Best Online File Converter Tools 2024 to Make Your File Conversion Task Easy

Best Online File Converter Tools

Best Online File Converter Tools – As a working professional we often stuck with the file of which we want to convert extension and file type. In such a situation, downloading file converter software is not the best option as it requires file converter software download. So the solution to this is an online file converter.

I was into my university project and for that purpose, i was in search of convert pdf file into word online free and during those searched we encounter with different websites.

Let’s make your file conversion task easy to perform with some outstanding and free online file converter tools 2020. Different types of online converter tools are available which are categorized in the free version or the premium plan access too. But we are right here to give you an idea about the best online free file converter 2020 tools for easy processing. So scroll down and grab the list:

Best Online File Converter Tools 2021

Best Nuance Power PDF Converter

Making our way to the top of the list we have the name of Nuance PDF! This platform has been working as one of the most top reliable and commendable platforms of the file converter access which can enable you to make your whole file conversion process easy and smooth to perform.  You can get your file to be converted in different formats of files in which we have Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and much more according to your requirements. For the beginners, this tool is probably the most recommended and friendly to use in just one go.

Nuance PDF is even known to deliver you with the services in which it works as the PDF viewer for you as well. It can give you access to which you can manage your entire PDF file in one manageable place. Besides, you can also add the digital signatures or can also bate the numbering as well as redaction your document.  Hence as you will start using this tool, you will even view the feature in which you can modify as well as edit your files.  It is compatible with Windows 7, plus 8 and 10. You can use the advanced features of this tool by purchasing the pro premium plan version available at the price of $99.90 only.

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Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is working as a reliable and best PDF solution. In this amazing online converter tool, you can smoothly let all your files of the Word Office to get converted into the version of the PDF without any hassle and stress.  You will be given a complete list of file formats out of which you can pick the one which you are looking forward to getting your file converted into. A few of the common formats are plain text, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and so on.

Plus with the help of this tool, it gives you the chance in which you do have the freedom to let your any Office word filesget converted into the file format of the PDF.

Nitro Pro is accessible in the access of OCR with which you get the freedom for scanning the PDF or let it get converted in the editable version of any plain text, Word, PowerPoint, or Excel.  It even has access to cloud support in which you can also merge the documents by combining it into a single PDF file.

OnlineConvertFree (Recommended)

Online Convert Free tool has rather made itself to be one of the best tools of the online free converter platform.  With the help of this tool, you probably get the chance in which you can get your files or folders be converted in different formats of MS files in just a couple of minutes. It has a friendly interface which is easy for the beginners to perform.  This is the just tool which is recommended to be used for your educational and for the office work too.

As the file conversion process has been mentioned, you just need to get your file to be uploaded on the main dialog box which is on the front page of the tool. This tool has been best known for even the conversion of your images, books, audios, and much more. There is no need to create an account or pay any penny. It is 100% free.

File formats to convert files online -Popular file conversions:

Images – Convert PDF to JPG Convert PNG to JPG etc

Books – djvu, fb2, epub, mobi, azw3 etc

Documents  Convert XLSX to XLS DOCX to PDF etc

 Archive Convert RAR to ZIP etc

Video mp4 , 3gp , avchd , avi , flv , m2ts  etc

Audio Convert WAV to MP3 etc

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Wrapping Up

This was our list of Best Online File Converter Tools / best online file converter and converter file free online without the hassle of downloading premium software. We had tested many websites and found that online-convert free is the easiest file converter website which has more than 500+ file formats to convert files and it is free online file converter website which is 100% free. In case you are confused by the list then use our recommended file converter. In the meantime, you can read How to recover deleted files from Computer hard disk. if you had any problem while converting any file viz mp3 converter or etc then feel free to use the comment section.

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