that click on ReadyBoost tab & set the maximum space as your RAM & click on “Use This Device”.
  4. Click on Apply & then OK. Now you are ready to use pendrive as RAM.

This was the tutorial on how to use ReadyBoost windows feature to use USB as a ram to increase system performance.

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In case you still need to purchase RAM then it is necessary to know RAM type in pc as different types of rams are available over the internet and you need to choose the right one. prior to purchase RAM, you can read the tutorial on Know RAM type in PC.

FAQ (Increase ram on laptop for free)

Does increasing RAM increase performance?

Yes, RAM is basic term is like a memory which helps the computer to perform more task with ease and hence it can handle multiple task at once. This is why increasing ram can increase computer performance.

Can I increase RAM of my PC?

RAM is attached to the motherboard of the computer. RAM slots on the motherboard can be two or four based on the company and motherboard type. If you have a slot free, then you can increase RAM by inserting a RAM stick to the motherboard.

How to increase RAM in PC without buying

This question arises because you are facing slow computer performance. If this is the scenario then here are some of the steps you can follow to improve your computer performance. Here you are optimizing your computer performance so that you can use the full potential of the computer by decluttering unnecessary tasks performed by your computer.
– Clean caches and temporary files from the computer.
– Remove useless software from the computer
– Disable unnecessary startup programs.

Increasing Virtual Memory in Windows 10

The procedure to increase virtual memory in Windows 10 is similar to the procedure we follow to use ram as Pendrive.

What is a good virtual memory size for Windows 10?

According to Microsoft, virtual memory should not be less than 1.5 times and should not be more than 3 times.

Is using USB as RAM harmful to a computer or not ?

There is no harm associated with the method of using USB as a RAM. Your pen drive is totally safe and you can use it as a traditional Pendrive after formating it.

Can I use ReadyBoost for gaming?

NO, Readyboost didn’t found to contribute to performance while gaming, and you won’t see an increase in fps while gaming.

Wrapping Up

This was the guide on use Pendrive as RAM and boost your computer performance so basically with this method you can increase ram on laptops for free. By this, you can easily increase RAM in windows 10, 8, and 7. I am personally using this to increase ram in windows 10 and also recommend you if your computer running slow windows. Read and follow the Recommended Point carefully to avoid any damage to your Pendrive.  If you face any problem in the process you can comment below we will help you.

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