How to Restart Windows without Restarting your PC

Restart Windows 10 Without Rebooting,restart windows without restarting your pc

Some software needs your computer to restart after installing it or uninstalling it. If you are in hurry and don’t want to wait for a restart of  computer the this article will help you. Solution …

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How To Fix can’t Open Task manager

Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator in Windows 10

Fix can’t Open Task manager:- Windows users face many problems while using the computer. Among these errors If you can’t open Windows Task Manager or if it closes immediately after you open it. If you …

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How To Set Schedule To Shutdown Pc

Hello Solution Exist readers, Many Times is happens that we downloads A program or movie but we need to go somewhere or we have some Emergency At that time you can set the Shutdown Time And your pc will …

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How To Fix Windows XP’s Error Without Bootable CD

Hiii frndzz…. Many times people complains about pc errors  Many Times the registry entries or files of our system got corrupted because of viruses or other reasons, in this case for repairing windows XP we …

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How To Speed Up Firefox | Mozilla Firefox running slow

Speed Up Firefox

Speed Up Firefox: Lots of internet browsers are available over the internet we use based on our preference. Among various internet browsers, Mozilla firefox is one of those. In case you are wondering about the names …

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