Write YouTube Comments in Bold, Italics, or with a Strikethrough

YouTube Comment Formatting – We all do comment where it comes to Facebook posts or YouTube videos and we want our comments on Facebook or youtube to stand out among other comments. To make your comment stand out of the crowd’s first requirement is to comment on some meaningful combination of words that are relevant and other is make it eye-catching. Using the formatting of words can easily make your comment noticeable.

Back in 2019, WhatsApp had launched similar tricks to format your messages on WhatsApp i.e bold text in Whatsapp and many more. You can read how to send bold text message in WhatsApp in android and iphone.

youtube comment formatting

Yes, you heard it right, we can format YouTube comments and by that I mean is bold text on YouTube, Italic text on YouTube, and strike though. You can use bold, italics and strikethrough formats in YouTube comments and make comment interesting. If you are facing an error while posting comments on YouTube then you can read Youtube comment failed to post solution which will help you to fix the YouTube comment error.

Youtube doesn’t provide direct formatting options to write bold comments on YouTube but we can use tricks to comment in different formats. In this post, solution exist will help you to format YouTube comments in two different manners.

How to bold text on YouTube

To bold a word, put *asterisks* around it. eg. *Solution Exist*

bold text on youtube

How to Italic text on YouTube – how to make italics on YouTube

For italics, use _underscores_. e.g.  _Solution Exist_

make italics on youtube

How to strike-through text on youtube

For strikethroughs, put the Hyphen “-” (or dashes) around the text. e.g. -Solution Exist-

strike-through text on youtube

These were the codes that one can use to format youtube comments and these will answer your question on how to make italics on youtube. But you know these are kind of basic comments, let’s dive into some advanced youtube comments

How to Bold, Italics & Strikethrough together in a single comment

Now we had learned how to use symbols to format youtube comments. Now if you want to use multiple formats to comment on youtube then also you can do it. Now we will learn how to use multiple formats in youtube comments.

1. Use Bold + Italic fonts in YouTube comment

*_Solution Exist_*

Bold + Italic fonts

2. Use Italics + Strikethrough in youtube comment

-_Solution Exist_-

Italics + Strikethrough in youtube comment

How do you change the font on YouTube comments?

Follow the above steps, you had learn how to post bold, italic, and strike-through comments on YouTube. These were the basic comment formatting, now we are going to learn advanced YouTube commenting formats where we will also change the font type in a YouTube comment. So without wasting more time, dive into the steps to learn how to change the font type in YouTube comments.

Step 1 – Firstly open YouTube in the internet browser or YouTube app in android or iPhone.

Step 2 – Sign in with your Google account in YouTube as you can’t comment useless you are login

Step 3 – Now open Bold text Generator website.

Step 4 – After opening bold text generator website, you will see Text editor. Type the word that you want to comment on a YouTube comment.

Step 5 – This is a real-time text generator as you write text, your text will be converted to various formats.

Step 6 – Copy your favorite font converted to the right side and paste the text in YouTube comment section. See the below screenshot.

youtube comment tricks

This is the advanced way to change youtube comment formats. This trick for YouTube comments can be used in both mobile and computer. Do comment on Solution Exist youtube channel and appreciate out efforts.

How to do YouTube comment formatting?

Youtube comment formating is a process of commenting on youtube videos but with the use of special symbols which can help you to format youtube comments such as making youtube comments bold or write bold comments on youtube. Similarly, you can write YouTube comments in italics and strike-through.

FAQ (YouTube comment in bold, itlaic and strickthrough 2022)

1. How do you change the font on YouTube comments?

Youtube allows you to comment in different i.e. bold, italic and strikethrough. To you different font in the youtube comment, you need to use characters before and after comments like asterisks, Underscold, and hyphen.

2. How do you write in bold in youtube comments?

To write a youtube comment in bold, you need to add an asterisk before and after the comment. Eg. *solutionexist*.

3. How do you cross out words in YouTube comments?

Youtube allows users to format comments and to cross out words in the comment means to post comments in strikethrough format or to strikethrough words on YouTube. You can use hyphens before and after the comment. e.g. -Solution Exist-

4. How do you italicize YouTube comments?

To post a YouTube comment in italics, you need to add an underscore before and after the comment that you want to post. E.g. _Solution Exist_

5. How do I fix the comment glitch on YouTube?

If your comments are not getting posted then this might be a glitch of youtube. To check, you can verify the same by using another device using same account or by another account.

Wrapping Up

These were the youtube tricks that you can use for youtube comments formating. Make sure you comment on Solution Exist youtube channel to test text formating. If you face any problem then feels free to use In the meantime, you can join our Facebook group GbWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus & Dual Whatsapp where we post updated with WhatsApp tips and tricks and do like our Facebook Page – Solution Exist to stay connected with us.

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