Read Instagram messages without seen (100% Working)

Instagram is constantly growing and also getting famous among peoples. over the time Instagram got changed and lots of features are added to it. Beside uploading photos and videos on Instagram, you can also send message on Instagram / DM in Instagram.

As a part of the Instagram feature, if you send a DM on Instagram, you can check whether the person had seen that message or not with the help of Instagram message seen icon. This is very simple, if you had read the message then the sender can see the Instagram message seen icon which will indicate that the person had read Instagram message.

Just like WhatsApp blue tick which will show that the person had read the sent message on WhatsApp. similarly, this feature can be seen on Instagram. Hence if someone sent you a message and you opened it, he will come to know that you had read that message. If you want to learn how to hide blue ticks and last seen WhatsApp then read How to disable blue tick on whatsapp. Solution exist had actively posted various Instagram tricks like Hide My Followers and Following list on Instagram.

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How do you unread a message on instagram? How to unread a

There is no unread message on instagram so that you can directly unread a instagram message. But not to worry, Solution exist in this post will help you with that. Two proven methods are discussed which will answer your query on how to mark a message as unread on instagram. If you want to learn how to read Instagram message without seen or How to read Instagram message secretly then read and follow the article completely.

There are two Method to Hide instagram message seen icon – Unseen message on Instagram

# Method 1 – Read Instagram messages Without Seen –  Peak through notification bar

The simplest way to read Instagram DM without knowing the person is to read Instagram message without opening Instagram and just from the notification.

The problem with this method is you can read the full message if the message is not longer than 2 lines or you can’t read instagram DM. To read those messages in Instagram you need to follow method no. 2.

# Method 2 –  hide Instagram direct message seen or read receipt

1. As you get a direct message from anyone, you will get a  Notification. Don’t tap on it to open and read, to read it Instagram message without seen.

2. Open Instagram App and Tap on ‘DM’ Icon on the Top right Corner and you will see all the Instagram messages.

3. Now disconnect internet connection by Turning off both WiFi as well as Mobile Data. You can directly go into ‘Flight Mode to stop internet connection’.

4. Now read Instagram message that you wanna read without notifying. As you have read all the messages, log out Instagram account.
Note – You device must be disconnected to Internet during logging out from Instagram account.

5. TO log out Instagram profile –> Tap on ‘3 Dots’ Menu icon from Top right corner –> Scroll and tap on ‘Log out’.

6. As you had log out you can turn on Mobile data connection or turn on WiFi and login to Instagram account.

To verify whether the read status of Instagram has been changed or not, open instagram Chat screen and Instagram message will remain as unread. This was the answer to your query how to check dm on instagram without notifying other.

Video Tutorial On Read Instagram message without notifying them

FAQ (Frequently asked question)

What is Instagram DM

DM is referred as Direct message. Like we send message to the contact on whatsapp is refer as WhatsApp message, similartly, in Instagram, Direct message terminology is used for message.

How to read messages on instagram without being seen

This method is 100% working and you can follow the tutorial and lean instagram trick.

instagram message read icon

If the message sent by the person is read by you without using this trick, from the Instagram message read icon, he can know that you had read the message.

Wrapping Up

Hope you like this trick to Read Instagram messages without seen and read Instagram DM secretly. In meantime, you can read How To Download Instagram Profile Picture.. If you have any doubt on Instagram message seen icon or If you had stuck at any step feel free to use the comment section. Solution Exist will help you to deal it with and will solve Instagram errors. Join our Facebook Group Android And Windows Errors Solution and Follow or Facebook Page Solution Exist to be updated with Solution Exist awesome articles.

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