How to Delete Naukri account permanently | Deactivate Profile

Delete Naukri account permanently

Job searching is always frustrating especially if you are a fresher. Every employer want experiences candidate but no one want to give a working experience. Job availability in this pandemic is more common as layoff is now becomes a fashion. There are many apps and job search sites are available and allow you to search for job easily just through your mobile. But sometimes these website annoys us and users search how to delete Naukri account permanently. previously, we had posted a detailed tutorial on deactivate Facebook account permanently

Now the time has changed when people use to read newspaper job vacancy advertisement and mark or cut that advertisement and then contact them. Now applying for the job is done mostly by email. is a job search site that allows people to search jobs for free. All we need to do is signup for an account, fill in the required details, and upload the resume. Once we are done with that, according to the profile, we use to get calls and emails by the employee. Sometimes these calls and emails are annoying especially when you are not searching for a job. Jio users can learn how to deactivate jio sim easily.

To get rid of these calls and offers to boost profile advertisement you can deactivate Naukri profile. Today we are going to discuss how to delete Naukri account permanently. Not even that, we will also learn how to deactivate Naukri account temporarily.

What is naukri profile | Naukri account is a job search site where one can search job related to their field. Recruiters search for the candidate according to their requirement and send interview offers to the candidates

Now you know what is naukri profile. Now we will tell you how to deactivate Naukri account. When you decide you don’t want to use naukri or you don’t want your profile to shows as open for work, you have two options

  1. Deactive naukri account
  2. Delete Naukrt account

Prior to get into the steps to deactivate or delete an account, lets us know why to do so.

Why to deactivate or delete your Naukri profile? | stop job alerts | Can we delete profile from Naukri com?

Yes, Active profile in job search website shows you are open to work which will lead to having calls from recruiters for the opportunity but 2 out of 10 genuine calls are spam calls. So if you are getting spam calls and irrelevant job offers and you don’t want that you can deactivate or delete your Naukri account.

How to Deactivate your Naukri Account/Profile

Deleting profiles on any website is hard as none of the website owners want to lose the visitor. If you use Facebook then you must know that deleting the Facebook profile is also not that easy, we had posted a detailed tutorial on how to permanently deactivate Facebook account Hence you won’t find the delete option easily and you have to follow various steps. Don’t worry, this set of instructions will help you to do tweak naukri profile visibility settings. You can use a desktop or mobile app to do this task and methods to do it with a desktop site and mobile app is described below. So follow the steps completely.

Step: 1 Firstly open naukri app (Android / iphone) on your smartphone and Login into your Naukri account.

Step: 2 Now click on option button placed on top left corner to open menu.

Step: 3 Now tap on setting button.

naukri profile

Step: 4 Now you will see “communication and privacy” option there. Tap on it and open it.

Can we delete profile from Naukri com

Step: 5 Now scroll down Click on “Three dot” besides “not looking for a job right now”.

Step: 6 Two options will pop-up on the screen as below.

  1. Deactivate till next login
  2. Delete account

Step: 7 Tap on deactivating till next login, you will be asked to enter the password, confirm it by entering a password and your task is done.

Deactivate your Naukri Account

By selecting deactivate till next login, your data in your account will remain as it is but your profile will be invisible to the recruiters. This was the procedure to deactivate your profile, if you are confirmed that you want to delete the account then follow the below instructions

Steps for the desktop website | naukri profile visibility settings

The above methods were for using the app, now if you are using the Naukri desktop site then you can follow the below steps

Step: 1 Firstly open website and Log in to your account.

Step: 2 Now hover mouse on “My Naukri” from top right corner, drop down menu will appear, Click on “settings” from the menu.

Delete Naukri Profile

Step: 3 Now click on the “Communication and Privacy” section. Mostly it is selected by default.

naukri delete profile

Step: 4 Scroll down to the bottom and click on Read more under “Not looking for a job change right now” and following options will apprear.

  1. Deactivate till next login
  2. Delete account

Step: 6 Select “Deactivate till next login” and confirm with your password.

These were the steps to follow if you are using Naukri desktop site. The procedure to delete a profile is also same, all you need to do is select delete account instead of deactivating till next login in the steps 6.

Steps to Delete Naukri Profile (App)

If you are not interested in having an account on Naukri, then you can delete that account as well. Here are the steps to delete naurkri profile permanently.

Step: 1 Firstly open Naukri app in your smartphone and Login to Naukri account.

Step: 2 Now click on the option button placed on the top left corner to open the menu.

Step: 3 Now tap on the setting button.

Step: 4 Now you will see the “communication and privacy” option there. Tap on it and open it.

Step: 5 Now scroll down Click on “Three dot” besides “not looking for a job right now”.

Step: 6 Two options will pop up. Select delete account.

Delete Naukri profile permanently

Step: 7 Confirm it by entering password and you are done.

FAQ (how can i delete my naukri account permanently)

Can I retain my deleted or deactivated account?

As you had followed the steps, you had noticed the instruction that you can select among two option i.e. completely make my profile invisible from recruiters and I will not hear from naukri unless i login again on platform. This means you can you still have the access to your account and none of the details entered will be deleted. If you had selected delete my account you can’t retrain deleted account.

How can I delete my Naukri account permanently?

Users can delete the Naukri account using the official app and even thorough web login. You need to open Naukri app and Login to Naukri account. Now click on the option button then tap on the setting button. Click on the “communication and privacy” >> Click on “Three dots” >>“not looking for a job right now”. and then select delete account.

How can I make my Naukri profile visible?

You need to market you profile in order to get your profile visible to the recruiter. Here are few tips to make your Naukri profile visible.
– Set a detailed headline.
– Keep your profile updated.
– Add keywords in the description.

How can I log out from Naukri com?

Open the Naukri app on your android or iPhone smartphone. Now click on the four-line button on the right side to open options. Now scroll down and tap on the setting. Now click on logout.

How To Keep Job Search Confidential On Naukri

If you want to hide your naurkri profile from the current company and are in search of How can I hide my Naukri profile from current company? then you can definitely do that. You n

Wrapping Up

Hope you like this tutorial on how to delete Naukri account permanently and also learn how to deactivate Naukri account temporarily. If you have any doubt or facing any problem while following the steps then feel free to use comment section, we will help you with that. In mean time read how to delete pubg account. Join our Facebook group Android And Windows Errors Solution and also like our Facebook page Solution Exist.

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