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Here SolutionExist providing you to another GbMod by Atnfas Hoak which is an owner of and developer of Most Popular App Named GbWhatsapp & Gb Whatsapp Plus Apk. Now at this time Download GbMods Instagram developer Atnfas Hoak worked with Osama Ghareeb (Developer of OGInstagram Apk & OG Instagram Plus) and made Latest GBInstagram 1.60 Apk & Gb Instagram Plus 1.60 with lots of amazing features and you can also install Dual Instagram on your phone without Root. We all know that Instagram is a mobile Internet-based photo sharing application and allows users to share Pictures, Videos and Daily life Story (Instagram Stories) either publicly or privately. Instagram is most popular social media websites now because of its fabulous features; Users can apply various digital filters to their images and make them more classy, dashing and superior. This filtering of pictures is most widely used by the youngster.

Now a days modded version are very famous than official version app. If you are modded app lover than you must once hear about GbWhatsapp or Whatsapp Plus Apk. These are Most popular modded applications for Whatsapp. A developer of This Gbmods is same, that develop GbInstagram Apk v1.60 Download. Just Now recently launched GbInstagram Apk 6.0 Download. There are so many countless exclusive stuff in Gb Insta Apk latest version; After showing this post you cannot stop yourself to download and install of GbInstagram App. At here SolutionExist Team providing you much more instruction related to Gb Instagram Apk Application 1.60 and with providing Google drive Downloading Link.

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GbInstagram Apk v6.0 Download [currentyear][ Instagram Plus ] 14

What is GBInstagram? / Information about Gb Instagram Plus Apk Application – Gbmods

GbInstagram & Gb Instagram Plus a development from gbmods are not just another messenger applications, These are modded version of official/Playstore Instagram. GbInstagram / Instagram Plus are modded using Stylesheet files. In Android Apk, Stylesheet information is NOT ENCRYPTED but the codes are encrypted.

So the Developer of GbMods is inspired to make mods of Instagram Named as Gb Instagram. Atnfas Hoak worked with Osama Ghareeb and made GBInstagram App for us So that we can use Two Instagram Account in same phone. GbInstagram Apk & Gb Instagram Plus are the Best Alternatives of OGInstagram & OG Instagram Plus.

Whenever you install any Modded application on your phone, Then there is one thing which is continuously going in your mind that is might My account get Banned one day. But trust us, This is absolutely safe for use. In Gb Instagram or Instagram Plus you will see some customization and some more features but to send and receive Data Package GbInstagram App use the original Instagram server. So you are Totally safe while using GbInstagram / Gb Instagram Plus Apk. Now I am personally using this mod and let you know that there is nothing issue related this Gbmods. And I am personally using GbWhatsapp from its 1st version and had not face any problem till now.

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What is the Difference Between GbInstagram vs Gb Instagram Plus Apk

I had personally tested both the mods of Instagram and there is nothing different between them, But there is a huge difference when compared to official Instagram Application. In both the mods lots of attractive features are inserted, Due to this, mods make impressive and most fabulous. Here we are also showing you that what is the major distinction between GbInstagram Apk vs Gb instagram Plus Apk.

GbInstagram Apk 6.0 – Gbmods

GB Instagram Application, Which is having the package name com.gbinstagram So that you can install and Use Dual Instagram Application on your Android phone. If you are multi-user accountants of social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Hike or Instagram. Then this mod apk is perfect for you. Using this app You don’t need to log in again and again with a different account. You can manage two accounts in same android phone. See the below picture as proof.


The main reason to change the package name of Instagram mods, because in Android you can not install same name packages application. There is no issue related to different package name. You are easily understood if you are GbWhatsapp or WhatsApp Plus users.

Gb Instagram Plus 6.0

GBInstagram+ is the application which is having the package name com.instagram which means if you want to install this application on your phone then you need to uninstall the old Instagram application from your phone.

Note – Some Android smartphone like ASUS have pre-installed Instagram app in mobile phones. So ‘GbInstagram’ Apk may give you an error that “app not installed” in that case Download ‘Gb Instagram Plus’ on your android phone and try to install that.

gbinsta download
GbInstagram Apk v6.0 Download [currentyear][ Instagram Plus ] 15
instagram mod apk
GbInstagram Apk v6.0 Download [currentyear][ Instagram Plus ] 16

If you find any difficulty related to installing these Instagram Mods on your smartphone then here We will show you the step by step method to install and how to use Instagram Mods. So lets Eye on below words –

Download Link & Step to Install GbInstagram Apk 6.0 or Gb Instagram Plus Apk v6.0

Step-1: Firstly you need to download Gb Instagram Apk 60 or GbInstagram Plus Apk v1.60 setup file from below downloading link. Here we are providing you with Google Drive Downloading link, so you can download easily without any downloading survey and it’s absolutely free.

Step-2: Now after downloading GbInstagram App v1.60 or Gb Instagram Plus Apk 1.60 file, You have to install in your android smartphone and Open it.

Note:– Before Installation of this app you must have Enable or Tick on “Unknown Sources” Security Setting, This is normally Tick on this function when you are installing any other outsides Application via Backup or apk file.

If This is Untick then Hit on Tick and Install any App without Playstore opening. Follow Direction:- Settings -> Security -> Unknown sources and Hit Button to Tick on it.

Step-3: Now click on Log in and That’s it..! You had successfully installed the application on your phone.

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Here SolutionExist Shared some Latest Version Information of GbWhatsapp Apk Latest Version. So you don’t have any issue Related to Latest or Old Version, You just check Update Date and Update Versions, And Do not worry about an Expiration date.

  • Application Name                   :-   GBInstagram & Gb Instagram Plus Apk
  • Latest Version                         :-   GbInstagram  v6.0
  • Updated on                             :-   09 May 2020
  • Android Version Required     :-   Android 4.2.2 Jellybean
  • App Size                                   :-   38.69 Mb
  • Developer                                :-   GbMods – atnfas hoak gb instagram
  • Downloads                              :-   1,00000+
  • Top Features                           :-   Download Instagram Images, Videos, Stories and Much More.

What’s New in GbInstagram 6.0 & Gb Instagram Apk 6.0

GbInstagram Apk is recently launched now, So In this mod little bugs are there like fail to download Images, videos or Stories not opening etc, And developer try to fix this and make mod full effective. So here let’s see what changes done in this mod apk.

  • New Base Updated to Latest Playstore Version
  • Can now hide the stories you saw of additions and properties and Privacy
  • Add option number 7.2 to disable drag left / right in the main interface
  • Repair Enlarge images Profile  pictures / DP
  • You can cancel up any account without opening a profile by clicking on the button next to the three -point publication , and then cancel the follow – up
  • Add option number to change the color to post a comment in the main interface
  • Add option number to change the color add a comment … in the main interface
  • dd option number to change the background color in the add a comment … main interface
  • You can comment on any publication quickly
  • Fixed an error when loading the appearance of any Theme theme of the program
  • Fix the appearance of a white line in the screen comments
  • Repair color theme when you open any publication of alerts screen
  • Repair not color icon account switch in the profile screen change
  • Added Options to Theme Home Feeds Page (Mod 4.1 – Mod 4.5)
  • Added Ability to Theme Like Color in Direct Message (DM) (1.2.17)
  • Add new options to change the theme screen
  • Add new options to change the notification screen theme
  • Fix white line appearance on the main screen
  • Added Ability to Theme Like Color in Main/Chats Screen(Mod 2.2.11)
  • Fixed Translucent Mod
  • Fixed Bubble Theme Color
  • Many More Fixes
  • Add new themes to your theme

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Features of GBInstagram 6.0 & GB Instagram Plus v6.0

In Gb Instagram Apk, There are large numbers of features available. and here I am showing among the most beautiful and amazing features, And I am sure that after showing that you are falling love with Instagram Plus. But I had seen that lots of peoples finding confusing that how to use application. So here I will tell you the features of the application.

How to download instagram photos | Zoom Profile Pictures

In Official Instagram there is one of the major difficulty that you cannot Instagram Profile picture of your friends. For viewing You have to download an external application like InstaPP Android app which will help you to download or zoom in the profile picture. But GB Instagram Apk helps you to zoom in profile picture within the application. Let’s show the below Picture as proof –

Tips: First open the profile whose profile pic you want to show and Long Press on Its Profile Picture and profile pictures will be shown on your mobile screen like below screenshots.

instagram pro apk
gb instagram themes

Many Insta users complain that how to check that other persons follow me or not, But using this mod you can easily find out who can follow you or Not.

Tips: Open the profile of which users you want to check and saw at below portion of ‘Message Button’ there you can find that opposite persons is follows you or not. If opposite person follows you then there showing “FOLLOWS YOU” & If Opposite person does not follow you then there is showing nothing. For reference and Proof see below screenshots.

download instagram photos

Anti Ban of Account / No Ban Issues

There are lots of mods are available on internet like Whatsapp mods, facebook mods, BBM Mods, etc and I am sure that I personally use this Instagram mod and also I am using GbWhatsapp since its 1st version like this mod, And I had never any issue related to Banning of Account. So my suggestion for you that use this Gb Instagram apk and enjoy its fabulous features.

How to download instagram Stories

I had seen that may peoples are taking screenshots of Instagram stories, But using GbInstagram Apk you can Download your friend even anyone of Insta users stories with Good Quality of Pictures and Videos.

Tips: Open the anyone Instagram Users story and click on below Three Dots (See Below Pic) and Download Story.

instagram gb download
gb instagram update

Download / Share & Copying of Any Images & Videos

I saw on the internet that many peoples are searching that How to Download Instagram Images, Videos and Stories also. So for those users who want to download anyone’s Images and Videos without doing any stuff tricks, Just one click you can download your friend’s images and Full videos with good quality. And you can also copy these image or videos link and share it on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and much more places Here shows you how –

Tips: Let’s reach on Image or Video you want to download or share and click on Upright corner (See below pic for reference) and you will show the options and click what you want to do.

Gb Instagram Plus
GbInstagram Apk v6.0 Download [currentyear][ Instagram Plus ] 17
instagram plus download solution
GbInstagram Apk v6.0 Download [currentyear][ Instagram Plus ] 18
Gbmods instagram mods
GbInstagram Apk v6.0 Download [currentyear][ Instagram Plus ] 19
OGInstagram download
GbInstagram Apk v6.0 Download [currentyear][ Instagram Plus ] 20

Features Lists till not end now, There are countless features are remaining but here if ill showing all them then my hosting size need to be revised, So here I am showing just list of remaining most attractive features. So eye down on below word –

atnfas hoak gb instagram features – gb instagram features

  • Based on Playstore Latest version
  • Anti Ban / No Banning Account
  • Upload Images & Videos from Gallary
  • Lots of options to change Themes (Colors) for conversations screen and conversations 
  • Ability to Copy anyone Bio & Comments
  • Hide that you saw stories of additions and properties, and Privacy
  • Possibility preview images and play videos your operator without saving device
  • Ability to share / copy images links and videos
  • Add many options to change the Theme (colors) conversations screen and conversations
  • You can copy comments
  • You can translate comments into your own language
  • Click on the links in the program to support full (publications -comment S-in conversation)
  • Add the option to play audio with the video automatically
  • You can copy Description
  • You can easily translate comments into your own language 
  • Support pressure on the links in the GbInstagram completely
  • Provide Add the option to play audio with the video automatically
  • Using this mod apk you can Change your Conversation and Main/Chat Screen Color
  • Ability to change Header Icon Color & Name Color
  • [ Added ] Ability to Zoom Profile Pics (Press & Hold the Profile Image)
  • [ Added ] Ability to Support Links in App
  • [ Added ] Option to Start Videos Directly with Sound
  • and much more…

FAQ Instagram plus apk

Can I use two accounts in InstaPlus APK?

Yes, unlike Instagram apk, you can use multiple instagram accounts.

Will I get banned while using InstaPlus mod?

This is an anti-ban version, and your Instagram account will not be banned using this apk.

How can we get gbinstagram download Link

The link to download gb instagram apk is provided above and it is a google drive link. You can also download it from the mirror link i.e. mediafire.

How to use gb instagram for pc

To use Instagram in computer, you can download and install bluestack or any android app emulation on your computer and sideload this app into it. In this way, you can use gb instagram on computer.

Wrapping Up

Hope you like this GB Instagram Apk 6.0 and its recognizable features. If you have any issue related to any features or issue related to installing GbInstagram App then feel free to put words on below comment box. Check if you like earlier posts related to WhatsApp Tricks Tips Hacks For Android & iPhone and  How to Set Blank WhatsApp Status. You can follow our Facebook Group GbWhatsapp which will keep you updated with latest updates.

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