How to share Facebook video on WhatsApp without link

Rumors are all over the internet that Facebook is working on integrating Facebook and WhatsApp. Some technology blogs also stated that Facebook is working on collaborating Facebook messenger with WhatsApp. Today in this post, we are going to learn various methods to share Facebook videos on Whatsapp without link.

In this socialized world, we all love to share videos whether it is WhatsApp groups, Instagram stories, Snapchat stories, or in WhatsApp stories. Sharing WhatsApp stories in group is pretty easy that is download WhatsApp status videos and send it to WhatsApp groups. But if we want to share facebook video on whatsapp then it can become a little bit tricky as there is no direct option available.

So today in this tutorial, we will learn how to share Facebook Video to Whatsapp on your Android Device or How do I share a Facebook video? so, Let’s see the simplest ways how to Share Facebook Video to WhatsApp on your Android Device.

Share Facebook Video on WhatsApp
Share Facebook Video on WhatsApp

Methods to Share Facebook Video to WhatsApp on Android

There are two ways to share Facebook videos to whatsapp on Android devices and both the methods are described in details.

Method 1: Do it Manually – how to share Facebook video on WhatsApp without link

Step 1. Then tap open your WhatsApp.

Step 2. Go to the contact with whom you want to share the video and click on the attachment icon.

Step 3. Afterward, you just go to the videos gallery from where you can pick the video you downloaded from Facebook to share.

Method 2: Use a third party app

Another way is to download a third party app called HD Video Download for Facebook to send Facebook video to WhatsApp on android.

It’ll enable you to directly download Facebook videos to your device and share them with your WhatsApp contacts.

Step 1. Firstly open app in android phone or your smartphone.

Step 2. Now there are two option.

  1. Download Facebook videos using this after by login into the app using Facebook login.
  2. Download Facebook videos without login into the app.

Step 3.

  • To go with technique 1 – Click on browse Facebook where you have to login with Facebook credentials.
  • To go with technique 2 – Click on Download using Facebook App and it will redirect to the Facebook app. Browse for the video that you want to download and click on the copy link. As you will click, HD video download for Facebook app will be open and here you will see the download button. Click on the download button and your Facebook video download will start.

Method 3: – Using video Downloader for Facebook app (Recommended)

Step 1 – Firstly you need to download video Downloader for Facebook app on your android phone.

Step 2 – Now open the Facebook app and search for the video that you want to download. Click on three dots and copy the link.

Step 3 – Now open the video Downloader for the Facebook app and the option will be pop up with the link you had copied.

video Downloader for Facebook app

Step 4 – Click on yes and click on download button to download Facebook video.

That’s it.,..!! 

Video Tutorial on Share facebook video to whatsapp without link

Share Facebook video to WhatsApp on computer

These were the methods if you want to  on Android. This was pretty easy while you are on android phone. What is you are on a computer or PC and you want to share Facebook video on whatsapp on PC. For that instance, you can follow the below steps.

Method 1 : Direct from computer

First of all you need to copy Facebook video URL. To copy that, you need to play facebook video and right-click on it, and select copy video URL

Now you need to log in to WhatsApp on PC using on computer. Read the full detailed tutorial on Whatsapp on PC

Now search for the contact or WhatsApp group on or to which you want to send a Facebook video.

Method 2 : Download Facebook video on computer

In this method, you can download Facebook videos on PC and then log in to WhatsApp to send that video.

  1. You need to download Facebook videos on the computer. You can read detailed tutorial on Download Facebook videos without any software
  2. Now open WhatsApp on PC. Read detailed step by step tutorial on use whatsapp on computer
  3. Now search for the contact or WhatsApp group on or to which you want to share Facebook video and using attachment option upload and share downloaded video on WhatsApp.

FAQ (share someone else’s post on Facebook)

How do you share someone else’s post on Facebook?

How do you share someone else's post on Facebook

Facebook allows you to share posts or videos to your timeline, page, or any group. To share a post on FB, click on the share button located at the end of like and comment button. You will see different options. Select the appropriate one and in this way, you can share post on facebook

How do I share a post on Facebook no share button?

You have noticed that on some Facebook posts, the share button is missing. This is because of the privacy setting set by the owner of the post. Post with the privacy setting public is only available to share. You won’t find the share button Who can see your post? is set to any other than public. If the share button is not available, one can’t share the post.

Should you share your own Facebook post?

It depends on the type of content. If you are posting an article, photos or videos that you want more reach such as announcing a new office or about business or anything that you think will benefit or useful for others then you should share your own post on facebook.

How do I enable sharing on my Facebook post?

Enabling sharing function on a Facebook post is pretty easy. All you need to do is open the post on which you want to enable the share button and click on three dots. Now click on Edit audience. You will see different options to select. Select public. In this way, you can enable sharing on Facebook posts.

Wrapping Up

Hope this tutorial has helped you to share Share Facebook Video on WhatsApp without link. I personally use method 3 to save the Facebook videos in android phone and  in this way I also download that video in my smartphone and at the same time, I am able to send videos. I recommend you to use method 3 also as unlike method 2 app used by name HD Video Download for Facebook app used in method 3 does not require Facebook login credentials.

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