Delete PUBG Account Permanently 2024

Are you a PubG player and now you are in search of how to Delete PubG Account Permanently? This tutorial is for you where you will learn detailed tutorials on how to Delete PubG mobile account permanently.

PubG mobile although a very famous game in both Android as well as PC games. In the gaming community, PUBg mobile had brought a revolution where you can see lots of gamers streaming PUBg mobile on YouTube and growing their youtube channel to the next level. Various YouTubers were using android emulators to play PUBg mobile in pc and then stream on youtube.  Pubg mobile is popular all over the world and had broken all the records of popularity in video games. I think this is enough to know how successful this game is in the gaming industry.

Apart from being popular, various controversies are also getting attached to the game. controversies is not only with this games, even one is going on with Fortnite Battle Royale game which is removed from Google play store and apple store. There are several countries that had ban PubG mobile games where some of them had continues to ban while some has unbanned PubG mobile game. We will not discuss the reason for ban PubG mobile games, but In case you have any reason to delete pubg mobile account or If you are in search of how to delete a PubG account then this tutorial is for you. If you are interested in playing hearts card game – solitaire masters you can check that out.

This article will help you to Delete PUBG Mobile Account Permanently 2020. Prior to get into the steps, let us discuss the most interesting question which is PUBG a Chinese game?

Delete PUBG Mobile Account Permanently

Is PUBG a Chinese game?

Those who don’t know. PubG game comes for both, PC games and for mobile devices and the developers for both are different. PubG game which is for PC is developed by a Korean game-maker, and the PubG mobiles which is obviously a mobile version of the game available for Android and iOS are developed by Tencent which is a Chinese company.

Reasons to delete PubG mobile | Side Effects of PUBG Game

I am not a gamer guy unlike others where I spend most of my time playing games on mobile or PC, Sometimes I play Mini Militia and that too for fun and I hardly speed 30 min per month playing. Games are good for entertainment but it can affect our body badly if we get addicted to it. Yes, PubG is an addictive game, and all game developers design games in such a way that it makes people addicted to it. Addiction to anything is bad and so do PubG. Here are some reasons to delete Pubg mobile account. We had created a list of Games like Mini Militia do if you like mini militia then do check out.

1. Health Issues – Why is PUBG so bad?

Sticking on the phone screen not only give strain to your eyes but also create other health issues. Being glued to your gaming chair and playing games on mobile and computer can cost your health. One should know how much time one should speed on gamming. Especially children who spend most of the time on PC screen can cost your vision. Mobile and PC screens are not good for the eyes if you speed lots of time playing games. On should not be addicted to games to that extent that you will cost your health.

2. Reason for low productivity

Games are addictive and they are designed in that way. Individuals should know the time they are wasting on gaming. Addiction to more than a certain level is harmful. One should give know his/her priority. If you are procrastinating things and your productivity is hampering, then this is an alarming stage and one should

3. Time wastage.

We all know time is money and wastage of time means loss of money. On should have a track on time speed on playing games. After monitoring if you think you are spending way too much time on Pubg, you should either reduce or stop playing games and start using that time on some other things. We totally recommend students not to waste time on games instead use that time on study and gaining skills which can be helpful for a better future.

4. Accident due to Pubg mobile

In news, you can read various stories about incidents and accidents due to the game. I personally had read various stories on deaths due to pubg in India. People use to get so much addicted to the game that they forgot their surrounding atmosphere. In some incidents, people had committed suicide as their parents scold them for playing games. Ending life for the game is really not worth it. Take this game as a game and not get too serious.

These were some of the reasons why you should uninstall Pubg mobile from the device. If you are facing any of the problems from above then consider this article seriously and start following the steps.

Note- Prior to getting into the tutorial, deleting the account will permanently remove your game data, and if the future if you plan to reinstall the game and play PubG then all the progress will be lost. You have to start from scratch and there is no way to recover the process. Now you understand what will be the result of this, then began with the steps.

Steps to Delete PUBG mobile account permanently

Step 1 – Open PUBG Mobile App on your mobile device.

Step 2 – Sign in to your PUBG account. Skip this step if you are already logged in.

Step 3 – Go to “Settings”.

Step 4 – Now Click “Delete Account”.

Delete PUBG Mobile Account

Note – You should not seven days to delete the account permanently. You will also lose all the progress of the game by deleting the account.

Delete PubG account linked with Facebook account – Pubg login with Facebook

Login with Facebook is something I consider a successful method for the games. One can play this game with their Facebook friends and this makes the game more addictive. If you had sign up for PUBG Mobile with Facebook then you can use this method to delink from Facebook.

Step 1 – Firstly Log in to your Facebook Account on the computer.

Step 2 – Now click on the down arrow placed at the end of the Home button line.

Step 3 – Dropdown menu will be open, click on Settings & Privacy and then click on Settings.

delete PUBG Account

Step 4 – From the left side list of menu, Click on App & Websites.

Step 5 – Under Apps and Website section, you will see a search bar and below that list of all apps and website who has access to your Facebook.

PUBG Mobile Account delete

Step 6 – Now search PubG and scroll down and click on the Remove button and you are done..!!

In this way you can learn how to delete pubg account on Facebook in an easy way. If you had signup logged in via Google Play Games then continue reading the article.

Delete account logged in via Google Play Games

  • Open the phone Settings app and scroll down and tap on Google
  • Now search for Account Services and tap on that and then tap on Connected Apps
  • Scroll down and tap on PUBG Mobile or PUBG Mobile Lite whichever you had installed.
  • Tap on Disconnect and you had deleted data from Google play games.

In this way, you had successfully deleted the account which is login pubg mobile with google play

FAQ (Delete PUBG Account Permanently)

Que 1 – How do I permanently delete my PUBG account?

Ans – Steps to delete PUBG account are very easy and are listed below.
1. Open PUBG mobile on your smartphone
2. Signin in to your account. (If already sign in, then skip this step)
3. Tap one Go to “Settings”
4. And finally tap on “Delete Account
Note – Don’t log in to your PUBG account for seven days.

Que 2 – Should I delete PUBG mobile?

Ans – This is my personal recommendation, if you are spending way too much time playing PUBG mobile and your studies are getting affected then you should definitely delete PUBG mobile game.

Que 3 – What happens if I clear data of PUBG?

Ans – When you open app info from app setting, you will see two options, 1. Clear data and 2. Clear cache. If you delete data of PUBG, then all the saved data such as your login credential, downloaded maps, the additional settings will be reset.

Que 4 – Is PUBG banned in India?

Ans – Currently, PUBG is banned in India since September 2, 2020.

Wrapping Up

This was a detailed tutorial on how to delete pubG mobile account permanently. If you have any problem following the steps then feel free to use the comment section. We will help you to delete Pubg account. Do share your reason to delete PUBG Mobile Account in the comment section and also mention the name of game you are switching to. If you like tech tutorials and how-to guides then do follow us on the Facebook page – Solution Exist. Do join our Facebook Group Android and Windows error solution if you have doubts related to windows.

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