How to Remove SCR Virus from Computer / Laptop

In this virus removal guide, we are going to learn how to Remove SCR Virus From Computers in simple steps.

There are various types of computer viruses among which we will cover how to remove images.scr virus from the computer which is often known as computer virus images. Solution Exist had actively covered various topics Virus removal from the computer.

To protect the computer from virus attracts antivirus software are also available on the market but no antivirus is fully capable of securing our computer hence concerning that even though antivirus software is installed into the computer is not fully secure and results in affected with virus attack. Solution Exist had previously posted the simplest Windows tutorial on Remove Virus From Pendrive which had actually helped many of the readers.

Remove SCR Virus From Computer
Remove SCR virus from computer

Last night I was surfing internet on my computer and during that, I see some .SCR files on my computer’s desktop. and accidentally I double-clicked on that files and later on i came to know that my computer is affected by .SCR virus. If you had also faced the same problem then this post on delete .SCR virus from computer is for you.

What is the ‘.scr’ virus / screensaver virus ? – Computer virus images

The .SCR is a type of file extension. which normally runs a Trojan-oriented script. “Trojans are very dangerous virus and can harm your computer very badly. The .SCR or screensaver virus are usually gets infected along with malicious screen saver that we ever download from the internet or comes from pendrive which was ever inserted in any affected computer, exe files, ZIP files, double extension files, etc.

This makes it a more dangerous Virus because it does not get removed by many antiviruses as it is a write-protected file extension. It can only be fixed if you manually delete this virus to protect your PC from malicious threads. you can read the Solution Exist article on How to remove New Folder virus from computer

I have Avast antivirus installed into my computer and still, my computer gets infected virus, To remove from my computer I had searched over internet and found a simple trick which is described below.

How to Remove SCR Virus From Computer

  1. Firstly you need to boot your computer into Safe Mode. Note – If you don’t know how to boot you computer into safe mode follow the below steps
    Immediately after the computer is powered on or restarted (usually after you hear your computer beep), tap the F8 key in 1-second intervals.
  2. After booting computer into safe mode navigate to
    Here C: is your Operation System directory. If you had OS installed in some other drive then navigate to that drive instead of C:
  3. Here you need to, search for the file named WINLODR.SCR and then press Shift + Delete buttons simultaneously from the keyboard and delete it.
  4. Now, restart your computer as normal mode. You will see your problem is solved now.

FAQ (Remove screensaver virus)

1. What is SCR virus?

SCR is a Trojan that encrypts as a screensaver virus that executes other files and in some cases, it also encrypts files of the computer and shows a message to pay for the decryption key like .Scr

2. Which is the best .scr virus removal tool download?

There are several of tools that are available over the internet but some of them are fake and there are softwares that installs additional malware in your computer. You don’t need any additional software as detailed guide on Solution Exist will help you.

3. How do I remove .scr virus from my computer?

You need to delete winlodr.scr file which is the file that is placed in the system directory of the windows which is causing problems in your computer.

Wrapping Up

Hope you liked the tutorial on how to remove .SCR virus from computer or Remove scr virus from computer. If your computer gets infected then these simple steps will help you to delete from your system. You can refer to Solution Exist articles on Remove Adware From Computer / Pc If you had any doubts then feel free to comment Solution Exist team will help you to deal with the errors you faced. For a better response to your question you can join our Facebook Page Solution Exist and Facebook Group Android And Windows Errors Solution.

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  1. I have done the above process but after searching some files found but i could not found scr or screen saver files. but found windows scripting files and folders. Is that safe for PC by removing that scripting files.


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