Cool Unique iPhone secret codes and hacks 2024

In this article, we are going to learn some important iPhone secret codes and hacks which will benefit iPhone users to unlock hidden menus on iPhone and iOS devices. Android user also uses the USSD codes to perform a certain task that can’t be accessed by the options in android phone. Previously we had posted Android secret codes which are for android users and those benefits a lot to explore other features.

USSD codes and you must know if you are an android user. Secret code comes into existence because of the Samsung phone. Samsung secret codes were extremely useful in the Samsung phone as they help you to test various options and most of the time, it required resetting the phone password.

These secret codes vary from mobile to mobile as these are designed by the manufacturing company so you can’t use the same code in another phone of a different company. Now you have understood what is a secret code but a question must be raised in your mind about why to use this code and its function of them. The simple answer to this is to access the hidden menu on iPhone.

iPhone secret codes and hacks
Cool Unique iPhone secret codes and hacks [currentyear] 2

Today in this post, we are going to learn different iPhone secret codes and hacks that iPhone users must know and what are the hidden menu in iPhone, and how to access them. Prior to getting into the list of iPhone hidden menu codes, let us learn what are iPhone hidden menus.

What are iPhone hidden menus

iPhone hidden menu is the list of iPhone programs that are not visible in any setting option. iPhone users must know the code to access those hidden menus in iPhone which helps them to access various hidden features using these special dialer codes.

How to use dialer codes on iPhone

A secret code is nothing but a combination of several number codes whose start and end mainly consist of Star (*) or hash (#). To use them you need to open a call dialer on your iPhone and then type the codes there and it will automatically execute. As we need to enter these codes in the dialer, these hidden codes are also referred as dialer codes. With all being said, let us move forward with the iPhone codes list.

List of iPhone secret codes and hacks (iPhone secret codes list)

FunctioniPhone codes
Hide Caller ID in iPhone*31#mobile number
Display iPhone IMEI code*#06#
This will turn on filed mode,which includes all iPhone personal settings, cell information, and the newest network.*3001#12345#*
Checking sar value*#07#
Disable the test alert system after checking.*5005*25370#
Check whether the alert system is working correctly or not.*5005*25371#
Check the Account balance in iPhone *777#
It will display your available minutes.*646# (Postpaid only)
To check the Bill Balance.*225# (Postpaid only)
You can check the number in order to call forwarding when the iPhone is busy. And again, but for when the iPhone is busy.*#67#
Check iPhone the SMS center.*#5005*7672#
Code to Show Your Number on Caller ID in iPhone*82 (then by the number you are calling)
iPhone Call Waiting Status.*#43#
 iPhone Activate awaiting.*43#
Code to Deactivate waiting in iPhone.#43#
Code allows you to hide your number on iPhone.*#31#
EFR mode Enhanced Full Rate improves your iPhone voice quality, but it will slightly reduce battery life.*3370#
It allows you to hide your number.#31#Phone-number + call button
You can verify the number for forwarding calls if no service is available.*#62#
check the numbers of missed calls.*#61#
Get Local Traffic Information511 + Call button
View data usage in iPhoneAT&T: *3282#
T-Mobile: #932#
Verizon: #3282

iPhone tricks and tips- What cool things can my iPhone do?

iPhone dark mode schedule

iPhone had a dark mode in both modes, automatic and manual. If you want to schedule iPhone dark mode then you need to config automatic mode. Steps to activate dark mode in iPhone automatic are described below.

  1. Firstly Click on Settings and tap on Display.
  2. Now tap on the dark mode option at the top.
  3. Tap and Toggle the ‘Automatic’ option to turn it ON and then navigate to the ‘Options’ tab.
  4. On the next screen, select ‘Custom Schedule’ and set the time for light and dark.

In this way, you can schedule dark and light modes in iPhone which will be activated as per your scheduled time.

iPhone call forwarding att, T-Mobile, or another GSM carrier

  1. Open the Settings app and tap on the “Phone.” option to open it
  2. Now open “Call Forwarding” by tapping on it.
  3. Now turn the feature on by swiping the button to the right.
  4. Tap “Forward To” and enter the phone number that you want to forward to.
  5. Tap the arrow to go back to the previous screen.

How to Hide Your Caller ID in iPhone?

Some carriers allow you to hide caller IDs and allow you to make an anonymous call in iPhone. Here is the USSD code to do an unknown caller iPhone trick.

*31#mobile number

Here are all the list of codes that will allow you to hide caller ID in iPhone

CountryDial Codes
New Zealand197
*31* or #31#
North America
#31# or *67
South Africa*31* or #31#
Spain #31#
Sweden #31#
United Kingdom141
Hong Kong133

FAQ (iPhone tips and tricks)

1. What is the secret iPhone menu for?

Person who want to explore hidden menu, want to experiment with hidden feature of iPhone then these secret iPhone menu are for those persons.

2. How do I find my iPhone code?

We had posted various iPhone secret codes in the list along with iOS tricks and tips. Interested persons can try those.

3. Do iphones have secret codes?

Yes, iPhones do have secret codes which can be use to access iphone secret menu and iphone extra features

4. What is iPhone Test code

Unlock your iphone and open phone app and dial *3001#12345#* and press the call button. In this way, you can access Field Test mode.

5. What is the secret iPhone menu for?

A person who want to explore hidden menu, and want to experiment with the hidden feature of iPhone then these secret iPhone menus are for those persons.

6. How do I find my iPhone code?

We had posted various iPhone secret codes in the list along with iOS tricks and tips. Interested persons can try those.

7. What is a secret passcode to unlock any iPhone?

Many users are in search of an iPhone secret passcode to unlock phones but there is no secret code.

Wrapping up

Hope you like this list of unique hidden secret codes of iPhone and how to use them to access the hidden menu on the iPhone. If you know any more iPhone secret codes list and hacks to access iPhone hidden features then do share with us in the comment section. If you have any suggestions or want us to cover a specific topic, then suggest us in the comment section. You can join us of Facebook Page Solution Exist and also join our facebook group Android And Windows Errors Solution to ask any question regarding android or windows error solutions.

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