How To Solve Battery Drain Problem In Android

Solve Battery Drain Problem In Android

Android users are you facing Solve Battery Drain Problem lag problem or Application Forced Stopped problem? then you are the right place, here in this post solutionexist will provide you a simple solution in a brief way to solve all these problems. The main reason behind this problem (above mentioned) can a cache partition. Y

ou need to clear the cache partition on weekly base to make your android works at its best performance scale.

In this post I am showing the steps to follow to clear cache in  Asus Zenfone 4 ,5,6. Every mobile phone has a different procedure.

Note:- This will remove any temporary files that may be causing the problem, but will not delete your files or settings.

Steps To solve a Battery Drain problem

  1. Turn off the ASUS ZENFONE
  2. Press and Hold together: Power Button + Volume Up Button for several seconds until text menu ASUS LOGO appear, then release both button
  3. You are now in bootloader mode. At this mode, choose Recovery and press Power Button to confirm or OK
  4. Wait until ASUS ZENFONE 5 will show the Android Logo with the belly upward. Now press and hold Volume Down and while holding it press and release Volume up button and then we will see android system Recovery Mode.
  5. You have 4 option in this mode
    1)Reboot system now
    2)Apply update from ADB
    3)Wipedata/factory reset
    4)Wipe cache partition
  6. Select option 4 then reboot.

Note: wiping partition for the first time needs patience because it takes may take upto 15 minutes.

Wrapping Up

This wipe cache method is strictly for Asus Zenfone mobile. If you are having other than this then comment you mobile model and SolutionExist will guide you to solve you battery drain problem

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Ronak Prajapati the Founder of Solution Exist is a Chemical Engineer by profession and a Self-trained AndroGeek who is a Part-Time blogger. He is a passionate tech blogger who likes to share his knowledge and helpd to troubleshoot problems of computers and PC.

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