How to Increase Youtube Buffering Speed

If you are in search of how to get YouTube to stop pausing or you want to increase YouTube buffering speed, this post will help you stop YouTube from pausing.

YouTube is a very famous platform where we get different kinds of videos. Everyone knows that we need high-speed internet to watch videos on YouTube smoothly. 2G internet is not sufficient to watch videos on click and play basis. If you are using YouTube to watch videos or webseries and are tired of buffering then solution Exist is for you. In this post, SolutionExist will provide you with some useful tips to improve YouTube experience / Increase YouTube buffering speed.

increase youtube buffering speed solution

Not every time it’s our internet speed that causes buffering in YouTube videos. Sometimes the factors are different than Slow internet speed. We had posted a detailed tutorial on How to Fix YouTube Error 429 too many requests that had some similar problems and additionally, if you are facing a black screen while watching YouTube, we posted a solution to fix YouTube Sound Works But No Video is Showing also.

In this tutorial, we will cover some tips and tricks to Boost YouTube Buffering Speed and also Increase YouTube performance.

Methods to Increase YouTube Buffering Speed / Increase Youtube Performance

#Method 1 Increase Youtube speed by 20% Guaranteed

Microsoft windows reserve 20% of your available bandwidth for their own specific purposes like updates and interrogating with your PC. This causes reduction in your internet speed which reflects as buffering in YouTube videos. So You need to disable this immediately to enjoy full ISP Speed. If you disable this reserve speed your internet speed will increase by 20% and hence you can see an increase in youtube buffering speed by 20%

Steps to Increase Your Internet Speed:

Step 1 – Click on start, select run and type “gpedit.msc”.

how to get youtube to stop pausing

Step 2 – Now, navigate to Local Computer Policy>Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>Network> QOS Packet Scheduler >Limit reservable bandwidth.

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Step 3 – Double click on “Limit reservable bandwidth” and then select “Enabled” and set the bandwidth limit to O.

Step 4 – This is an amazing trick that works on your PC or Laptop to watch YouTube videos without any lag.

Note – Some versions of windows like windows 7 home don’t have Group Policy so this method will not works. Don’t be sad check out other methods which will surely help you to increase youtube video speed.

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#Method 2 – Block CDN IP Addresses on Windows

  1. Click on Start button and search for CMD. If you’re a Windows 8 or 8.1 user, then press Windows key and type “CMD”.
  2. Simply, right-click on the CMD icon and hit Run as Administrator.
  3. Just copy the below-given code in your CMD and press enter.
netsh add firewall firewall add rule name=”YouTubeTweak” dir=in action=block remoteip=, enable=yes

4. Now, you can close the Command prompt windows and restart your browser and the internet connection.

#Method 3 – Use YouTube DNS to boost YouTube buffering speed

You can increase your YouTube buffering speed by using internet connection through different DNS. Using Youtube open DNS will help you in speed up the youtube video buffering.

How to use YouTube DNS in Windows 7/8/8.1 

  • Firstly Go to Control Panel and Click on Network and Internet then click on Network and Sharing Center.
  • Click on Change adapter settings.
  • Now, Right Click on Local Area Connection then select Properties button.
  • Double-click on Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) (don’t change anything in the IP address).
  • Click the radio button. Use the following DNS server addresses and type
    • Preferred DNS server:
    • Alternate DNS server:
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  • Click Ok and you’re done.
  • Just restart your computer and see the difference in your internet speed
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#Method 4 – Clear Cache Data – Make Youtube Run fast

As you surf the internet lots of data is saved in the form of History, cache cookies, etc. These data sometimes started becoming a barrier in your browser performance and which can ultimately reflect as buffering in YouTube videos. It is better to delete caches in chrome or the web browser that you use.

Several other software are also available over internet which can help you to clear cache and other junks files from not only google chrome but from computer also. This can reduce ram usage and ultimately reduce load over ram.

#Method 5 – Block Ads on Youtube – Load youtube video fast

You had seen when you open you will different types of ads at different locations. On the homepage which is mostly video ads. When you open any video you will see rectangle ads on the right top side. These YouTube Homepage ads and other ads make your YouTube slow because some data will be used by those ads. It is better to block ads to increase YouTube buffering speed.

Steps to block YouTube ads in google chrome

Step 1 : Firstly open and install Youtube AdBlocker in Google Chrome.

Step 2 : You will see Red color icon beside the setting icon.

Step 3 : Done..!! You have successfully installed YouTube adblocker.

Note – Keep your youtube ads block extensions updated.

#Method 6 – Remove Adware from Chrome to speed up youtube buffering speed

Viruses and malware attacks are very common these days as the internet is full with cyber attacks. Attackers find new ways to earn money that is infecting google chrome and add Redirects and Pop-up Ads in Google Chrome. If you are facing advertisements and ads in your chrome then it is clear that your google chrome is affected by adware.

These adware are forcing Chrome to open ads in Chrome. In that case, you need to remove adwares from computer.

#Method 7 – Download Youtube Videos

if you watch movies videos songs on YouTube in free time and buffering is killing your mood then downloading youtube videos can save your mood. We had posted the easiest way to Download Youtube Videos Without any software.

#Method 8 –  Change the Video Quality on YouTube

If your internet speed or broadband speed is slow then also you will face a YouTube buffering problem. In that case, it is recommended to change the video quality which will reduce video quality on YouTube but will play YouTube videos without buffer.

#Method 9 – Change your internet plan

As you had read in method 7 that to speed up YouTube buffering speed, we had to reduce internet speed. This will improve youtube loading of video speed but will not get a good youtube experience So in that case, you need to invest in a good internet plan which can provide you good internet speed.

Investing in good internet plan can increase your productivity also as you don’t have to waste time waiting for YouTube loading. If you had a question i.e. my youtube is slow but the internet is fast? Then you should take an internet speed test and verify whether you are getting internet speed according to your internet plan and if you are not getting speed according to your data plan then contact to your internet service provider.

Why does my iphone keep pausing videos in Youtube

Are you constantly frustrated with your iPhone pausing random Youtube videos? Have you ever gone to watch a movie or funny clip, only for it to pause every few minutes for no apparent reason? If so, then you are not alone! Many people have experienced this issue and are eager to find a solution.

In order to troubleshoot why your iPhone keeps pausing Youtube videos, there are a few things that need to be taken into account. The first is the age of your device – older iPhones have less powerful processors and can’t handle streaming videos very well. Additionally, make sure you have all of the latest updates installed on your phone; many times new software patches fix issues related to streaming video services like Youtube.

FAQ (YouTube so slow right now)

In this frequently asked question section, we will answer some questions regarding YouTube buffering speed and how to fix it.

1. Why is YouTube so slow right now?

Ans – If your system streaming YouTube slow and then the first step is to clear cache of your computer or if you are using smartphone then clear cache of the YouTube app.

2. How do I fix buffering problems?

Ans – There are numbers of factors that are responsible for the YouTube buffering problem and those are;
1. Check signal or network strength
2. Close other programs using internet
3. Stop downloading of any files if running.
4. Disable ads blocker extensions

3. How do you get YouTube to stop buffering?

Ans – If you are constantly getting YouTube buffering problems then you should run an internet speed test by google and verify it with your internet plan. There is a possibility that your internet is working slow for that instance of time.

4. What is a good Internet speed test?

Ans – If you want to watch YouTube videos in HD quality or 1080p quality then 20-30mbps internet speed is good internet speed. Internet speed requirement changes according to the video quality

5. How do you stop youtube from pausing?

The first step is to make sure you have an up-to-date internet connection. If your connection is slow or outdated, it’s likely that YouTube will pause the video as it struggles to catch up with the stream. Make sure your router is working properly and try resetting it if necessary. Additionally, check that all of your cables are connected securely and reboot them if needed.

Wrapping Up

This was the tutorial on increase YouTube buffering speed which will enable you to play YouTube videos without buffering with fast loading. I hope the above methods to make YouTube video load fast will give you a great YouTube experience. You can subscribe to our Youtube channel Solution Exist. If you know any other ways to speed up YouTube buffering speed then feel free to share in the comment section. In case you know some tricks then you can write it down in the comment section and lets others also know your tricks. If you face any problem in following the steps then feel free to use the comment section.

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