Use Google Chrome to scan & remove harmful software from Computer

remove adware from computer using chrome

Everyday new viruses and new malware are affecting computers and laptops. Various antivirus is available in the market which will cost you some bucks and claim to protect you from harmful viruses and malware. but if those are not updated they may fail to protect you from adware and malware. The commonly affected area is …

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How to remove SCR Virus from Computer / Laptop

Remove SCR Virus From Computer

There is an inseparable relation between viruses and computers. The periodically new virus comes over the internet and affects the computers which break the performance of the computer and sometimes it also damages / corrupt the data stores into the computer. There are various types of computer viruses among which we will cover how to …

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How to remove NEW FOLDER virus – Remove the New folder.exe

remove NEW FOLDER virus

  Viruses and computers are goes side by side if you are not aware to secure your computer. Virus attack is increasing day by day. People often complain regarding the New folder virus or Newfolder.exe that comes usually through Pendrive. This newfolder.exe is an executable file that starts a malicious process that launches certain bad …

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Remove Adware From Computer / Pc

Remove Adware From Compute

Is your internet browser is affected by adware? then this post will help you to remove adware from the computer. Frequently add-on get installed in your Firefox or google chrome? then you are right place. In this article, Solutionexist will provide you the ultimate guide and solution. My personal computer gets affected by the adware …

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Remove Virus From Pendrive Permanently

Remove virus from Pendrive, virus removal software,remove virus from pendrive

Is your Pendrive is affected by the virus? Here is a guide how to Remove Virus From Pendrive Permanently. Virus problem with the pen drive is very common as Pendrive is the best option to transfer data. Pendrive provides you the best and fast way to transfer. If you are using Pendrive for data transfer …

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