Google Play Store “No Internet Connection, Retry” Fix

It is common to face problem related to google play store. Today, in this tutorial, Solution Exist will address a common problem that android phone users face iele google play store no internet connection retry. we are going to learn how to fix the play store says no connection.

Android users ofter face some issues with the Google Play store. You might have face different error like Google Play Store Error 927Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped and check your connection and try again, or “No internet connection retry,

This is a common problem that android users face that even though there are connected to a high-speed WiFi connection or have a good data connection still google play store shows No internet connection and the rest of the apps are working completely fine like whatsapp hike etc. People sometimes complain about play store not working on wifi although the wifi speed is high. In this case, internet speed is not the issue, issue is something different.

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google play says no internet connection

This guide will help you to solve this google play store error. There is not a exact root cause for this google play store error. You need to try some of the possible solution which can help you to solve this No internet connection error. So without wasting more time get straight into the solution.

Why we get wifi connected no internet android error

Android users had faced this problem couple of times in google play store i.e. google play no internet connection although you are connection to wifi or have a active data connection. Here we had listed various reasons along with the solution. So without wasting more time, lets start with the tutorial.

Google play store No Internet Connection Retry error solution

There are multiple factors responsible for this No Internet Connection Retry error. All the reasons with solution are explained in details. Have a cup of coffee and go through all the steps to

#1 Wrong Data and Time

One of the common mistake that happens  by the people is the time and date was wrong in the android phone and because of this the Google Play store is showing No Internet Connection, Retry. Surprising but true, sometimes you don’t check the automatic time. There are whatsapp tricks available to delete whatsapp message for every one after the time limit be changing Mobile date and time, if you had used that and forgot to set date and time correct then you will face “playstore check your connection and try again

  1. Firstly go to setting in android phone.
  2. Scroll and search for Date and Time.
  3. Tap on Automatic date and Time and you are Done..!!

May sure that you sim card working completely fine and if not, this will not set correct DAte and time as it takes automatic date and time from the Cellular network.

#2 Disable/Uninstall VPN Apps

If you are using any VPN app then this problem is very common. VPN apps changes the location. Google Play store is location/country-specific. Some apps are not available globally. You might had read tricks to install android apps which are not available in your country with the help of VPN apps. The use of VPN apps can also be the reason behind “Google Play store No Internet Connection Retry error”. If you are using the apps listed below then uninstall apps from your android phone to fix play store error. Solution Exist had posted a tutorial on Method to watch region-locked YouTube videos in which we use VPN to view country specific youtube videos.

  1. Opera Free VPN
  2. Speed VPN
  3. TunnelBear VPN
  4. Turbo VPN
  5. VPN Master

Uninstall the above VPN apps or any other similar kind of apps. I recommend you to restart you android phone after uninstalling VPN apps from your android phone

#3 Clear Google Play Store cache | Fix Google Play store no internet connection retry error

Setting the correct date and time not fix your google play store issue or Your date and time are already correct then you need to try Clear Google play store cache. You can follow the below steps to clear the Google play store cache.

  1. Firstly open setting
  2. Scroll to Apps and search for Google Play store
  3. Now click on clear data and after that select clear cache
  4. now try to open Google play store.
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If the above steps are not useful for you to fix” google play error No Internet Connection Retry” then you must Re-login your google play store. I have MI Note 4 so I am showing the steps that you need to follow to re-login your google account. In another phone, those sets can be a little different but stick to the flow and you will able to get the point. To re-login your google account follow the below steps.

  1. Firstly open settings.
  2. scroll and tap on Sync in the Accounts section.
  3. Now tap on google and open the account that you are using to use in the Google Play store.
  4. Click on three-dot and tap on remove account [You need to remove all Gmail account].
  5. Now open google play store and the login screen will appear, login your Gmail account using login credentials.
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#5 Uninstall Google Play Store updates

If the Re-login Play store also doesn’t for you then you need to Uninstall the Google play store. It may happen that as the Google play store updated automatically there may e come interruption occurred and result in some error with the Google Play store app hence try uninstalling the Google Play store update

Step 1 : Firstly unlock android phone and open phone setting.

Step 2 : Now Scroll to Apps and search for Google Play store.

google play store not working on wifi

Step 3 : Tap on google Play stop and then click on Uninstall Update.

google play store no connection retry

Step 4 : A popup will come and select Yes and you are done..!!

In this way, you can uninstall Google Play Store updates. Now you can check by opening Google play store and if play store no internet connection error is fixed or not.

#6 Factory Reset android phone

This must be the last available option you should choose to factory reset your android phone. To reset the android phone / To factory reset the android phone you need to follow the below-enlisted points.

  • Firstly take backup of Android phone i.e backup Photos videos contacts etc..)
  • Charge your phone and the minimum battery level should be 80%

Step to Factory reset android phone..!!

  1. Firstly go settings>> additional setting
  2. Scroll and tap on Backup b reset
  3. Now click on Factory data reset

The above procedure is w.r.t MI Note 4. The steps can be a little bit different but the procedure will be the same.

If still your issue is not resolved then make sure you had tried all the above factors perfectly and still you are facing the same problem then do contact your ISP.  if they are blocking Google IP addresses.

FAQ – No internet connection try again

1. How to fix google play games no internet connection

Ans – This tutorial will help you to fix this issue also as steps for  Google play and google games are the same.

2. Google play store no internet connection problem solution

Ans – This tutorial will help you for solving the purpose, Follow the listed steps in the article, order and you will be able to fix the issue easily.

3. Why does my Google Play store say no connection retry?

Various reasons can be behind the no connection retry error in android phone such as wrong date and time, cache, change in google account password and many more.

4. My phone keeps saying no internet connection

There are number of reasons why we you are facing problem i.e phone keeps saying no internet although you are connected to wifi or have a active data connection. The primary reason can be a cache problem. So trying clearing cache once and try again.

Wrapping Up

Hope this guide on google play store No Internet Connection retry or check your connection and try again will help you to solve the Google Play store issue. If you had any problem following this step-by-step guide then let us know by using the comment section. Solution Exist team will help you For faster response you can ask us at Facebook Page or Join our Facebook Group Android And Windows Errors Solution.

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