Make Facebook App To Open Links In Browser

Do you access external links in Facebook app? This tutorial will help you to fix Facebook App to Open Links in browser.

Facebook app is the easiest option to use Facebook account in mobile phone. Constantly Facebook is updating it Facebook app and keep on including features in the app. Although the app is adding. Solution Exist previously posted How To Delete Search History On Facebook Android App this helpful tutorial to delete Facebook search history. Solution Exist had posted Facebook tricks and WhatsApp trick and today its time to provide you Facebook Tutorial on How to open external link in the browser instead of built in Facebook app.

Facebook App to Open Link in browser,force facebook to open external link in browser
Facebook App to Open Link in browser,

You faced the issue while scrolling Facebook Feed you like the post and to read full article you click on the link. The link may be of some websites or a blog and the problem start from here, as you click on the link, the link opens in Facebook in-app browser only. This is the most irritating part of my using the Facebook app for Android. The Facebook app is not optimized to browse websites and blogs hence Facebook app takes a longer time to open the web page.

One more problem with the Facebook app’s inbuilt browser is it is lacking in providing feature of the bookmark. Suppose you open the link in Facebook and you want to bookmark it to read afterward you can do it in Facebook app built-in browser as the Facebook app fails to provide this feature.

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Today in this post, Solution Exist will provide you a solution for the Facebook App To Open Links In Browser. So without wasting more time, let us get dive into it.

Steps to Force Facebook App to Open Links in browser instead of built-in App

Step 1 – Launch the Facebook app and log into your account. (Skip if already login)

Step 2 – Tap on the Menu icon (it looks like three horizontal lines).

Facebook App to Open Link in browser,force facebook to open external link in browser

Step 3 – Scroll down and tap Settings & Privacy and then tap on Settings.

facebook not opening links

Step 4 – Scroll down and tap on Media and Contacts.

can't open links on facebook app

Step 5 – Toggle the “Links open externally” setting to On (make it from gray to blue).

force allow apps on external

And you are done…!! Now open any external link and you will get popup to select browser. You can select the browser installed in your Android phone

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Wrapping Up

Hope you like the tutorial on How to force Facebook App To Open Links In-Browser instead of built-in Facebook app / How to Facebook App To Open Links In Browser. If you have any problem using this feature then may sure you make us hear via the comment section. Join our Facebook Group Android And Windows Errors Solution and Follow or Facebook Page Solution Exist to be updated with Solution Exist awesome articles.

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