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As we all know that Android L [Lollipop] is released. Most of us are curious about having the experience of that but we all are aware that all the devices will not get that update. So today Solution Exist will give to the way to Get the Android L keyboard in your android phone. I had personally used this Keyboard in my Asus Zenfone 5.

Android L Keyboard,Android L Keyboard in any android phone

Although Asus Zenfone 5 got android L update but i didn’t update, So for using this Lollipop keyboard I am using this Apk. So now you can have a taste of android L keyboard in any android phone. All you need to do is just read the below steps. So don’t waste time and get the latest lollipop keyboard in your mobile.

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Steps To Install Android L Keyboard in your android phone

  1. Firstly download this apk file in you android phone (Link at end)
  2. Transfer it in your mobile SD card.
  3. Now install it in your android phone.
  4. Now go to Setting>>Keyboard and select android L keyboard.
  5. Done..!! Now you can use The keyboard in you mobile.

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What’s New

  1. -Compatibility down to 4.0
  2. -Material theme set as default, others temporarily disabled
  3. -Add-on dictionaries disabled as we fix FC issue.

Wrapping Up

This was a simple way to have Android L Keyboard in any android phone. as mention earlier I had personally used this keyboard and my experience was really very good. I totally recommend this keyboard. Hope you liked our tutorial, If you have any demand or question related to Android apps then feel free to ask.

Download Android L Keyboard

Download Android L Keyboard v3.1.20007 Apk

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