Lock and Hide Folder with Password without Any Extra Software

Hello Solution Exist Readers, Today in this tutorial we gonna teach or show you Lock Folder with Password without Software. Now a days uses of computers and smartphones is increasing. Although Almost every home there must be a at least one Pc or Laptop. And Because of this All family members are using same pc or lapi. so the problem will occurs at that time when we have Any Sensible information, pictures or any data and our family member like brother or sister shows that our personal secret. So for that fellow Solution Exist provide a easy solution to hide and Locked that particular folder so no one can show that and not open without our password which is in our mind.

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There are also many software are available in the market, but there are some software that contains malware or other unwanted things. And there are many other methods is also available for this king of security. But among all these method this method is very easy to use. I personally tested and used it. using this method you are Hide And locked Any Folder with Password Protected without any software. So follow below step to see Magic –

Steps for Lock Hide Folder Password Without Software

STEP – 1 : First Create a New Folder (Optional Step)

Before starting procedure you have to create a New folder. By the way this is optional step, It required for those who put Private schema in Particular Folder. Here i make a New folder named “SOLUTIONEXIST.COM” (shown if Below Pic)

lock a folder in windows 7 without software
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STEP – 2 : Open New folder, Then open Notepad. (Follow step: Right Click -> New -> Text Document )

After that open Notepad / Document and Paste Below Code in it. (Code Between Two Line)

title Folder TopSecret 
if EXIST "HTG Locker" goto UNLOCK 
if NOT EXIST TopSecret goto MDLOCKER 
echo Are you sure you want to lock the folder(Y/N) 
set/p "cho=>" 
if %cho%==Y goto LOCK 
if %cho%==y goto LOCK 
if %cho%==n goto END 
if %cho%==N goto END 
echo Invalid choice. 
ren TopSecret "HTG Locker" 
attrib +h +s "HTG Locker" 
echo Folder locked 
goto End 
echo Enter password to unlock folder 
set/p "pass=>" 
if NOT %pass%== solutionexist.com goto FAIL 
attrib -h -s "HTG Locker" 
ren "HTG Locker" TopSecret 
echo Folder Unlocked successfully 
goto End 
echo Invalid password 
goto end 
md TopSecret 
echo TopSecret created successfully 
goto End 

Please Be careful with copy-pasting the code. Change the password which is set in code is solutionexist.com text to the password you want to set. Then go ahead and save the file as  ” SolutionExist.bat ” or Anything.bat

Hide Folder in Pc or computer or laptop

STEP – 3 : After creating a .bat file just open it by Double-Click. Then It will create a folder named “TopSecret”. This is the Magic folder in which you can store a Private files, Pics, etc…

Protect our folder with password

STEP  – 4 : Then Its time to hide the folder, In this step you have to again just Double Click on that .bat file and popup screen is showing like cmd. In this ask that “ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO LOKE THE FOLDER(Y/N)

Then write ” Y “ (Without Double Quote) and Boom Folder is now invisible.

STEP – 5 : Now If you again Double-Click on SolutionExist.bat file then popup screen open like cmd box and it will ask the “Enter  Password to Unlock Folder“. Now Put the Exactly same password you set in Step-2. (Don’t confuse with Upper & Lower Letter).

After Entering same password the Hidden Folder is Re appear again with your sensible Information.

NOTE -> If you Forgot the password then Don’t have to worry, You just Recover the forgot password by just opening SolutionExist.bat file by Right Click on it and Click on Edit. and you see the Password or Change the Password as you set in Step-2.

Lock a Folder Without any Software

The most important thing is someone could comprise to open the batch file and read your password. It’s definitely not a really secure way to hide your files, but it’s fun.

Wrapping Up

This is the simple tutorial by solution exist to lock folder without software. If this article had helped you then appreciate us through your comments. In case you stuck at any steps you can comment down, solution exist will help you solve your problem. In meantime, don’t forget to check Use Rufus to create a bootable USB drive and Join our Facebook Group Android And Windows Errors Solution and Follow or Facebook Page Solution Exist to be updated with Solution Exist awesome articles.

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